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Crown: Embracing Quality and Service Since 1963

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Jeep, Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, and Commander-these are the vehicles that Crown Automotive Sales manufactures parts for. This company has its roots dating back to 1963, when it was just a small store in Boston. By providing high-quality parts and remarkable service, Crown has grown into a leader in Jeep replacement parts.

The firm has been manufacturing parts for Jeep since 1942. With its wide range of Jeep products, this company offers over 80,000 various Jeep replacement parts, including factory-discontinued components. That is why older Jeep models still manage to be on the road. Crown recognizes the fact that Jeep vehicles are harder to drive than others, using it as a mindset in producing only top-quality parts. In addition, the company assures its consumers of high quality in each and every component it manufactures. This company backs up its products with a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty. Through the years, Crown has grown to establish warehouses in Massachusetts, Georgia, Nevada, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Moreover, its product line includes axle, body, brake, clutch, cooling, driveline, electrical, engine, exhaust, fuel, steering, suspension, transmission, and transfer case components. Crown Automotive also offers an exclusive line of component kits and accessory products.

Stylish and sturdy hoods

Designed to last the life of the vehicle, Crown's hoods are evidence of the firm's expertise with top-quality factory replacement components. These aftermarket hoods come with the exact measurements as that of the stock hood, making it faster and easier for the consumer to install the new hood. With only the best machineries in the industry, Crown ensures that its hood offerings have parallel, if not better, quality than that of the factory hood. The firm uses its knowledge and experience with automotive components, making its product lineup both broad and appealing. Moreover, Crown's hoods come in styles and hues that are easy to match such as neutral colors black and silver. With these great benefits, consumers can definitely rely on Crown for their replacement hoods.

High-performance carburetor

Built with premium-quality materials designed to last the life of the vehicle, Crown's carburetors are among the company's top products, which truly manifest the excellent quality that consumers can benefit from. These carburetors are crafted according to OEM specifications, making it ideal for most vehicles and allowing the car owner to finish the installation in just a short span of time. The firm's carburetors are also 49-state legal, so there's no limit to the areas that Crown can deliver its products; except for California, where the company doesn't make shipments in. Moreover, these components come with an electric choke type and are already calibrated after production. Crown combines the carburetor together with the necessary parts, such as an electric stepper motor, to make the installation faster and easier.

Impressive and practical air filters

Crown's air filters boast of its sifting capacity and high resistance to wear and tear, allowing consumers to benefit from the component longer than other aftermarket filters. With the component's toughness, consumers don't have to replace the filter too often, so that they can save bucks from buying new ones every now and then. Crown's filters come in a dry style and don't require new hardware during replacement. Being a direct fit part, it's easy to replace the component using simple car repair tools and equipment.

Crown Door Handle

What's the use of having a high-performance ride if you can't enter and exit it freely- If your car has a busted auto door handle, then it's time to invest in a high-quality replacement-like the new Crown Door Handle. Your vehicle's interior and exterior door handles are all connected to your door locks, giving your car excellent protection from thieves or outsiders wanting to enter your auto. So when one of your door handles becomes stuck or extremely corroded, it's always best to replace it as soon as possible. This is where the Crown Door Handle comes in. It's specifically designed to exactly fit your vehicle, making installation easier for you. It's also crafted from highly durable materials designed to provide you years of excellent service. And Auto Parts Warehouse offers this door handle for you at the best price on the market. Great deals and discounts await you at Auto Parts Warehouse, so purchase your Crown Door Handle from our website today.

Crown Fog Light

Your vehicle's auto lights are some of the most important safety features of your ride. But though your headlights are good enough for your night travels, you still need the stronger beams of a fog light to cut through precipitation during foggy or rainy days. And this is what the Crown Fog Light is specifically designed for. While your headlamp's beams may scatter and cause backdazzle upon contact with water vapor, the Crown Fog Light easily penetrates fog and rain to illuminate the road ahead sans the glare. Crown's unique and high-quality fog light is also crafted from hardwearing materials, preventing early bulb burnouts caused by corrosion and other forms of damage. Crafted to give your vehicle the exact fit it needs for easy and fast installation, the Crown Fog Light is definitely your best choice for replacement fog lamps. To find the best deals on this quality auto lamp, check out the Auto Parts Warehouse catalogs today.

Crown Hood Latch

Your Jeep® vehicle's hood houses the most crucial components of your ride such as the engine and ignition system. To keep your vehicle running at its best, you must keep all these auto units safe from outside elements like harsh weather and debris. This is why you need to have a great hood latch like the Crown Hood Latch to keep your hood securely closed. The Crown Hood Latch is designed to hold your hood shut and prevent it from rattling or flying off each time you run over bumps on the road. Aside from risking damage on the components under your hood, your hood might open at any time and cause an accident. Avoid this scenario by purchasing your very own Crown Hood Latch specially crafted from hardwearing materials for guaranteed durability and dependability. For great deals on the Crown Hood Latch and other high-quality auto parts and accessories, check out Auto Parts Warehouse' catalog now.

Crown Park Light Assembly

Suppose you've been driving around the parking lot, hunting for a parking space for the past 15 minutes. And just when you found a slot and were about to maneuver, someone else zooms into the space that should have been yours. Avoid this type of inconvenience by installing a high-quality park light assembly-like the Crown Park Light Assembly. Your park lights are the low-intensity lights located at your vehicle's front just beside the front signal lights. They help you inform other drivers that you're slowing down to stop or park. That's what the Crown Park Light Assembly is specially crafted for. Built from hardwearing materials, the Crown Park Light Assembly is designed to provide you with long years of superb service. Each set is also custom-created to exactly fit your vehicle for breezier installation. For the best deals on this premium-quality Crown light assembly, check out the Auto Parts Warehouse catalog today.

Crown Tail Light Assembly

If most of your Jeep's front lights help maximize driving visibility at night or in harsh weather, all of your rear lights allow you to tell other drivers of your next move. These rear lights, collectively called the tail light assembly, let you signal to other drivers each time you turn, back up, park, or switch lanes. For a dependable tail light assembly, choose only a Crown Tail Light Assembly. It comes with all the mandatory rear auto lights like the turn signals, reverse lights, and park lights. Each Crown Tail Light Assembly is also crafted to exactly fit your Jeep®, giving you easier and faster installation. With Crown's decades of manufacturing high-quality Jeep® parts, you're sure to get the reliability you need in its tail light assembly. So, prevent an auto catastrophe by investing in the top-quality and affordable Crown Tail Light Assembly only from Auto Parts Warehouse today.

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