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Bosal Exhaust and Catalytic Converters

When it comes to providing high-quality Original Equipment exhaust systems for various types of vehicles from around the world, especially in North America, Bosal is the leading brand. As a matter of fact, we carefully design and manufacture OE products for famous carmakers like General Motors and Ford. We distribute Original Equipment service merchandises to various import/transplant carmakers like VW, Honda, Subaru, and Mazda. Our company also produces top-notch exhaust for OEM port of entry and dealer programs. It was twenty years ago when Bosal started the trend in producing single-piece, direct fit replacement exhaust systems. Although a lot of companies have joined the industry bandwagon, Bosal remains the leading manufacturer of direct fit exhaust systems for import vehicles. In addition to that, our company also develops high-quality catalytic converters for both import and domestic aftermarket products. In line with the brand's catalytic converter program, there's this new Bosal Super-Cats and the latest addition—the CARB Approved Catalytic Converters.

About Bosal

In the year 1923, Karel Bos pioneered the Bosal Group in Holland. The company was established as an auto parts distributorship. With its tremendous success, the company has grown into a huge organization that currently holds 6,500 employees in five continents. With 31 production plants and 51 distribution centers in 21 countries around the globe, Bosal has created a strong chain of high-quality product plants internationally. Some of the countries include Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, The Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, The United Kingdom, USA, and Zimbabwe.

Our company's main plant, the Bosal International, is based in Belgium. Here, we provide precise research and advanced engineering, effective marketing and distribution technique, strict industrialization, and product planning. Aside from the company's credibility, the Bosal R&D center in Lummen, Belgium is ISO 9001-certified. Having that credibility, Bosal's manufacturing plants have earned the same distinction—being ISO and QS9000-certified plants in the aftermarket industry.

Regarded as the world's leading exhaust system manufacturer, our company produces more than 6,000 systems that cover a variety of 2,500 vehicle makes and models. With our expanded manufacturing technology, we manufacture products such as manifolds, tailpipes, catalytic converters, and hardware.

Media Library

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    Corporate Brochure 2010

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Who we are

ORIS is an average-sized firm that serves in the global automotive industry. As a notable company in the German automotive industry, ORIS is located in Möglingen near Stuttgart. Aside from its main center, ORIS has four subsidiaries that are located in various places in Germany.

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Bosal Exhaust System

Bosal is considered a globally-known supplier of complete exhaust systems like manifolds and catalytic converters. With high manufacturing standards and strict ISO compliance, Bosal products are made to meet OE specifications that will match the product needs of the customers. Because we know that customers are looking for high-quality aftermarket exhaust systems, we make sure that our products are secure and easy to install.

With the help of loyal customers who never cease in giving great testimonies about how great Bosal products are, we continue to expand when it comes to producing high-quality products. Because of this improvement over the years, our company has the widest range of exhaust systems in Europe—with over 10,000 references. Through such wide range of network, we are able to provide only the best manifolds, pipes, catalytic converters, pipes, mounting parts, and silencers in the aftermarket industry.

Bosal Catalytic Converters

We offer more than 900 various catalytic converters in the aftermarket industry—which cover both petrol and diesel cars. Bosal has improved its own radial flow catalytic converter for petrol engines through the use of an innovative metal substrate. To deliver minimized conversion of harmful gases, the radial flow gives out an even dispersion of gas flow in the converter. Bosal also improves its own diesel axial flow catalytic converter for diesel engines, thanks to its innovative substrate technology. These successful ideas lead to reduced smoke emissions while ensuring the converters' durability that will last for a long time.