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About Us

Through many years of major product distribution in the field of automotive, aviation, aerospace, and transportation, Bendix has imprinted success in its history. Our company is a notable manufacturer of brakes for various kinds of vehicles such as the following: cars, trucks, trailers, buses, farm and construction equipment, airplanes, golf carts, and bicycles. As a matter of fact, Bendix is considered the leading brake manufacturer in the automotive industry. With more than 80 years of experience in this field, our products are considered top of the line. Whether domestic or import applications, we make sure that we provide just the right brake pads for any type of vehicle. With our latest innovation, which is the enhanced friction formulation, our Bendix semi-metallic brake pads' combat noise and dust are minimized. Because of this improvement, the rate of customer complaints after a product purchase drastically plummeted.

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Our Products

Bendix TitanuiMetallic II Brake Pads

When it comes to unmatched braking performance, TitaniuMetallic™ is a Bendix® exclusive that you can trust. We virtually casted off the need for the conventional break-in period, so there will be ample time for a profitable service work.

For a more effective performance that beats the traditional initial break-in period, TitaniuMetallic™ is perfectly reformulated. This patented blue finish improves performance by accelerating the pad or rotor burnishing (break-in) process. Some manufacturers claim that their products are “oven-cured” or “post-cured”, so that burnishing won't be required anymore—but we say that it's a requirement. Disc pads need this process for increased durability and maximum performance.

The TitaniuMetallic™ coating wears away after approximately 50 stops—rather than the conventional break-in period of 200 stops. And the result? Bendix® semi-metallic brake pads are left with premium quality, thus, providing an exceptional performance in any operating condition.

With an impressive stopping power everytime you hit the brakes, and shorter stopping distances in a less pedal effort, TitaniuMetallic™ is considered the best choice by many car owners. The brake pads feature a brand-new and first-class Bendix® semi-metallic friction formulation, a TitaniuMetallic™ coating, and high-quality shims for noise-free braking. To meet OE specifications, TitaniuMetallic™ also utilizes both riveted and integrally molded attachment.


  • Our brake pads are made from 110% asbestos-free material.
  • To match OE specifications, chamfers and slots are applied for noiseless braking.
  • High-quality shims are installed for a minimized noise during brakes.
  • The riveted and integrally molded configurations are alike with that of original equipment designs.
  • For top-of-the-line performance and perfect fit that match OE specifications, hardware and wear sensors are installed.
  • Premium quality TitaniuMetallic II coating speeds up the pad-rotor burnishing process, which is required for the manufacturing of all semi-metallic friction pads.

Bendix CQ Ceramic Brake Pads

Using Bendix CQ's NAO ceramic technology, our ceramic brake pads are carefully designed and manufactured to meet high OE specifications. We have proven that ceramic materials, such as brake pads, are becoming more popular to customers and retailers of aftermarket products—thanks to our years in business. That's why we do our best in producing and distributing only the best ceramic products, whether for domestics or imports. We include ceramic fibers on our product manufacturing to achieve high-quality items that will last long.


  • Through the use of a NAO/Ceramic technology, our company distributes a roster of high-quality brake pads that are made to last, whether for domestic or import applications.
  • Designed with precision, our Bendix CQ ceramic brake pads are made to match OE specifications for any vehicle.
  • Our brake pads are improved using the finest of materials that will produce a swift and noise-free braking.
  • Our brake pads are also carefully engineered to generate less dust when braking—thus, improving wheel performance.

Bendix CT-3 Brake Pads

With our years of experience in manufacturing ceramic brake pads, careful research, and strict standard compliance, Bendix has become widely known for producing aftermarket braking products. Aside from distributing brake materials for medium and heavy vehicle applications, Bendix CT-3 Brake Pads also provide high performance on light vehicle applications.

Our brake pads are made from a mixture of high-quality raw materials that help in reducing noise. The pads are also carefully engineered to reduce dusting. With the use of thermally bonded high-performance insulators and angled chamfers and slots, the pads are 1005 shimmed and are improved for noise abatement.

Bendix CT-3 Brake Pads use improved mechanical attachment for increased friction against steel, which is applicable to most car models. This advanced technology is considered an edge in protecting the brake pads against pressure, heat, and extreme elements everytime the brake is applied.

  • Improved noise abatement for a more quiet braking operation
  • Prolonged product life and reinforced product features
  • Minimized dusting and reduced rotor wear for cleaner wheels


  • For complete noise reduction, improved chamfer and slots are added.
  • Pads are made from premium quality Bendrix ceramic friction materials.
  • Shims are top of the line, and are thermally attached.

Bendix IQ Import Quiet Brake Pads

If there's one problem that you can pinpoint when using Bendix® IQ® disc brake pads, it's the noise. Through our careful study, we've come up with an IQ's advanced-engineered formula that provides a braking that's less noisy. As a matter of fact, Bendix IQ is considered a matching brand with that of OE parts.

With the same specifications as what OE parts require, our brake pads are specially engineered to achieve the following product features: noise-free braking, optimum braking performance, and reformulated metallic coating for prolonged product life. Also, our disc brake pads are capable of providing shorter stopping distances for increased safety, long product life, and better value. Each set comes with high-end steel shims and brake lubricant that reduces brake noise.

Bendix IQ brake pads are available for almost any kind of vehicle; and the brake pads come with application-specific formulations to ensure the products' optimum performance. Through IQ, the noise being produced during brakes are virtually minimized.


  • Bendix IQ brake pads are integrally molded to meet or top OE specifications.
  • Shims are top-quality, installed with Driftlock system for a tight shim/plate attachment.
  • The blue titanium coating adds durability to every brake pad. This coating removes the traditional semi-metallic pad break-in period.
  • Chamfers and slots are added for noise abatement to make sure that OE designs are met.

Bendix Fleet MetLok Brake Pads

Vehicles with unusual operating situations, like police cars, ambulances, taxis, and tow trucks can leave their brake pads balding at the end of the day. Good thing, Bendix® produces disc brake pads that come with durability and performance—Fleet Metlok®.

Fleet MetLok brake pads undergo a series of precise product design, strict manufacturing procedure, and product testing to make sure that the quality is at its peak. With the use of friction material, our brake pads are sure to give you an optimum performance that will last long even in the harshest driving conditions. Even better, Bendix Fleet MetLock pads' stopping power is exceptional—you're sure to stop in a shorter distance.

Even if your ride goes through various road conditions, the brake pads are sure to last because of the severe-duty friction that's integrally molded. With this, lining-plate separation or wearing out won't happen in a short span of time. To make sure that original equipment specifications are met, chamfers and slots are installed. The best yet, these are equipped with high-caliber steel shims that reduce noise when braking.


  • Top-notch shims are included with all models.
  • For exceptional stopping power even under the harshest operating conditions, a severe-duty friction formulation is applied.
  • Slots and chamfers are included to match OE specifications.
  • For increased friction on all models, the integrally formed pads use improved mechanical attachment methods, including the exclusive MetLok technology.

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