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Crane Cam Gears
For Chevrolet engines requiring more performance, a set of Crane Cam gears for the distributor is an easy addition. For longer life in engines with cast iron or steel roller camshafts, Crane offers a set of steel Crane Cam gears. These Crane Cam Gears are specially coated to offer longer life than the standard bronze gears. In engines using a steel billet camshaft, the use of the copper alloy Crane Cam gears is necessary. Whichever set is right for your vehicle, you can rest assured that the Crane Cam gears are precision machined out of the finest metals available to produce a long lifespan.
Crane Camshaft
The stock camshaft in your car is designed for good performance in all situations, but for higher performance, you should upgrade to the Crane camshaft. By changing the times at which the exhaust and intake valves open and close, the Crane camshaft immediately gives your vehicle the most efficient power curve. Using computer designs and manufacturing processes, the Crane camshaft is precision machined for performance. With thorough testing on a dynamometer, every Crane camshaft is tweaked to perfection. The Crane camshaft is available for many makes and models, and tailored to the desired performance level. As a direct replacement for the original, installation of the Crane camshaft is straightforward.
Crane Ignition
The ultimate increase in power can be had for your street machine with a new Crane ignition. Available for many common engines, the Crane ignition system increases the efficiency of the spark going to the combustion chamber. There are three basic models of the Crane ignition. The first is the multi-spark digital Crane ignition system for engines with a distributor. In addition, there are two versions of the capacitive discharge Crane ignition system, for engines with or without a distributor. All Crane ignition systems offer more horsepower with adjustable rev limiters, as well as compatibility with upgrades such as turbochargers and nitrous systems.
Crane Throttle Body Spacer
With gas prices continually increasing, gas mileage is very important, and the Crane throttle body spacer can give you up to a four mile-per-gallon gain in that area. In addition, the Crane throttle body spacer can give you up to twenty-two more horsepower, depending upon the vehicle. By moving the throttle body back, the Crane throttle body spacer provides more efficient airflow into the combustion chamber. The Crane throttle body spacer is computer designed for maximum efficiency, and is tested thoroughly on a dynamometer. With all of the necessary gaskets and hardware included, the Crane throttle body spacer is easy to install.