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Comp Cams Timing Chain Kit

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Comp Cams Timing Chain Kit, Direct fit, Set, 1-3 business days
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COMP CAMS MAGNUM DOUBLE ROLLER TIMING SET -- 4-degree maximum advance/retard at camshaft, 2-degree maximum advance/retard at crankshaft; Features heat-treated, pre-stretched, large pin and (see more)

  • SKU#: C562109
  • Brand: Comp Cams
  • Camshaft Sprocket Material:   Steel
  • Crankshaft Sprocket Material:   Steel

Keep your engine valves always running efficiently with the Comp Cams Timing Chain Kit. Timing chain kits are designed to regulate the opening and closing of your engine valves depending on your engine's settings. Each timing chain keeps your crankshaft connected to your camshaft, controlling the camshaft's movement based on the number of times the crankshaft turns. The camshaft then regulates the movement of your engine valves, ensuring precision engine operation. Each timing chain kit from Comp Cams comes with a billet-steel crank sprocket and a cast-iron camshaft gear that's crafted to keep your engine's timing system operating consistently as you drive. Its three-keyway crank sprocket lets you adjust the timing chain's movement in 4-degree increments for maximum timing advance or retard, depending on your vehicle's needs. The Comp Cams Timing Chain Kit also features a stretched and heat-treated chain for added part durability. Sturdy double-row chains and a large pin fortify the timing chain, giving you long-lasting service. These kits are available in two main types: the Hi-Tech Roller Timing Set and the Comp Cams Magnum Double Roller Timing Set. Simply choose the one that best addresses your vehicle's needs. Get your Comp Cams Timing Chain Kit today!