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Bestop: From Small-time Business to a Major Enterprise

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About 60 years ago, Bestop entered the automotive industry as a small car upholstery business in Boulder, Colorado. Tom Bradley, founder and owner of the company, moved with his family from California to Colorado to continue the upholstery business. During winter months, Bradley would stitch fabric tops for Jeeps on lull days to make the most of the time.

Fast forward to the present time—Bestop has already expanded to a large production facility in Broomfield with nearly 300 employees. The small backyard business has grown into one of the biggest names when it comes to replacement fabric tops and side curtains for Jeeps. Known for the durability of their products, Bestop has been recognized as one of Chrysler's top original equipment supplier since 1986.

Although Bestop has already carved a niche creating Jeep fabric tops, the company explored other areas in the field of 4x4 accessories. From fabric tops, Bestop branched out to manufacture fender flares, trek steps, and bumpers. Despite Bestop's successful production of other vehicle accessories, the company remains committed to manufacturing top-of-the-line replacement tonneau covers and tops for Jeeps, as well as other trucks and SUVs.

Snug replacement seats

You might have already been immersed in the outdoor life with your 4x4 vehicle. If you are, you should know that it is inevitable to speed up the wear and tear process of vehicle components in this kind of lifestyle. The different elements in the environment like sunlight, air, moisture and dirt will definitely wear out the upholstery of your seats. Your constant movement while sitting on it also contributes to stretching the material and pulling the stitches apart.

Now, the Bestop TrailMax II seats can be a possible replacement to your old worn out Jeep seats. The product is designed specifically to provide comfort and support when you are out there, regardless if you are driving on the road or exploring on the trail. The seat is wrapped in premium materials that are meant to withstand the changes in the environment over a longer period of time. Beneath is surface are durable springs and high density closed cell foams that helps support the weight while retaining the true contours of the seat.

Rugged soft tops

Models like the Wrangler, CJ5 and CJ7 are known to be favorites during outdoor adventures. On sunny days, you would love to catch the breeze while driving through tree-lined roads while enjoying the sight of the beautiful river nearby. But after a while you will find yourself needing to spread the top over again. This will ward of excessive sunlight and particles from getting to you.

Bestop provides a good number of top products for your Jeep. One of it is the Sunrider kit that spreads over from the A pillar all the way to the rear of your vehicle. It also has the Belt-Rail system that makes it easier for you to install it.

Sturdy bumpers and covers

Aside from tops, Bestop also offers bumpers and tonneau covers. The front bumpers have provisions for winch, D-rings and a tubular grille guard. Aside from that, they come in a black matte finish for that rugged look whenever you take your vehicle out for an adventure. On the other hand, there are also tonneau covers for pick-up trucks. These are the EZ Fold Tonneau, EZ Roll Tonneau, and ZipRail Tonneau.

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