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Borla Takes Topnotch Performance to the Streets

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When it comes to performance exhaust systems, Borla is the first name that comes to mind. With more than three decades of innovation, Borla is a true leader in the world of exhaust systems manufacturing. Founded by Alex Borla, the company began its journey toward success by producing exhaust systems for Concours d’Elegance classic cars such as the Ferrari and Rolls-Royce.

Superior construction

Over the past decades, Borla has been working nonstop developing a topnotch quality exhaust systems. Borla uses aircraft-grade austenitic stainless steel in manufacturing exhaust parts to ensure that the parts don’t easily break down. This became the baseline for Borla’s ‘One-Million-Mile Warranty’ for all items sold in the US.

Award winning

With its state-of-the-art testing and development center, Borla is able to produce exhaust parts that stand the test of time and win the esteem of engine builders and racecar enthusiasts. Borla won several “Best New Product” awards in the automotive industry, thanks to the company’s incessant dedication to innovation and quality.

Borla Exhaust System

The Borla exhaust system is not your run of the mill system. Every Borla exhaust system is manufactured using T-304 stainless steel, which is much more durable and corrosion resistant than more common exhaust materials. In business for twenty years, this company began by supplying the Borla exhaust system to such car makers as Rolls-Royce and Ferrari, and now has become one of the top exhaust makers for street, performance, racing and off-road vehicles. The makers of the Borla exhaust system have pioneered improvements in exhaust system design, and hold three US patents for their work. If the best is what you want, our on-line catalog carries a selection of Borla exhaust system parts for you to choose from.

Borla Headers

With more than twenty years as a premier exhaust system maker, the manufacturer of Borla headers has it right. Borla headers are of unsurpassed quality, made of aircraft grade T-304 stainless steel. They carry the famous Borla headers million-mile warranty, as they are durable enough to last well past the expected life of most vehicles. Borla headers have been precision designed to offer more torque and power than the ordinary system, thus improving the performance of the vehicles on which they are installed. There is none better than Borla headers for your performance needs. You will surely find just the right Borla headers, at just the right prices, in our convenient on-line catalog.

Borla Muffler

The Borla muffler is in a class of its own. The distinctive design and engineering of the Borla muffler are like no other muffler on the market. One big difference is that the Borla muffler is constructed of aircraft grade stainless steel, thus able to offer the Borla million-mile warranty. Another distinctive difference in the Borla muffler is the straight through design, using perforated tubes and stainless steel wool packing to muffle sound, which allows more vehicle power than the average muffler design. If you are looking for the best possible power and performance in your vehicle, the Borla muffler is surely your best choice. We offer a great selection of the Borla muffler in our user-friendly on-line catalog.

Borla Products

Today’s drivers are more demanding. They are looking for more from every upgrade, searching for new benefits from every replacement device. And when it comes to exhaust systems, clean emissions no longer suffice. Most drivers are now looking for performance and power from their car’s exhaust upgrades. And for these drivers, there’s Borla! This manufacturer has been serving the market for more than thirty years now, and it’s a pioneer in the stainless steel exhaust industry. It manufactures exhaust components for a wide range of vehicles—street cars, track vehicles, and off-road automobiles included. So, what are the benefits of the parts offered by the company? Well, for one, these parts are very durable. Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, they do not easily succumb to corrosion like other exhaust components. They can withstand damaging elements without buckling down. Plus, they’re designed towards zero backpressure. They push exhaust gases out of the system to ensure that the engine breathes freely. This is achieved with the help of mandrel bending processes, bigger tubes, and advanced designs (such as dual exit exhaust units). Borla exhausts are also lightweight. They won’t add extra baggage to your auto, and mounting them won’t cause any power loss. These exhaust units are also built for ruggedness. They’ll give you a high-performance sound that will surely turn heads on the road. And most of all, they can significantly improve the fuel economy of your vehicle. Now, aren’t all these benefits appealing?

So, don’t settle for a good exhaust alone; go for high-performance exhaust devices from Borla! And when it comes to parts from this company, trust no other than Auto Parts Warehouse. We have a wide range of exhaust components from the brand such as headers, mufflers, exhaust pipes, tail pipes, and even complete exhaust units. We also have parts from other leading companies like Flowmaster. We partner only with the best in the market, so you know you’ll enjoy top quality when you shop here. And, you don’t have to worry about your shopping budget because this quality doesn’t come with a hefty price. We offer all our parts—whether our exhaust upgrades, our OE replacement parts, our tools and manuals, or our car accessories—at budget-friendly prices. Want more savings from your purchase? Well, enjoy free shipping if your order amounts to $50 or more. And not only that, you can also enjoy discounts and promos here—just sign up for our email updates for regular news about our offers. Aside from savings, we also offer an enjoyable and fun shopping experience. Say goodbye to your shopping dilemmas with our easy-to-use catalog, and use our site’s part finder feature for easy navigation. Can’t find the right Borla parts that you’re looking for? Call our toll-free hotline to get the assistance of our customer service associates. You can also chat with them through the Live Chat feature that we have in our site. So what are you waiting for? Say hello to a new level of driving power and performance with an upgraded exhaust system!

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