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Comp Cams Cylinder Head CC Measurement Kit

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Comp Cams Timing Chain Kit, Direct fit, Set, 1-3 business days
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COMP CAMS MAGNUM DOUBLE ROLLER TIMING SET -- 4-degree maximum advance/retard at camshaft, 2-degree maximum advance/retard at crankshaft; Features heat-treated, pre-stretched, large pin and (see more)

  • SKU#: C562109
  • Brand: Comp Cams
  • Camshaft Sprocket Material:   Steel
  • Crankshaft Sprocket Material:   Steel

Upgrading your car's engine is no simple task. There are many ways to gain extra horsepower, but you have to know what you're doing to prevent turning your engine into a useless block of metal. One trick professional engine builders do is to resize the engine's bores. By increasing the volume of the combustion chambers, you also increase your engine's power output. But you have to be able to keep a close watch on its volume. For this, you need the Comp Cams Cylinder Head CC Measurement Kit. This kit has everything you need to be able to accurately measure the volume of your combustion chambers: a 100cc glass burette, a metal stand with clamp, and a plexiglass sealing plate. To measure the combustion chamber volume, clamp down the burette and fix it on the metal stand. Make sure the valves are in place, then cover the combustion chamber halfway with the plexiglass and then slowly open up the burette. Once the water touches the plexiglass, stop filling and measure the amount of water lost. That would be your combustion chamber volume. With the Comp Cams Cylinder Head CC Measurement Kit, taking precise volume measurements of your combustion chambers is a piece of cake. You can also use this kit to check the volume in case you suspect bore damage from a faulty piston. If you're brave enough to rebore your engine, make sure you have this kit. Order it right here at Auto Parts Warehouse today and enjoy amazing deals for top–of–the–line auto parts and accessories.