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Comp Cams

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Comp Cams Assembly Lube

For a complete offering of lubrication solutions for your engine's components, look for nothing else but Comp Cams. Get the Comp Cams Assembly Lube to take care of all your engine lubrication needs. Comp Cams has several lubrication solutions available. When installing new camshafts, there is the Cam and Lifter Installation Lube and the Camshaft Break In Lube. For your rockers, rocker arms, and valves, you have the Assembly Lube. Though meant for different purposes, they all ensure that engine components will be well lubricated. Thus, these parts are protected from undue wear and tear as well as damage from friction. These lubes also ensure smooth engine performance and longer service life for engine parts. Comp Cams also formulated the lubes to be compatible with Petroleum, Synthetic, or Blended motor oil and can be easily washed with soap and water. To see all the types and more details about them, hit on the link to see our online catalog. They are available here at Auto Parts Warehouse. If a complete engine lubrication solution is what you want, then you should get the Comp Cams Assembly Lube. Get one from us today by ordering online or calling our 24-hour toll-free number.

Comp Cams Cam Wear Plate

When it comes to a car's mechanical components, wear and tear is an age–old problem for vehicle owners everywhere. So, for your camshaft, your goal should be holding corrosion and premature deterioration at bay for as long as possible. One way to do this is by fortifying your camshaft assembly using a Comp Cams Cam Wear Plate. This wear plate is specifically made to eliminate premature wear on the front end of your engine block and protect your camshaft from excessive friction and lateral movement. So instead of having your camshaft take all the beating brought on by long–term use, this wear plate absorbs it all. Each cam wear plate from Comp Cams has a special moly coating that prolongs the wear plate's service life. What the moly coating actually does is it serves as a lubricant and lessens the cam's impact when the cam shifts in the cylinder block and hits the wear plate. This feature guarantees that this wear plate will last longer than any run–of–the–mill wear plate on the market. Now, to determine if your wear plate is already due for replacement, simply check the wear plate for nicks and grooves. You can also check if it's already thinning beyond its allowable wear limits. To extend your engine block's service life and keep your camshaft's proper timing, go for the best replacement cam wear plate in the industry–the Comp Cams Cam Wear Plate. Get great discounts on this wear plate when you buy it from Auto Parts Warehouse today.

Comp Cams Camshaft

Need better, high-performance camshafts? Then you've got to have a Comp Cams camshaft! It gives pleasing results as soon as you install it: increased horsepower, improved throttle response, and added durability—even at very high rpms! Comp Cams offers several camshafts: hydraulic and mechanical tappet cams, hydraulic and mechanical roller cams, and solid flat tappet cams. Each has different capabilities, so whether it's for racing applications or just for everyday driving, there's a Comp Cams camshaft suitable for the job. This camshaft is crafted using the latest, cutting-edge technology, so it exactly fits your engine set-up. It not only makes installation hassle-free, but ensures the efficiency of the camshaft, too. Check our catalog to see the full list of Comp Cams camshafts as well as their respective specs, so you can choose which camshaft is the right one for your vehicle. If it's optimum performance from a camshaft, go for nothing else but the Comp Cams camshaft. Get one from us now!

Comp Cams Camshaft Bearing Set

If you've never checked your engine system, then you should know that the camshaft bearing is the thin, ring–like piece of metal that supports your camshaft. Aside from giving your camshaft much–needed support, this bearing also hinders lateral movement from your camshaft–enabling the cam lobes to accurately hit the rocker arms. Now, depending on your car, your camshaft may house three to five bearings. When one of these bearings breaks, whether due to long–term use or corrosion, the only thing to do is to replace it immediately. Find the right replacement bearing for your car in the Comp Cams Camshaft Bearing Set. This set contains a thrust plate, thrust plate bolts, and cam bearings. Crafted to match your original equipment's specs, this camshaft bearing set is guaranteed to give your car direct–fit bearings that will make the installation of each bearing quick and hassle–free. Each bearing is manufactured specifically for your vehicle's year, make, and model, so you can expect this bearing set to work well with your current camshaft assembly. What's more is that the bearings in this set also prevent your camshaft from wearing easily. That's because the plate and bearings in this set have moly–coated surfaces, which protect them from excessive friction. And because Comp Cams bearings are all manufactured using extra–tough materials, you can be sure that these bearings will last throughout your vehicle's service life. So if you need new camshaft bearings, invest in the high–quality and dependable Comp Cams Camshaft Bearing Set today!

Comp Cams Camshaft Bolt Lock Plate

Drivers know better than to push their engines beyond the limits. Usually, that means keeping the needle from redlining. If you go past your engine's maximum horsepower range, engine components such as the camshaft bolts that hold the camshafts and camshaft sprockets might break or loosen, which could lead to engine failure. Once the camshaft sprocket jumps, engine timing gets screwed. Better equip your engine with a Comp Cams Camshaft Bolt Lock Plate to avoid this kind of incident. You already know what will happen once your engine loses timing. Its pistons and valves hammer each other to waste. Unless you want to go through an engine overhaul, use this top–quality bolt lock plate on your camshaft sprockets. It has bendable lock tabs with high–tensile bolts to keep your camshafts and their sprockets in one piece. Not only is it durable, it's also very easy and convenient to install. Just remove your old bolts, place this over the sprocket aligned with its holes, and then screw in the supplied bolts for a tight fit. Then you bend the lock tabs over the bolt heads and that's it–you're done. The Comp Cams Camshaft Bolt Lock Plate ensures that your camshaft bolts will never loosen, no matter how much load or speed your engine is running. If you're someone who always demands high performance out of your vehicle, then this should be on your shopping list. Order it only here at Auto Parts Warehouse and experience convenient shopping along with huge savings for quality auto parts and accessories.

Comp Cams Camshaft Checker Tool

Some engine builders and tuners can be really immersed in their projects. They can spend hours checking each and every part to see whether everything's working right with the engine. If you're one of them, then this tool should definitely be in your collection of tools. The Comp Cams Camshaft Checker Tool lets you measure the amount of lift your camshaft lobes make–quickly and without a fuss. This is important when working on your valve train and making adjustments to its configurations. You can choose between two types of checker tools. One can be used while the cylinder head is off the engine block, while the other can be used directly over the valve train. Both will give you precise measurements of how much lift your camshaft lobes make. You'll just have to thread the checker tool into the bolt holes of either the engine block or cylinder head. The Comp Cams Camshaft Checker Tool can be screwed into a half–inch engine block hole or a quarter–inch cylinder head hole. Once screwed into place, the tool will remain steady to let you measure your camshafts with precision. This is also important when degreeing your camshafts. You won't need any of those magnetic checker tools that are prone to errors. All you need is to get a dial indicator to work with this tool and you're all set. Checking your camshafts has never been this easy and effective. So wait no more–place your order for this tool right now only here at Auto Parts Warehouse!

Comp Cams Camshaft Installation Tool

Sloppiness has no place in the workshops of some professional engine builders and tuners. You should have the right tools to do the job right. There's no room for back jobs, especially if you're working on your beloved car. Make sure you're armed with enough tools to do your job as easily as possible. So, when installing brand new camshafts, use the Comp Cams Camshaft Installation Tool. This tool helps keep the grease on your hands from rubbing onto the camshafts. Plus, with its handy grip, it'll give you great leverage to keep your camshafts from getting damaged during installation. No matter what engine you're working on–Chevy, Chrysler, Ford or others–this tool can handle it. It comes with five removable adaptors to fit any camshaft of any engine. This is as professional as you can get when installing brand–new camshafts. This tool helps minimize sloppy handiwork on your engine projects. Remember, the point of using this camshaft installation tool is to avoid getting grease all over your new camshafts or damaging them during installation. Comp Cams has over three decades' worth of manufacturing experience, and the company's expertise in making camshafts and other valve train components is invaluable in the creation of this installation tool. Also, for best results, remember to always use break–in lube to prevent premature wear on its lobes. This will ensure that your camshaft gets a proper break–in and lasts for a long time. So, don't look any farther. Grab the Comp Cams Camshaft Installation Tool at Auto Parts Warehouse right now!

Comp Cams Camshaft Thrust Button

When talking about camshafts, one topic that will most likely come up is the problem most drivers commonly encounter–the cam walk. It's when the roller lifter moves forward and backward in the engine block, and rubs against the adjoining lobe. And you know very well that this can seriously affect the efficiency of your camshaft's operations. But don't you panic! You can avoid this from happening by using a Comp Cams Camshaft Thrust Button. Installed between the timing gear and at the back of the front cover, it prevents cam walk by 0.005–0.010 inches. By doing that, the friction that the camshaft creates when moving is greatly reduced. That means the risk of damage–scratching and dislocating, among others–is also significantly minimized. With this product, the camshaft can do its job more accurately and more efficiently. Plus, it uses internal roller bearings that don't wear into timing–chain cover. Comp Cams' camshaft thrust buttons come in two kinds: rubber and steel. But regardless of the material you choose, you can be certain that this item is guaranteed to give you superior durability. So don't let your roller camshaft get reduced to dust. Avoid expensive replacements and tedious engine repairs by using this Comp Cams product! All you need to do is browse through Auto Parts Warehouse's online catalog and place an order for the Comp Cams Camshaft Thrust Button–and it can be yours in just a few clicks. Take good care of your engine; get this product now!

Comp Cams Camshaft Timing Bushing

If you're starting to feel the limits of your engine, perhaps it's time to tweak it a bit. You don't have to go all crazy and get a brand new pair of aggressive camshafts to add horsepower. Sometimes, even the smallest modifications can change your engine's performance in a big way. For example, installing the Comp Cams Camshaft Timing Bushing helps get you the power you want. It's a really simple modification. You just have to insert this bushing into your camshaft sprocket. But you have to make sure your engine is in correct timing. Depending on the camshaft's position, you can rotate your camshaft to either advance or retard timing. Now comes the fun part. You can now set the power of your engine depending on which revolutions–per–minute (rpm) setting you prefer. This way, you can configure your car's performance to suit your particular driving style. This camshaft timing bushing from Comp Cams lets you put power in lower rpm for stop–and–go city driving, in higher rpm for more power at high speeds, or in midrange rpm for balanced output. It's all up to you! Match your engine's power to your driving style to bring out the best performance of your car. Remember, it's all about control. If you want your car to reach its potential, then getting the Comp Cams Camshaft Timing Bushing is a great start. This component is available right here at Auto Parts Warehouse! Get yours today and enjoy great savings and convenience while taking your ride to the next level.

Comp Cams Crankshaft Gear Installation Tool

Superior drivability is only possible if all engine components run in sync and in perfect condition. The crankshaft gear, in particular, must be in shape to ensure the crankshaft gets to do its job of converting linear motion correctly. In order to complete its function, the crankshaft relies on its gear. When damaged, this gear can cause your car's engine troubles, thus, must be replaced immediately. To get the job done right, you need to have a trusty tool–and here's where the Comp Cams Crankshaft Gear Installation Tool comes in. This tool will make the task easier. But then having it isn't enough; you must have the knowledge to be a good DIY–er yourself, too. So here's a tip: the most important thing to do when replacing the crankshaft gear is to position the gear on top of the shaft, then put the tool in the same position. Push the gear until it fastens onto the crankshaft. As long as you have the right tool, you can accomplish the task in no time. And you can truly rely on the crankshaft gear installation tool from Comp Cams because it's manufactured with precision and accuracy. So the next time you need to replace the crankshaft gear, be sure this topnotch installation tool is at hand. Don't have one yet? Get one from Auto Parts Warehouse. Go to our online catalog and place your order there. We're sure to deliver the Comp Cams Crankshaft Gear Installation Tool right at your doorstep in no time. What are you waiting for? Shop now!

Comp Cams Crankshaft Turning Tool

Reassembling your engine system requires more than just bringing back all your engine parts and installing them in their proper places. Just like returning all the gears in a watch, your engine's crankshaft and other degree–sensitive components will need to be properly re–tuned before they can be reinstalled. If you've wrongly timed your crankshaft, then chances are, your camshaft, rocker arms, and pistons will be ill–timed as well–making your engine run even rougher than before you modified it. That's why when you're reinstalling your crankshaft, use a Comp Cams Crankshaft Turning Tool. This tool allows you to properly rotate your crankshaft whenever it's off–sync with your harmonic balancer. With it, you can be sure that your crankshaft and camshaft's timing is always coordinated. This topnotch crankshaft also lets you adjust your car's timing easily. All you have to do is snap it onto your crankshaft, tweak it to the appropriate degree, and you're done! What's even better is how this product is designed to last for a long time! That's because Comp Cams subjects all of its products to strict quality–assurance tests that ensure the final product you're getting is of the highest quality. So if you're planning on tweaking your crankshaft to the appropriate degree, make sure you use the Comp Cams Crankshaft Turning Tool! This product is available at Auto Parts Warehouse. Check out our product selection to locate the perfect crankshaft turning tool for your car. Purchase this item now and avail of our best deals. Shop here now!

Comp Cams Cylinder Head CC Measurement Kit

Upgrading your car's engine is no simple task. There are many ways to gain extra horsepower, but you have to know what you're doing to prevent turning your engine into a useless block of metal. One trick professional engine builders do is to resize the engine's bores. By increasing the volume of the combustion chambers, you also increase your engine's power output. But you have to be able to keep a close watch on its volume. For this, you need the Comp Cams Cylinder Head CC Measurement Kit. This kit has everything you need to be able to accurately measure the volume of your combustion chambers: a 100cc glass burette, a metal stand with clamp, and a plexiglass sealing plate. To measure the combustion chamber volume, clamp down the burette and fix it on the metal stand. Make sure the valves are in place, then cover the combustion chamber halfway with the plexiglass and then slowly open up the burette. Once the water touches the plexiglass, stop filling and measure the amount of water lost. That would be your combustion chamber volume. With the Comp Cams Cylinder Head CC Measurement Kit, taking precise volume measurements of your combustion chambers is a piece of cake. You can also use this kit to check the volume in case you suspect bore damage from a faulty piston. If you're brave enough to rebore your engine, make sure you have this kit. Order it right here at Auto Parts Warehouse today and enjoy amazing deals for top–of–the–line auto parts and accessories.

Comp Cams Distributor Gear

Optimum engine operation depends on the synchronization between the valve train and the ignition system. One part that makes that happen is the distributor gear, which helps ensure that proper voltage is directed with perfect timing. If you want a reliable distributor gear, we recommend the Comp Cams Distributor Gear. This gear comes in two types: a carbon ultra-poly composite gear and a bronze gear. Choosing what type to get depends mostly on your engine and camshaft type. But whichever you get, Comp Cams ensures that these gears are crafted precisely for a perfect fit and optimal interaction with the camshaft, guaranteeing correct ignition timing. These gears are also made to last, as they are tested extensively for strength and durability. These gears also come in different diameters, so you have room for customization or adjustment if you replaced your factory camshaft with a bigger or smaller one. To get this distributor gear from Comp Cams, simply go over our online catalog and make your purchase. To ensure optimum engine performance with a reliable distributor gear, get the Comp Cams Distributor Gear today.

Comp Cams Engine Hardware Kit

Mechanics and engine builders are amazing. They have the ability to tear an engine apart, leave nuts and bolts scattered everywhere, and still remember exactly where each of those goes upon re–assembly. However, even professionals sometimes break or lose a few pieces, and this is when that box full of spares becomes useful. If it's your engine being rebuilt or upgraded, however, will you trust rusty old nuts and bolts? Probably not. That's why you need the Comp Cams Engine Hardware Kit. It has everything you'll ever need to make sure your dream engine is completed and built to perfection. In fact, this hardware kit goes beyond simple spare nuts and bolts. It even includes commonly worn–out parts such as woodruff keys, alignment dowels for the cylinder head, cam bolts and eccentrics, as well as dowels for the timing cover and oil pump. If you buy all of these pieces of hardware separately, you're going to end up spending a whole lot more. Additionally, having the entire kit also allows for better organization. So, why pay more when you can get the same items in one affordable and neat package? With the Comp Cams Engine Hardware Kit, you save yourself time and money while lessening your headaches. No more scouring for different parts from different stores. It's all been put together for your convenience. If you're going to build an engine, make sure you use quality hardware. Order this kit right now from Auto Parts Warehouse and be assured of the affordability, quality, and reliability of your purchase.

Comp Cams Exhaust Valve Rotator Eliminator

Nikolaus Otto's development of the four–stroke engine in 1876 opened the door to many engine technologies that have made cars more efficient and powerful. One minor but very useful development in engine technology is the valve rotator. It rotates an engine's exhaust valve to get rid of the carbon deposits clogging it. If your engine uses valve rotators, then you may have problems with worn out shims. These cause your exhaust valve springs to "walk," thereby causing valve train damage. You need the Comp Cams Exhaust Valve Rotator Eliminator. Unlike stacked valve shims that easily wear out under the valve springs, the valve rotator eliminators are made of one–third inch metal. They have outer rim locators to keep valve springs from walking around the cylinder head. Simply put, valve walk can cause valves to lean in different directions. This can cause premature wear of valves, valves seats, and valve guides, and can be a major source of engine overheating. Usually, this can prove a mystery to both car owners and mechanics because such damage cannot be detected upon basic inspection. Unless you want your engine to suddenly overheat, put the Comp Cams Exhaust Valve Rotator Eliminator under your valve springs. This prevents unwanted movements of your valve springs and keeps your valve train steady and stable. Keep your engine upgraded with the latest in valve train technology. Place your order right now only here in Auto Parts Warehouse. Our website is home to an extensive collection of Comp Cams products, including this excellent exhaust valve rotator eliminator.

Comp Cams Fuel Pump Push Rod

When running on highly aggressive camshafts, a stock fuel pump push rod just won't cut it. It's too long to fit over the larger fuel pump lobe. You'll have to replace it unless you want to damage your new camshaft. What's worse is once the damage is done, the high–pressure fuel pump may fail, leading to a skipping engine and hesitant acceleration. To keep things in the right order, replace your stock fuel pump push rod right away. Don't just rely on conventional OEM brands. Go for premium quality with the Comp Cams Fuel Pump Push Rod. This will work perfectly with high–performance camshaft profiles. The thing about bigger camshafts is that you'll have to adjust your valve train to accommodate them. That includes your high–pressure fuel pump push rod as well. You have to make sure it doesn't damage the fuel pump lobe on your camshaft. Comp Cams offers you three choices for your push rod tip–lightweight bronze for steel cams, steel rod tips for cast iron cams, and lightweight ceramic tips. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed that the Comp Cams Fuel Pump Push Rod will fit seamlessly over your brand new camshafts. Engine performance will greatly improve in terms of smoother acceleration and quicker throttle response. Those are the benefits of a fully compatible valve train system. And you lengthen the service life of your camshafts. What more can you ask for? Accelerate your clicks and order this excellent component from Auto Parts Warehouse today! Order it now here at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Comp Cams Lifter Bore Grooving Tool

Friction is a silent killer. You don't see it, but you know that it slowly wears out your engine components until they're too damaged to be of any use. Obviously, you don't want this to happen to your vehicle's lifter and camshaft–two components that produce a lot of friction from frequently hitting each other. To prevent these components from getting damaged, you need a product like the Comp Cams Lifter Bore Grooving Tool. It grooves the lifter bore with superior precision; thus, ensuring that the space between the cam and the lifter gets a sufficient share of pressurized oil. And since the area receives more oil, the nasty effects of friction are significantly minimized. Unlike other products, this lifter bore grooving tool comes in a complete package. When you buy it, you'll get a grooving tool, a cutter, and a handle–no need for an extra visit to the nearest auto parts dealer because this package has it all! This Comp Cams product can definitely give you the one thing every driver needs: safety. Since Comp Cams knows the importance your lifters and camshafts play in keeping you safe, the company has heavily invested in topnotch product research, development, and engineering to come up with a first–class product line. No wonder Comp Cams is one of the leading manufacturers of valve train components today. Get rid of damaging friction in your camshaft and lifter; use the Comp Cams Lifter Bore Grooving Tool. Get it from Auto Parts Warehouse's online catalog now!

Comp Cams Push Rod Assembly Tool

The pushrods of a car's valvetrain are vital components, which is why they should always be well taken care of. If these pushrods malfunction, you'll surely experience poor vehicle performance. Repairing or replacing your ride's pushrods will require the use of the Comp Cams Push Rod Assembly Tool. Putting a pushrod kit together is easy with this handy tool. After cutting the push rod to the length required for your desired application and removing the burr from both ends, you need this assembly tool to press its ends on their proper positions. It's important that the push rods don't bend or split, because a bent pushrod is going to be difficult to install. That's what this tool is for–it eliminates any risk of bending or splitting, so that you won't have to waste a lot of time and money on ruined pushrods. Even if it only looks like an ordinary metal tube, this assembly tool will prove to be an indispensable companion for various engine tuning or repair tasks. You can be sure of this product's quality and durability, because it's manufactured using premium–quality materials and has undergone strict testing processes. Even if you're a do–it–yourself car owner, you won't have any difficulty figuring out how to use this assembly tool since instructions already come with the box. So, if you need a new push rod assembly tool for pushrod replacements or repairs, get the Comp Cams Push Rod Assembly Tool right from Auto Parts Warehouse. Shop here today!

Comp Cams Push Rod Guide Plate

Never has there been so much attention given to designing a high–performance engine upgrade. In today's modern day engines, high valve lift and spring pressures are the norm. To prevent your push rods from breaking under the tremendous pressure, guide plates have been designed to keep their motion strictly vertical. Comp Cams goes leaps and bounds beyond conventional guide plate design by using the most advanced in computer–aided design technology–stereo lithography. UV lasers are used to form resin prototypes to keep the designs as accurate as possible. This process gives the Comp Cams Push Rod Guide Plate precise dimensions to perfectly fit any type of engine. It ensures zero vibrations as your push rods are kept guided by these plates. And to prevent push rod surface damage, the edges of these plates have been rounded off to minimize wear and tear. The plates are made of very rigid material and are black oxide finished for utmost durability. With these plates on your valve train, your push rods are safe from breakage no matter what engine speeds you're running. Simply put, this is the best guide plate available for your engine. The Comp Cams Push Rod Guide Plate is marked by the Comp Cams logo plus its part number, so it'll be easy to distinguish a genuine product from a cheap imitation. For your engine's sake, insist only on the original. And to avoid fake products, place your order right here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Our servers and operators are on standby to give you fast and reliable service.

Comp Cams Push Rod Slotting Tool

Prevention is better than cure. This is an adage vehicle owners like you should take to heart in order to avoid expensive repair jobs for your car. Preventive maintenance is always a good thing, especially for expensive engine parts. You need to have the right materials and tools to make this task easy. When it comes to repair or replacement of the push rod, one of the things you'll need is a Comp Cams Push Rod Slotting Tool. Why is this so? This slotting tool comes in very handy when you want to install bigger rocker arms–particularly when you're switching from the factory heads of a Small Block Chevy to new rocker arms with a 1.6 ratio. You can easily elongate the pushrod slot using this slotting tool. To come up with the desired length for the push rod, you need to use the tool with a 5/16–inch drill bit. Using the slotting tool with a drill bit is advantageous since it eliminates the need to use guide plates. Elongating the pushrod slot will ensure excellent fit for the rockers you'll switch to, and this translates to smoother function for your newly tuned engine. This is how important the Comp Cams Push Rod Slotting Tool is. In order to prevent damage to your car's parts, be sure to use the right tools for every task. Auto Parts Warehouse offers quality automotive tools including this push rod slotting tool from Comp Cams. Get yours today and enjoy hassle–free engine modification and maintenance.

Comp Cams Repair Manual

The great thing about the internet is that it's home to a number of websites that teach you how to fix your car correctly. The downside? A personal computer isn't exactly that portable, is it? Or if you have a laptop, you're going to need an internet connection just to access these websites. So what's there to do in a situation like this? Invest in a compact and portable repair manual, that's what! Take, for instance, the Comp Cams Repair Manual. Sure, you'd have to rummage through the pages just to get the information you want, but then the information you're getting is precise, accurate, and written by car experts themselves. The repair manual from Comp Cams contains precise, factual, and practical information in keeping your car in prime shape. Plus, everything written in it is easy to understand. That's because this repair manual also features easy–to–follow, step–by–step guides on how to diagnose and repair automotive–related problems. The repair manual even has full–colored picture guides that'll visually aid you in identifying car parts and systems. With this book on hand, you wouldn't have to depend on secondary sources or be swindled by desperate online "mechanics." So, if it's pure, factual yet easy–to–understand car repair information you need, go for the Comp Cams Repair Manual. We at Auto Parts Warehouse are proud to offer this product. If you want to purchase this item, check out our online catalog to find this ultimate manual for your car. So hurry! Get this repair manual from us today!

Comp Cams Rev Kit

Vehicles used for racing, as we know, have different specifications compared to everyday-commute cars. They need everything, from the windshield down to the tiniest bolt, to be accurately attached. Otherwise, disastrous results could happen on the race track—and you definitely don't want that! One of these oval track application quirks is that the lifter must precisely follow the cam's profile—exactly what the Comp Cams rev kit is made for. It makes sure that in case the rocker arm or the pushrod fails, the lifter won't detach from the lifter bore, because if this happens, engine failure is likely to occur. This rev kit has everything that you need to make sure that that lifter stays in place: lifter spring bushings, lifter springs, buttons, and aluminum support bars. Every Comp Cams rev kit is made from aluminum, making it extremely resistant to heat, rust, and other corrosive elements. With this product, you can zoom around the oval track without worrying about your engine, or your safety.

Comp Cams Rocker Arm

Turn your vehicle into one rockin' ride by investing in the Comp Cams Rocker Arm today! The Comp Cams Rocker Arm is a specialized component that's designed to help your camshaft open your engine's poppet valves. Rocker arms from Comp Cams are available in various types, including Magnum Roller, High Energy, Hi-Tech Stainless Steel, Ultra Pro Magnum, and Ultra Gold GM LS Aluminum rocker arms. The magnum roller rocker arm lets you have a 15- to 30-horsepower gain over standard rocker arms. Designed for high-performance driving, this rocker arm is manufactured using hard-wearing chromemoly steel that makes this component a lot stronger than your typical stamped steel and die-cast aluminum rocker assemblies. Its durable roller tip design also prevents friction between your rocker arm and its surrounding components. The High Energy Rocker Arm, on the other hand, features a rocker stud overhead camshaft that ensures superb service from this component. Manufactured using high-grade steel, this rocker arm can outlast similar products on the market and helps prevent the noise caused by worn OEM rockers, making it an excellent long-term investment for street applications. Rock on with your ride by purchasing the Comp Cams Rocker Arm at our site now.

Comp Cams Rocker Arm Adjuster

Every would–be racer dreams of driving a car with a powerful engine. With all the aftermarket parts available, you can turn your stock engine into a powerhouse. For this purpose, the valve train is a good option to start your modifications on. If you're going to put aggressive camshafts into your engine, you'll need to be able to adjust your valve train. Sturdy rocker arms and studs are needed to handle the bigger camshaft profiles. The Comp Cams Rocker Arm Adjuster should help you do just that. It has all the stuff you need to make your valve train adjustable. The problem with stock valve train parts is that they're designed for only one kind of camshaft profile. Bigger camshafts won't be able to run right if you do not replace your stock rocker arms and studs. That's because stock valve train parts are designed only for low valve lift and low spring pressures, which just won't cut it for more aggressive configurations. The Comp Cams Rocker Arm Adjuster helps your rocker arms perform well on any configuration. Additionally, each rocker arm is made to meet and even exceed OEM specifications. Each stud has a wider diameter to better distribute engine load. The adjusting nuts, meanwhile, have polylocks that give incredible hold. The high–strength material ensures a perfect lock onto your rocker arms even under high engine speeds. Without a doubt, it is the one of the most valuable upgrades you can add to your engine. Place your order now right here at Auto Parts Warehouse!

Comp Cams Rocker Arm Kit

The secret to a high-performance ride is having reliable performance engine components. Keep your engine performing at its best by fortifying your rocker arm assembly with the Comp Cams Rocker Arm Kit. The Comp Cams Rocker Arm Kit provides the necessary equipment that lets your rocker arms open your engine valves with perfect timing. This rocker arm kit is made from extra-tough chromemoly steel, making it up to three times more durable than regular aluminum rocker arms. With its thick 0.375-inch bolts, you can expect this kit to remain in place come what may. Because the rocker arm is a part of the engine's reciprocating weight, you'll need to keep your rocker arm assembly as light as possible. While this rocker arm kit may be thicker and sturdier than other kits on the market, it also weighs less than aluminum rockers, ensuring that this component won't hinder vehicle performance even at high operating speeds. This kit comes with 1.75-inch pro-magnum rocker arms, flat guide plates, pushrods, rocker studs, adjusting nuts, and set screws—all the components you need for a complete rocker arm kit installation. Power your ride with the Comp Cams Rocker Arm Kit today.

Comp Cams Rocker Arm Nut

When it comes to conquering different kinds of terrains, your vehicle should never lack in the horsepower department. If your vehicle has enough power, it is much easier for you to get out of tough situations. Whether you're driving along huge potholes, dusty roads, and muddy paths, you can be sure that your auto can handle them all. Luckily, you don't need to get an expensive engine overhaul to give your vehicle that extra punch. Just by equipping it with a Comp Cams Rocker Arm Nut, you'll give your auto extra power to beat the dirt path. This rocker arm nut is the perfect partner for the faulty rocker arm of your vehicle. Once installed, it correctly positions the rocker arm, making it easier to open the exhaust and intake valves. Designed using the latest in valve train technology, it minimizes runouts while being tapered to provide extra strength. Compared to other rocker arm nuts, it's made of high–quality 2024 aluminum for extra durability while making it completely resistant to chemicals that can corrode it at the same time. On a different note, Comp Cams' 32–year experience in manufacturing valve train products has given it an edge that other brands can't give. With its highly talented engineers working double time, the company offers only the best products in the industry today. If you want to give you ride extra horsepower without the heavy price tag, then it's time for you to get the Comp Cams Rocker Arm Nut here at Auto Parts Warehouse today.

Comp Cams Rocker Arm Nut Kit

Rocker arms help your engine's intake and exhaust valves operate properly. As the camshaft's rotating lobes hit the rocker arms, the rocker arms move the valve stems, which then open and close the ports in each cylinder. For this whole process to continue with the right timing, the parts should function with precision. And one part that contributes to this is the rocker arm nut that secures each rocker arm into its proper location. So if your rocker arm nuts are already getting loose or hard to adjust, better replace them with a new set. Investing in the Comp Cams Rocker Arm Nut Kit is a good way to get all the nuts you need for the job. This rocker arm nut kit contains 16 pieces of rocker arm nuts, making it a cheaper option compared to buying these nuts per piece. Each nut is also manufactured using industry–grade steel for maximum durability, so you can be sure that your rocker arms will stay in shape for years. The rocker arm nuts in this kit are also designed to make it easier for you to adjust your valve train, letting you keep your rocker arms in perfect timing condition. Each kit from Comp Cams comes with a set of socket–head screws and a single hex–key wrench. That's virtually everything you need to easily install rocker arm nuts in your engine assembly. So make sure your rocker arms are kept in place by getting the Comp Cams Rocker Arm Nut Kit from Auto Parts Warehouse today!

Comp Cams Rocker Arm Screw

The internal combustion engine is a complex fusion of parts working together to power your vehicle. Among the engine's many components is the rocker arm. The rocker arm has a screw that keeps it securely attached to the valve stem and the pushrod. In case you need a replacement for loose or worn–out rocker arm screws, then the Comp Cams Rocker Arm Screw is the one for you. With the screw in its proper place, you can be sure that the rocker arm stays secured even if you drive along rough roads and terrain. Comp Cams manufactures a variety of rocker arm screws for a variety of applications. The company's High Energy and Magnum series screws are well–suited for moderate lift and moderate spring pressures and are available in commonly used sizes. There are also Hi–Tech Race Stud scews for high–rpm roller cams that provide racetrack–worthy performance. Regardless of type, Comp Cams screws have a black oxide finish and a selection of sizes. In order to consistently get efficient and reliable performance from your car, always check on your engine's rocker arms, including their rocker arm screws or studs. However, if all else fails and you end up needing a replacement, going online is the most convenient thing to do. There are various online shops that provide high–quality options, including the Comp Cams Rocker Arm Screw. Since there are rocker arm screws made for almost all vehicle makes and models, you'll surely find one that suits your ride. Get yours now from Auto Parts Warehouse!

Comp Cams Rocker Arm Stud

The better your intake and exhaust valves perform, the more you'll get out of your engine. These valves rely on your rocker arms to be opened and closed. If the valves start faltering, don't ditch your rocker arms just yet. That's because all you need is a Comp Cams Rocker Arm Stud to do the trick. Considered as the best rocker arm stud on the market, this product is perfect for moderate lifts and spring pressures. Compared to other studs, this one has superior strength and locking force. And for better rocker clearance, it offers a thin jam nut while its rolled threads allow maximum contact. Best of all, its patented ground-flat top lets you to adjust the valves with minimum effort. This rocker arm stud measures 7/16 to 14 inches long, while its overall thread size is 3/8 to 24 inches. Meanwhile, its total stud length of 1.75 inches lets it fit almost all kinds of rocker arms out there. For extra protection against corrosion, it has been coated with black oxide that can handle all kinds of harmful chemicals that you can think of. Everything that comes from Comp Cams is sure to provide outstanding performance whether you're at the racetracks or the streets. With its unquestionable dedication to success and performance, Comp Cams has been leading the way in valve train technology for years. So what are you waiting for? Place an order and get the Comp Cams Rocker Arm Stud here at Auto Parts Warehouse today.

Comp Cams Rocker Arm Stud Cutting Tool

Do–it–yourselfers have something in common–they get to save up because they do repair and installation tasks on their own. Well, it's not yet too late for you to be one of them, especially if you're up for an aggressive upgrade of your car's valve train. But don't just hastily embark on the project without being prepared and equipped with important tools like the Comp Cams rocker arm stud cutting tool. This is the perfect tool for cutting your rocker arm stud to a desired height to match that of the guides and valves. Although such modification isn't always required, it's recommended to ensure perfect fit especially when converting from press–in to screw–in studs in your cylinder head. The conversion process doesn't end with removing the stock studs from the head; you'd still have to machine or face off the stud boss by a thickness equal to the screw–in stud's jam nut and guide plate's thickness. Designed for the heavy–duty cylinder heads of various vehicle makes and models, the Comp Cams rocker arm stud cutting tool is made from durable materials and is machined to precision, so it can efficiently cut rocker studs and last the severe use to which it'll be subjected. If it becomes worn after repeated use, you can always replace either its arbor or carbide bit. Auto Parts Warehouse offers replacements for this tool. Just search and pick what you need from our comprehensive catalog and we'll have it shipped to your place in no time.

Comp Cams Rocker Arm Stud Girdle

Comp Cams' line of engine and valve train parts, accessories, and tools will definitely help you tune up your engine whether for racing or ordinary street driving. Among these is the Comp Cams rocker arm stud girdle that works to stabilize the studs securing your valve train's rocker arms. Brand–new vehicles may not come with stud girdles on their valve train; but as they add miles on their meter, their rocker arm studs may start to loosen up and get pushed out of the cylinder head. Valves may also start to take on excess lash and work out of coordination with the cams. You can solve these by securing the rocker arm studs with the stud girdle from Comp Cams. Designed to be direct–fit, it's made from 6061 T6 aluminum, which is lightweight so it won't add stress to your engine. It's also red anodized to protect it from corrosion. This girdle is available in three types: (1) the two–piece spring loaded bar, (2) the one–piece solid bar, and (3) the undrilled bar that lets you drill the stud holes according to your valve train's stud spacing. The Comp Cams rocker arm stud girdle comes in kits already complete with set screws, hex head adjusting nuts and, of course, installation directions. Setting up this stud girdle is so easy you can install it on your own. Enjoy better performance at higher RPMs by upgrading your engine with a Comp Cams stud girdle. Start the project by placing your order for this part at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Comp Cams Rocker Arm Stud Girdle Nut

The Comp Cams Rocker Arm Stud Girdle Nut is a must–have if you want to install a new rocker arm stud girdle. It'd be a waste of time and money, in other words pointless, to install a rocker arm stud girdle if it didn't have anything to hold it in place. Especially since, well, experiencing vibration is inevitable when you drive. As such, it's most likely that your car's rocker arm stud girdle would be knocked off from its perch without a nut to lock it in position. This top–quality girdle nut by Comp Cams works at specs performance with a Comp Cams rocker arm stud girdle. There are two choices for the girdle nut: the Hi–Tech Polylock for racing cars and the Magnum and High Energy Polylock for moderate applications. You just have to choose from the two what best suits your car's needs. Remember to carefully choose your rocker arm stud girdle nut because it varies in size, from 0.375 to 0.4375. As it's precisely designed and manufactured from the industry's best materials, the Comp Cams Rocker Arm Stud Girdle Nut is very durable. The tapered design helps in ensuring its superior locking ability. If you need a replacement part, don't hesitate to pick the rocker arm stud girdle nut by Comp Cams. Check out Auto Parts Warehouse's expansive and easy–to–use online catalog to find this item. Place your order and we'll deliver it to you the soonest time possible. What are you waiting for? Shop here now!

Comp Cams Rocker Shaft

If you're looking for performance rockers, rocker shafts, and rocker shaft components, better let Comp Cams take care of your needs. For a complete rocker arm system solution, go for the Comp Cams Rocker Shaft. In terms of performance, this Rocker Shaft is it. Specially designed for street and strip applications, this product assures smooth and reliable performance. Because this product features oil holes on the rocker arms, it ensures proper lubrication of the rockers, cams, and lifters. And it can tough it out with extreme engine conditions, thanks to its 700 aluminum series construction. Premature damage, heat, and corrosion won't be issues with this product. Just expect reliable and efficient engine performance from this component. What's more, it has everything you need for proper installation in a set. Rocker Shaft Shims, Rocker Shaft Nuts, washers, bolts—you name it, this Comp Cams product has it. Order one from us here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Whether it's the whole set or just rocker arms, we have it. Use our catalog to see our complete offering. If you want efficient and dependable performance rocker arms, then better get the Comp Cams Rocker Shaft today.

Comp Cams Rocker Shaft End Plug

Oil is the blood of your car's engine. Without it, your engine will stop dead in its tracks. But it doesn't just flow to where it's needed. Engine parts are designed to direct the flow of oil to make sure everything is kept fully lubricated. This includes the rocker shaft end plug. Without it, oil would just flow out through the end of your rocker shaft and leave your rocker arms craving for oil. If your car's end plug is damaged or has worn out, better replace it with the Comp Cams Rocker Shaft End Plug right away. The problem with stock shaft plugs is the material. Most are made of brittle metal that can harden and crack due to heat and pressure. Since the valve cover covers practically everything on top of your cylinder head, the chances of spotting a worn out rocker shaft end plug is close to nil. The best option is to replace it before it wears out. When choosing your replacement plug, don't settle for conventional OEM brand plugs. They're made of the same flimsy metal and won't last long. Choose the Comp Cams Rocker Shaft End Plug. Its heat–treated metal makes it highly resistant to the high heat and pressure conditions inside your engine. This ensures prolonged protection against wear and tear, and thus guarantees it will not pop out of your rocker shaft. It'll always keep engine oil flowing in the right direction. For big savings on this top–quality component, get it today from Auto Parts Warehouse.

Comp Cams Roller Lifter Installation Kit

If you check out the local auto parts stores near you, you'll find that there is no easy way to find a top–quality roller lifter installation kit without overspending. That's because a superb product that will let you install a new roller cam just don't just show up out of the blue. Fortunately, all its takes is a little skill on the Internet and you can easily get a Comp Cams Roller Lifter Installation Kit. Made of corrosion–resistant steel, this product saves you lots of time when it comes to roller cam installation. Using this product is just like going well–prepared for a full–scale war because it already contains what you need to win every battle. Basically, this roller lifter installation kit includes camshaft bolts, lifter guides, lifter retainer, cam retainer, and cam retainer bolts. That means you wouldn't have to go through complicated and messy auto store collections because it's already complete. Meanwhile, Comp Cams has put together all its research and technology so you can enjoy all of this product's features. Comp Cams knows that having the right valve train component is crucial for every vehicle. Because of that, its well–trained people have dedicated 32 years to make the best components possible to all Comp Cams' customers. Why take the risk of getting other installation kits from other brands? With the Comp Cams Roller Lifter Installation Kit, you get an affordable product that performs like no other. Hurry and get one now here at Auto Parts Warehouse while supplies last!

Comp Cams Simulation Software

You can't put a price on knowledge; but the tools necessary to acquire your auto know–how? That's another story. The good news is, learning about fixing your car or customizing your engine need not be an extremely pricey affair–especially if you have a Comp Cams Simulation Software. While it may sound like a computer game, the simulation software from Comp Cams offers you less entertainment and more information. In fact, it teaches you almost everything you need to master working on your engine. All you need to do is insert this disc into your computer, and you'll be tinkering with your engine in no time. That's because aside from being highly informative, this engine simulation software is also extremely user–friendly. It features state–of–the–art engine simulation combined with a comprehensive and fun, direct–click window interface that gives you accurate information while keeping you engaged in this mind–enriching activity. Not only that, this software also lets you see cam timing changes, gas dynamics, as well as thermodynamic and frictional Physics, giving you all the information you need in tuning up your car. Each engine simulation software also comes with a 140+ page, full–color user manual to provide you with extra information on engine simulation. Compatible with any Windows 95/98/2000/XP operating system, this software is truly a good buy! Enrich your mind and improve your engine by investing in the Comp Cams Simulation Software. You can get this product from Auto Parts Warehouse. For excellent discounts on this simulation software, visit our extensive online catalog and purchase this product now.

Comp Cams Timing Belt

When it comes to your valve train, the old saying rings true: It takes two to tango. That's because you need your timing belt to complement the valve train, so that no slippage will occur. Both need to work together to achieve excellent results. So if you're looking for the best timing belt for your vehicle, the Comp Cams Timing Belt is your best bet. This product is designed by Comp Cams engineers to absorb a substantial amount of crankshaft harmonics, which can disrupt the fragile valve motion if left unchecked. It features patented molded teeth that perfectly fit the crankshaft gear's teeth. And unlike traditional timing belts, the Comp Cams Timing Belt consumes a smaller amount of energy because it's easier to turn. What's even more impressive is that it's cheaper and easier to install. Indeed, this timing belt will give your valvetrain superb precision and timing, even inside the hot and cramped environment of your engine compartment. Affordable Comp Cams timing belts can be found only at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Comp Cams Timing Chain

Upgrading your engine doesn't mean that you should improve only the major parts; that's because even the minor ones are just as important. Take the timing chain for example. It may look insignificant, but any engine builder knows how crucial a timing chain is to engine performance. So, if you're planning to replace the overstretched timing chain that you've had for years, try to get a Comp Cams Timing Chain. The Comp Cams Timing Chain is made of hardened steel, which has been heat-treated to allow for superior toughness. Also, its camshaft gear and crank sprocket are made of cast iron and induction-hardened billet steel for unparalleled durability. Its double-roller chain is equipped with a heavy-duty pin design that gives you smooth engine performance at a pocket-friendly price. Plus Comp Cams engineers designed this product to avoid runouts. Whether you're into street driving or going for the lead in the racing oval, this timing chain is an ideal upgrade for your engine. So if you want a minor part that makes a major difference, go for the Comp Cams Timing Chain.

Comp Cams Timing Chain Kit

Keep your engine valves always running efficiently with the Comp Cams Timing Chain Kit. Timing chain kits are designed to regulate the opening and closing of your engine valves depending on your engine's settings. Each timing chain keeps your crankshaft connected to your camshaft, controlling the camshaft's movement based on the number of times the crankshaft turns. The camshaft then regulates the movement of your engine valves, ensuring precision engine operation. Each timing chain kit from Comp Cams comes with a billet-steel crank sprocket and a cast-iron camshaft gear that's crafted to keep your engine's timing system operating consistently as you drive. Its three-keyway crank sprocket lets you adjust the timing chain's movement in 4-degree increments for maximum timing advance or retard, depending on your vehicle's needs. The Comp Cams Timing Chain Kit also features a stretched and heat-treated chain for added part durability. Sturdy double-row chains and a large pin fortify the timing chain, giving you long-lasting service. These kits are available in two main types: the Hi-Tech Roller Timing Set and the Comp Cams Magnum Double Roller Timing Set. Simply choose the one that best addresses your vehicle's needs. Get your Comp Cams Timing Chain Kit today!

Comp Cams Timing Cover

Want a timing cover that can give both supreme engine protection and enhanced vehicle performance? Get a Comp Cams timing cover! It keeps your camshaft and crankshaft aligned and securely in place, ensuring an efficient engine operation. This timing cover is available in either steel or billet aluminum, but both kinds are resistant to extreme heat, pressure, and stress—so it won't warp or bend no matter what type you choose to use. The Comp Cams timing cover even comes with parts that allow you to make adjustments on the cam timing without removing the oil pan or the harmonic damper. With this component, you have an easier time tuning the engine for better performance. And another thing is, installing this timing cover is very easy! It has all the hardware needed for setting up: a timing cover gasket, several bolts, a few plates, and even some washers. You won't need to hire a mechanic to put it in for you. So don't wait, get all these benefits and purchase a Comp Cams timing cover from us today!

Comp Cams Timing Gear Kit

When it comes to the rotation of your camshaft and crankshaft, timing is everything. That's because even the slightest change between the synchronization of these two parts can lead to retarded camshaft timing and poor engine performance. What's even worse is that if the timing gear between the two is broken, camshaft–crankshaft synchronization gets totally thrown off, stopping and probably damaging your engine. So if your engine has a broken set of timing gears, it's always best that you replace it with a more reliable one. To get all the replacement gears you need, we recommend that you purchase a Comp Cams Timing Gear Kit. This gear kit comes with all the timing gears you need to re–synchronize the movement of your crankshaft and camshaft. It features precision–manufactured crankshaft and camshaft gears that are made to match your engine's OEM specifications. And because each gear is custom–made to have the same size and function as your original gears, installation of these gears is guaranteed to be quick and hassle–free. Aside from using aircraft–quality billet aluminum to make them, Comp Cams has also subjected all of the components in its timing gear kits to strict quality assurance tests. That way, you can be sure that what you're getting is only of the best quality. So keep your crankshaft and camshaft in sync. Replace a worn timing gear using the Comp Cams Timing Gear Kit! For discounts on this Comp Cams product, buy your timing gear kit from Auto Parts Warehouse now.

Comp Cams Top Dead Center Stop Tool

In the engine, various components work together to deliver the kind of road performance that you expect from your vehicle. When the piston of your engine operates, it reaches a point farthest from the crankshaft and at the top of its stroke. This point is called the top dead center, an important reference point for making engine measurements. That's why having a Comp Cams Top Dead Center Locator should help ensure accuracy when making measurements for your engine. A top dead center locator looks like a long screw that has grooves all over its body. It has a bearing that's used as a fastener when attached to the spark plug. It's very handy when you need to make valve adjustments, distributor installation, and cam indexing. Knowing the exact position of the top dead center is vital for accurate adjustments and tune–ups. To match various cylinder head and spark plug hole sizes, this top dead center locator from Comp Cams is available in several sizes. Furthermore, Comp Cams uses premium materials to manufacture each of the company's products. That's why you can expect durability and a long service life from this essential tool. Comp Cams is also known for using state–of–the–art technologies to design and manufacture its entire product range. So, if you're looking for a no–nonsense tool to help you get various engine measurements and aid you in many tuning tasks, a Comp Cams Top Dead Center Locator is just the excellent choice. Get one from Auto Parts Warehouse today!

Comp Cams Valve Covers

There's no point in upgrading your car's engine parts if it isn't using a set of Comp Cams valve covers. With this product comes everything you need to install it: gaskets, studs, and nuts. Made from highly durable aluminum materials, these valve covers are resistant to heat, pressure, and chemicals. The great thing about Comp Cams valve covers is that they're precision-engineered for a perfect fit: they're machined flat, so they're suitable for many kinds of aftermarket heads. Bolt bosses are on top of the covers, which means that the force from the engine is equally distributed to the gasket's surface. And the top of Comp Cams valve covers is thick and strong, so you can attach a variety of breather systems to it. Amazing, huh? Well, with Comp Cams by your side, you can expect valve covers to give you excellent service for the long haul. That's 100% guaranteed.

Comp Cams Valve Guide Cutting Tool

Have you ever tried trimming your hair using a cutter instead of the usual scissors? How was it? Not quite what you expected, right? Well, that's what usually happens when you use tools not meant for the job. Remember, to get the job right, you must have the right tools. So if it's all about enhancing your car's camshaft, it should only be the Comp Cams Valve Guide Cutting Tool you should use. You see, when upgrading the camshaft, you also need to replace the valve guides in order for them to accurately and correctly accommodate the valves. In case the replacement valve guides you have don't fit, you have to manually cut them to ensure a perfect match. The valve guides have to be shortened in order to make room for more valve elevation. And cutting the valve guides must be done precisely. As such, you need a good valve guide cutting tool. If you don't employ one, the edges of your guides might be ill–defined. Which isn't good for the camshaft. You can count on the Comp Cams Valve Guide Cutting Tool because it's designed to be tough and durable. It won't break as you go about the hard task. Comp Cams is known for its advanced manufacturing processes that ensure excellent quality. That being said, the valve guide cutting tool from Comp Cams is truly a dependable partner. Auto Parts Warehouse offers a wide array of high–quality Comp Cams products, including the valve guide cutting tool, at affordable prices. So shop here now!

Comp Cams Valve Spring

Need new valve springs, but you're not sure which one you should get? Take it from us: you can do no better than getting a Comp Cams valve spring. Comp Cams manufactures valve springs that keep performing at their best, no matter how tough their working conditions are. How? They're made from chrome silicone, a tough, lightweight material known for its ability to resist extreme heat. With this material, what a Comp Cams valve spring gives is a more reliable road performance as it decreases the load on the engine. FYI, a valve spring compressor was used during both manufacturing and quality testing, so you can be sure that these Comp Cams valve springs are as good as advertised. Comp Cams offers different valve spring types (Beehive, Street/Strip, and Elite Race series) featuring different specs like valve opening heights and rpm operation values. So whether you own a family car or a road monster, there's a Comp Cams valve spring for you. Check out our online catalog to see a full list of Comp Cams valve springs and get one from us today!

Comp Cams Valve Spring Cup Cutter

Performance valve springs bring out the best in your engine. And for your cylinders to keep up with the performance of topnotch springs, ensure a precise valve springs fit with the Comp Cams Valve Spring Cup Cutter. You can count on this valve spring cup cutter as it's manufactured using the best materials the industry has to offer, like steel made with carbide bit. This composition lets you 'machine' the cylinder head to the exact size required to fit the spring. The cutter requires the use of an arbor/pilot, which Comp Cams also provides in the following sizes: 0.375, 0.3125, and 0.34375. These arbors will work with the valve guide cutters to shorten the guide for a high lift cam, accommodating various spring sizes. You may not need all of them now, but who knows of the future, right? The valve spring cup cutter from Comp Cams is available in 1.58, 1.68, and 1.74 sizes with the same 0.63 cuts guide. Why not get all cutters of various sizes, so you won't need to go visiting local shops wasting so much time and effort? When it comes to Comp Cams products, you can only trust them because they're produced using first–rate materials. Auto Parts Warehouse provides the Comp Cams Valve Spring Cup Cutter at a pocket–friendly price. Go to our expansive and easy–to–navigate online catalog to find this item. Place your order there and we'll deliver it to your doorstep the soonest time possible. So what are you waiting for? Shop here now!

Comp Cams Valve Spring Height Micrometer

Some auto engine parts are very costly to buy and to repair. So if you're going to tune up your engine by adjusting or getting new valve springs, you better get the Comp Cams Valve Spring Height Micrometer as well. This tool is used to determine the installed spring height, or the distance between the spring seat and the underside of the retainer when the spring is installed with its keepers. Spring height that's greater or less than the recommended measurement causes spring surge. If the spring height is less than the recommended spec, spring surge may cause excessive spring fatigue and eventually break the spring. And if the height is above the specs, it may cause valve floating, which may damage not only the valve but also the piston. This just shows how important spring height measurement is. Good thing, this Comp Cams tool is very easy to use. You only need to put it in place of the valve spring and extend it until it thrusts against the valve spring retainer and lock. The measurement you'll get determines whether you have to adjust the valve spring or replace it. But why use the Comp Cams Valve Spring Height Micrometer, you may ask. Well, first, you don't have to worry about this tool's accuracy, because it's carefully designed to do its function perfectly. And second, it's by far only the easiest–to–use spring height measurement tool available. So what are you waiting for? Simply browse through the Auto Parts Warehouse online product catalog to get this product now!

Comp Cams Valve Spring Kit

With which automotive system do you usually associate springs? It's the suspension, right? Springs, however, are also found in the valvetrain–the valve springs. The springs protect the valves from possible damage brought about by excessive movement when you drive your car along rough roads. Broken valves compromise your car's overall performance. To remedy this, replace your damaged valves with ones from a Comp Cams Valve Spring Kit. Comp Cams has a selection of valve springs that you can choose from. Comp Cams valve springs have a harmonic–resistant shape and are made from Super Clean wire, both of which ensure that the springs will endure the harshest situations. These features, along with the reduced spring mass, allow increased valvetrain stability even with minimal spring pressure. Wires used for the valve springs are eddy–current–tested twice to make sure there are no defects on the surface. Rigorous processing guarantees the quality of the valve springs. Every valve spring is CNC–coiled, stress–relieved, ground, shot–peened, and heat–set. All these are meticulous processes that ensure no defect is found on the finished product. Additionally, the company believes that there's no such thing as a one–size–fits–all spring. That's why Comp Cams produces a variety of springs that specifically match different applications and different valve sizes. So, if you need a new Valve spring for your ride, you won't regret putting your trust in Comp Cams. Get your Comp Cams Valve Spring Kit from Auto Parts Warehouse to get great savings on this high–quality product. Grab one today!

Comp Cams Valve Spring Locator

Having new valve springs is one of the tuning–up measures to push up your engine's performance. And installing them correctly with the right valve train components is only a must. This is where the Comp Cams Valve Spring Locator comes in. This valve train component ensures that a spring is secured in its proper location. Placed underneath the valve spring installed, it also guards the cylinder head and spring shims from the high–impact beating of the spring. The Comp Cams locator can do all these because it's manufactured from hardened alloy steel, which makes it endure extreme spring pressure even as the engine runs on high rpm. But even if it's tough, it's also thin (usually 0.060 inches), so it snugly fits in the seat without drastically adding onto the valve spring height. To suit different applications, the valve spring locator from Comp Cams comes in the spring cup and I.D. locator forms. The spring locator cup has its spring retainer part on its outside diameter, so it has to exactly fit in the valve spring seat; otherwise, you'd have to machine the cylinder head. If you don't want to do that, you can try the spring I.D. locator. Unlike the cup type, this locator has its retainer on its inside diameter and can be used with any spring width. With such options and high functionality, there's no doubt you can depend on the Comp Cams Valve Spring Locator. Finding this high–standard product is easy at Auto Parts Warehouse. Browse and pick from our online catalog now!

Comp Cams Valve Spring Seat Cup

Engines are made to last, but some wear out sooner than others. It's because most people don't know that it takes only one part, like the valve springs, to throw off the engine's processes and eventually damage it. Your valve spring may seem like a small thing, but when it stops working properly, your valve, cam, and lifter will all be subjected to repeated blows and metal fatigue. This will damage your engine and cause it to break down in the long run. That's why it's important that your valve spring is secure and always in place. The Comp Cams Valve Spring Seat Cup can help you with that. When the valve springs are working, it's important that they stay in contact with the lifter. Also, the pressure and friction the springs produce when the engine is operating can damage the valve shims and the components it's sitting on. This valve spring seat cup will keep your valve springs in place and keep other engine parts from getting damaged. Its hard steel alloy material makes it tough enough to withstand the intense pounding of the valve springs, which ordinary valve shims aren't capable of. These valve spring cups are available in different sizes, so you can choose which one fits the specs of your car's valve lift best. Replace your damaged valve spring seat cups with the Comp Cams Valve Spring Seat Cup. To get this product, just use our online catalog to place your order. Get it right from Auto Parts Warehouse now!

Comp Cams Valve Spring Set

Valve springs rarely bottom out, and break much less often. When they do, however, they cause one hell of an engine problem. That's where the Comp Cams Valve Spring Set comes in. It depends on which valve spring fails–intake or exhaust. If the intake valve fails to close, the piston chamber loses compression and may cause the engine to backfire. If the exhaust valve fails to close, heat from combustion leaks back into the engine instead of the manifold and then causes overheating. Either way, it's going to spell disaster for your engine. You can't replace just one broken spring. If you do, the spring pressures will be unequal and your engine will run roughly. Besides, one broken spring means another may suddenly follow suit. Unless you want another broken valve spring screwing up your engine, replace them all. Valve springs from Comp Cams are made with total performance and durability in mind. The company's proprietary Beehive valve springs provide smooth engine performance for any application, which is designed to put the least pressure on the spring as possible. They are made from the finest wire material and come with a silver satin finish for long–lasting service. Comp Cams also offers valve springs with a double spring design, recommended for hardcore racing applications, thanks to its durability. The Comp Cams Valve Spring Set will definitely enhance the performance of your engine. Extensive design and quality tests ensure that you'll get the most out of your valve train. You'll definitely feel a difference. Grab it now at Auto Parts Warehouse!

Comp Cams Valve Spring Shim

Your car's engine wasn't made to last forever. Sooner or later, you're going to have to recondition your engine, especially its valve train parts. Most likely, after years of service, your valve spring shims are already worn–out. This will cause your valve springs to lose height–and soon after, you'll experience engine power loss. To restore and equalize your springs' height, you need to replace your old, useless stock shims. The Comp Cams Valve Spring Shim is a great choice. Unlike stock shims, which are easily damaged by the intense heat and pressure inside your engine, this product is made of premium–quality materials and is heated–treated to ensure high resistance against heat and pressure, so it's guaranteed that it won't easily wear out. To check your spring's installed height, you just need to install the spring cups and the spring shims and measure the distance of the valve's outside edge and the spring seat. Generally, an installed height of more or less 0.020 inch is acceptable. If the distance is more than that, you need the shims to decrease the space and to ensure that the spring's height is correct. You can use as many valve spring shims as you need to bring back the installed height of each valve spring to specs. It'll make sure valve spring tension is just right for smooth valve performance. Remember, when fitting in new valve springs, you have to make sure each has the right installed height and tension. Get the Comp Cams Valve Spring Shim set from Auto Parts Warehouse now!

Comp Cams Valve Spring Tester

Metal fatigue is a result of the heavy blows suffered by your valve, lifter, and cam. It happens when you've got weak valve springs in your engine system. That's because the valve springs support your valves and protect them from being hammered by your engine's rocker arms. To prevent metal fatigue, your valve springs should be in top shape–otherwise, you should replace them. So how will you know if it's time to replace your valve springs? Simple. Test your valve springs' resilience to damage using the Comp Cams Valve Spring Tester. This bench–top Comp Cams product lets you determine a valve spring's height and how much load it can take. That way, you can be sure that your current valve springs won't mess up the valve timing and are capable of keeping your valves, lifter, and cam completely protected from metal fatigue. With this tool in your garage, you'll always know which of your valve springs should be replaced–which makes your engine maintenance sessions even more productive. Should you need supplementary products to test your valve springs, you can also get Comp Cams indicator brackets. These components will give you additional information when it comes to properly tweaking the spring load on your valve springs. Now you can easily give your engine components added protection from metal fatigue by making sure your valve springs are in prime condition. Check your springs with the Comp Cams Valve Spring Tester today! Get discounts when you buy this item from Auto Parts Warehouse now.

Comp Cams Valve Stem Seal

Keeping unwanted oil away from the combustion chamber is a lot like a balancing act. When you have too little oil, the valve stem's tendency is to wear out easily. But if there's just too much oil, it can seep into the cylinders and ruin the efficient combustion. Fortunately, there's Comp Cams Valve Stem Seal, which keeps the oil at bay with little work on your part. This product makes everything easy, fast, and totally effortless. Available in sets of 16, the valve stem seal from Comp Cams is made of tough and specially-designed Teflon material. It efficiently shuts out unwanted oil in the cylinders by somehow plugging the clearance in the valve guide. Equipping your vehicle with the Comp Cams Valve Stem Seal gives it just the right valve train lubrication that it needs without messing up the combustion. Without a doubt, this product will save you from spending hundreds of dollars worth of repair bills and wasted fuel. Auto Parts Warehouse has the Comp Cams Valve Stem Seal in stock to help you make a smart move when it comes to your car oil concerns.

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