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Bully Dog

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Bully Dog Air Filter

Everyone has a bad day without being able to breathe, including your truck, but with a Bully Dog air filter, you can get the most air into your engine. Available for both stock, and aftermarket cold air intakes, the Bully Dog air filter captures any particulates entering the intake with cotton gauze covered in sticky oil. The Bully Dog air filter is reusable, and needs only to be cleaned at regular intervals. Simply by replacing your stock air filter with a Bully Dog air filter, your truck can gain a few horsepower with the filter's ultra-low resistance to air flow. Ordering is made almost as simple as installing your Bully Dog air filter with our secure online ordering system and toll-free number.

Bully Dog Cold Air Intake

The stock air intake on your diesel truck can be restrictive after you upgrade your vehicle, but the Bully Dog cold air intake can solve that problem. By removing the stock unit and replacing it with the Bully Dog cold air intake, an immediate gain in horsepower will be realized. The Bully Dog cold air intake also reduces the temperature of the exhaust and increases fuel efficiency. Included with the Bully Dog cold air intake is a conical air filter that can be reused for the life of the truck, by simply washing it off at regular intervals, which saves money. In addition to fast and convenient ordering on our secure website and by our toll-free number, we offer live help round the clock if you have any questions about the installation of your Bully Dog Cold Air Intake.

Bully Dog Exhaust System

With all the performance accessories you have installed, a larger exhaust is needed to balance the system, and the best of the best is the Bully Dog exhaust system. By reducing the angles of the bends and incorporating as much straight pipe as possible, the Bully Dog exhaust system provides an easy exhaust flow route. With the Bully Dog exhaust system installed, a twenty horsepower gain is possible, as well as a two hundred degree drop in temperature. The Bully Dog exhaust system is available in many finishes from matte to stainless steel, and in a range of diameters from four to six inches.

Bully Dog Fuel Injectors

For the ultimate in horsepower increases, a set of Bully Dog fuel injectors can be easily installed in your diesel truck, either for off-road use, or for on-road use in states where the emissions laws allow them. The Bully Dog injectors are classified by numbered stages, the lowest being the least horsepower boost, and the highest having the most boost. The Bully Dog injectors provide more fuel in the combustion chamber, increasing horsepower in the range of 40 to 240 hp. Because they are sold as a set, the Bully Dog injectors are fuel-flow balanced to within a one percent tolerance of each other.

Bully Dog Fuel Pump Kit

To get more fuel to your injectors quicker, or to simply replace a damaged unit, the Bully Dog fuel pump is the way to go. If you have modified your truck with a power programmer or any other accessories, your fuel injectors may not be getting enough fuel without the high-volume, high-pressure Bully Dog fuel pump. Designed to be a direct replacement for your current fuel pump, the Bully Dog fuel pump will meet and exceed all of the original specifications. The Bully Dog fuel pump will also last much longer than the stock unit, even with the higher performance. Order your Bully Dog fuel pump today from our secure website or via our toll-free number and you'll soon feel the Bully Dog difference.

Bully Dog Performance Monitor

If you have a power programmer or performance chip installed, the Bully Dog performance monitor can help keep track of the modifications you have made. By monitoring turbo boost levels, exhaust temperature, speed, and RPMs with the Bully Dog performance monitor, you ensure that no damage is being done to your vehicle. The Bully Dog performance monitor can shut down fuel input if it senses that the exhaust is too hot according to your selection. In addition, the Bully Dog performance monitor also shows the horsepower and torque of your vehicle in real time, and can do quarter mile and zero to sixty tests.

Bully Dog Power Programmer

The Bully Dog engine module is one of the best in the business, and one of the easiest to use. Simply plug the Bully Dog engine module into the chip port on your engine's computer. Then mount the convenient knob, included with the Bully Dog engine module, where you can easily reach it. The Bully Dog engine module can then be performance-adjusted while driving, by selecting one of six modes with the knob. The modes included in the Bully Dog engine module are stock mode, high idle for starting, valet mode with reduced top speed, plus 50 horsepower, plus 70 horsepower, and plus 100 horsepower.

Bully Dog Power Programmer

If you would like to add more power to your diesel truck without rolling up your sleeves, the Bully Dog engine programmer can help. The only thing the Bully Dog engine programmer requires for installation is to be plugged in to the on-board diagnostics port underneath the dash. You then select the power-boosting mode from the Bully Dog engine programmer menu. The Bully Dog engine programmer offers three stages of power, which add any where from 70 horsepower in to mode to 130 horsepower in the super high-performance mode. The fourth mode of the Bully Dog engine programmer returns the engine back to the stock parameters.

Bully Dog Power Programmer

From the factory, your engine is set to very conservative fuel and rev settings, but with a Bully Dog power programmer, you can inch a little more performance out of your vehicle. The Bully Dog power programmer is easy to install, simply plug it into your truck's diagnostic port. Three main settings are then available for the Bully Dog Power Programmer to use to increase power. The Bully Dog power programmer the gives up to seventy extra horsepower in tow mode, ninety in performance mode, and one hundred and thirty in the high performance mode. Resetting back to stock, as if you'd want to after experiencing all that it can do, is just as easy with the Bully Dog power programmer.

Bully Dog Products

An all-American company, Bully Dog has been in the industry of gas and diesel performance parts for over 14 years. Initially, the company specialized in the creation of safe and effective propane injection systems that are designed to enhance diesel engine performance. Through the years, the group has expanded its reach and has included other equipment in their inventory such as tuners, cold air intakes, and exhausts for light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles. Since then, this manufacturer has been at the forefront of product innovation; every unit is developed to consistently meet and exceed client expectations on all products. Every product has undergone a strict manufacturing process and rigorous quality assurance checks to guarantee Bully Dog’s brand of craftsmanship. One of Bully Dog’s flagship products is the rapid flow induction air filter that features a unique design for high-performance applications. It is circled with deep pleats shaped in a conical style to help improve airflow while converting energy into greater horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. It also helps decrease exhaust gas temperature and ensures easy maintenance—this air filter is made from oiled cotton gauze, equipped with a washable and reusable feature, and designed to possess direct fit for easy installation. Another popular product from this manufacturer is the comprehensive transmission shift kit that increases pressure in the system, reduces slippage, and improves shifting by adding extra rear wheel horsepower. With the use of this Bully Dog product, you can easily enjoy huge savings and avoid regular transmission repair. It is the perfect add-on for vehicles used for racing and off-road applications; it helps provide a steadier handling amid difficult terrains and fast-speed driving situations.

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