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Promoting a Sustainable Environment with Davico Converters
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Date Published:

Davico offers alternative, special order catalytic converters for when OEM cat-cons are unavailable of too expensive. This company has focused on its niche, manufacturing hard-to-find and specialized exhaust components for a wide range of vehicles and applications. Through its innovative catalytic converters, Davico has become one of the nation's leading providers of catalytic converters and direct-fit pipes for 15 years.

Three attributes of a direct-fit pipe

Raymond Surprenant, the general manager of Davico, ensures that all the company's products follow the three characteristics of a direct-fit catalytic converter. He believes that these are: sized precisely to the engine, possesses the right flow of exhaust, and has the appropriate substrate, which means that the inner materials must meet the performance standards for aftermarket converters.

Environment-friendly design

Davico Manufacturing produces catalytic converters with an eco-friendly design that allows them to efficiently convert harmful compounds into less toxic gasses. Through its sophisticated pipe design, Davico keeps its cat-cons in top quality, helping in pollution control without sacrificing functionality.