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A Brief History of CATCO

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CATCO started as an undercar repair shop franchise. But with its people's dedication to best manufacturing practices and innovative technologies, the company has now matured into a fully-integrated catalytic converter manufacturer for the industrial and automotive industry. Its 140,000-square feet facility is a testament to the hard work of Andy and Gus Proimos—brothers who aimed for the American dream and never looked back.

From Auto Shops to Global Automotive Market Player

CATCO traces its roots to 1975, when two brothers decided to chase their dreams of having a successful business by opening an auto repair shop. Fifteen years later, that same undercar repair shop franchise was later changed to a warehouse of catalytic converters. As if that wasn't enough for the ambitious Proimoses, they went on to produce their own catalytic converter and satisfy the markets demand for a more available and better quality product. This desire, along with years of experience and a host of talented employees has allowed CATCO to transform from a small repair shop to the worldwide source of technologically advanced catalytic converters.

CATCO's Success is its People

According to CATCO President and CEO Andy Proimos, "it’s the people who make the company successful." Indeed, with 120 of the most skilled employees in the industry, CACTO has steadily grown every year since it was founded in 1990. Its product development and quality control department produces over 4000 SKU’s covering the automotive, industrial, off-highway, and marine markets. The Priomous brothers' also stresses the importance of having a personal approach to customer service. They believe that "the customer is king to us.” CATCO strives harder than ever to make more than twice the number of emission control products compared to its competitors.

Catco Catalytic Converter

The basic role of several emission control devices today is to protect and maintain the quality of the air that we breathe. Because of this goal, car manufacturers assemble their vehicles with emission-control devices that will help in attaining this objective. They used different technological advancements to come up with cars that will release lesser destructive materials or substances while upholding its function. The Catco catalytic converter is manufactured with a state-of-the-art specification. It greatly aids in making the emission from the engine even safer. It alters nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into non-toxic compositions. Catco catalytic converters can be easily mounted and in replacing your catalytic converters, make sure that you change your oxygen sensor as well. If you are looking for catalytic converters that will work best for your car and the environment, you can check out our direct-fit Catco catalytic converters only here at Autopartswarehouse. Our 24-hour online catalogue offers a wide array of car parts and add-ons that will absolutely fit your car. What's more? These products are very affordable and will be delivered to you tight on time. Just place your order online and we will be glad to serve you.

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