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Carr Body Armor

Rust spots on your car's body are a problem that you need to address as soon as possible. Without proper maintenance, rust spreads rapidly. Avoid having various auto components falling off your ride by investing on the dependable and durable Carr Body Armor available at Auto Parts Warehouse. The Carr Body Armor, also known as the Carr cover-up, is made from heavy-duty aluminum. This sturdy armor is designed to cover and protect the damaged corners of your vehicle. It provides exact fit for a fast and effortless installation onto your car's exterior. Another advantage of this body armor is that it gives your vehicle an aesthetic boost by giving it a customized look. Don't wait for your vehicle to start falling off bit by bit. Protect your vehicle's body by purchasing a high-quality Carr Body Armor from Auto Parts Warehouse. Check out our comprehensive catalog and get the part you need today.

Carr Light Bar

Auxiliary auto lights mounted atop your vehicle maximize road visibility and boost your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. Mount your accessory lights the right way with a new, high-quality Carr Light Bar from Auto Parts Warehouse. The Carr Light Bar is specifically designed to mount accessory lights safely and efficiently. It is guaranteed to be resistant to cracking, peeling, and rusting. The light bar is easy to install onto your car’s roof gutter and requires little maintenance. The light bar is also equipped with a powder-coated cross bar for improved visual appeal and durability. Carr is a trusted brand, with more than 20 years of specialization in the design and production of SUV and truck accessories, and has been in the automotive aftermarket industry for over six decades. Keep the road ahead well-lighted and improve your car’s looks—get a new stylish and dependable Carr Light Bar from Auto Parts Warehouse today.

Carr Running Boards

Trucks, SUVs, and pickups have elevated bodies, so getting on or off the vehicle may be a hassle for some. Make the simple task of entering and exiting your vehicle a lot easier and safer with new Carr Running Boards, available here. These running boards are ready-fit for different auto makes and models. They come with a non-slip tread on the surface to prevent accidents caused by slipping. These running boards come in different finishes—black, bright anodized, and titanium silver, which enhance durability while giving your car a boost in appearance. Made from a durable aluminum alloy, the running boards can withstand weight and pressure even under extreme conditions. Each running board is made to be resistant to cracks, peels, corrosion, and rust. Installation onto your vehicle is easy, with minimal tools required to get the job done. Get new high-quality Carr Running Boards from Auto Parts Warehouse now and remove the hassles in getting on and off your vehicle.

Carr Side Steps

Slippery or worn-out car steps are quite dangerous and can lead to accidents. Prevent falls and slip-related injuries by installing new Carr Side Steps on your vehicle. These steps are 10 inches wide and allow a 5-inch drop, giving you an excellent foothold each time you need to get on or off your vehicle. Each step is constructed from an extremely durable cast-aluminum alloy to bear heavy loads. These side steps come in two styles: a polished version with mechanical finish and the black powder-coated version with a matte finish. Both are made to be resistant to fading, cracking, peeling, and scratching. To ensure your safety, the side steps have a treaded pattern and a flat step area to eliminate the risk of slips. Aside from its practical function, this component also boosts your vehicle’s look by giving it a sportier appearance. Ensure maximized safety on your car—get new high-quality Carr Side Steps from Auto Parts Warehouse today.

Carr Products

Fancy a new look for your ride? How about some side steps to complete your vehicle’s off-road style? If that’s what you want, then Carr is the perfect brand for you. Backed by over 65 years of automotive expertise and a stellar record in the field of off-road accessories, this brand will certainly add some spice to your ride with its extensive product line of stylish side steps. Getting in and out of an off-road vehicle can be quite challenging sometimes, and most car enthusiasts know this. SUVs and pickups are usually raised high above the ground to better navigate rough terrains and uneven landscapes. With the exterior body elevated, the trick is to get out and climb back inside the vehicle safely. Side step bars from Carr provide the best solution so that you and your passengers can enter and exit without difficulty. A combination of polished style and rugged form, these side step bars are designed with a unique diamond treat pattern that provides a secure, non-slip surface. This special pattern provides additional safety to avoid injuries and accidents when stepping in or out of the vehicle. These side steps are also corrosion-resistant and have a solid aluminum alloy construction for maximum durability. Whether you’re driving a Ford, Toyota, Chevy, or Dodge, you don’t have to worry because Carr guarantees precise fit for just about all vehicle makes. With the help of an innovative multi-mount system and Zinc-plated mounting heads, you can easily attach these steps to your vehicle in no time.

Many car owners tend to neglect the importance of adding functional accessories to their ride. They just want the basics, but a little spice and style wouldn’t hurt, right? Besides, you don’t have to spend a lot. All you need is a few dollars to jazz up your ride’s style. Auto Parts Warehouse carries an extensive selection of unique and functional accessories that are reasonably priced to fit your budget. Our catalog has everything you need to restore the form, condition, and function of your vehicle. We offer products from the best brands in the industry, including high-quality Carr accessories. With our low-price guarantee, you don’t have to empty your wallet and shell out thousands of dollars just to enhance the appearance of your ride. You can scratch off visits to the detailing shop from your schedule because you can find all the accessories you need right here. With just a bit of DIY knowledge, you can easily mount, attach, and fit various trimmings to your vehicle, and you can get all these at budget-friendly prices. Why pay for more when you can purchase a durable Carr side step here for less? And that’s not all. With our user-friendly search engine and easy-to-navigate interface, you’ll be able to save time and get the part you need right away with just a few clicks of your mouse. Our efficient delivery team will even ship your order out immediately to avoid delays. Check our catalog and get a new Carr side step for your vehicle today.

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