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UsDorman Products is singing the blues under a new name. Formerly R&B, Inc., Dorman distributes car parts, fasteners, and service products to the automotive aftermarket from its stock of more than 90,000 auto parts and fasteners. Products include intake manifolds, window handles, oil-drain plugs and lug nuts. About 90% of Dorman's revenue comes from parts sold under the company's brand names. Dorman sells to retailers such as AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts and to distributors and parts manufacturers for resale under private labels. Brothers Richard and Steven Berman (CEO and president, respectively) and their families own about 30% of Dorman.

Information provided is designed for professional installers. If you are unsure about terminology, procedures or other instructional references, please consult a professional installation repair facility.

Have a technical question? Ask our Tech Line. Call 1-800-523-2492


  • Ford Ranger/Explorer Clutch Master Cyclinder Installation Instructions
  • Concentric Slave Cylinder Installation Instructions:
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Ignition Distributors

Radiator Fan Assemblies

  • Joe from San Diego

    My neighbor mechanic installed the exhaust manifold and according to him it was fairly easy to install. Product itself is perfect fit for the car and the online purchase experience was easy. I received the product within 3 working days.

  • dakotatruck from l.a. california

    after receiving the exhaust manifold I checked everything thoroughly and was surprised it was a precise duplicate of the original.after installing I realized the included gasket did not cover the smaller lower port had to remove and make my own gasket.engine definitely performs better now.not going to cry over gasket as it was free.

  • Wysguy from Los Angeles, CA

    With installation instructions found on an webiste, installation was a breeze, you need a air drive impact wrench to speed things along. It everything was replaced in 20 mins, needed a crankshaft sensor. When my balancer went it took the sensor out too. Got that at GM for 70.

  • CoachMattC from Naples FL

    I purchased both the Driver side and the Passenger side. They were relatively easy to install. They seem very sturdy, built with quality parts. I was able to install them and never felt like I was going to damage or break them.

    They came with everything needed for installation, including replacement door clips for the door panel. A very nice touch.

  • Bob W. from New York

    My wife was side-swiped in NYC and the drivers side mirror was destroyed. Went on line the next day (Sat) and Googled oem 2000 chrysler cirrus lxi driver side mirror. Was directed to this company and found the mirror within a couple of minutes. Did a on line chat with a tech, a few minutes later along with a offer of an additional discount from the advertised price...the item was ordered. It arrived 2 1/2 days later (free shipping). Once I took it out of the box, I installed it in less than 45 minutes. No special tools needed, just have a basic understanding on how a door panel is removed. I went to youtube.com and found a video on door panel removal.

  • pmarbrown from Warner robins, GA

    This was the easiest purchase ever. I wasn't sure if the part I was looking at was the correct one for my vehicle. The online help button put me through to a very helpful guy,(I think his name was Andrew, gut I'm not sure), who walked me through the process, verifying that the part wass compatible with my car's vin number. Not only did the part arrive in just a couple of days, it was quite a bit less expensive than the same part purchased locally. AND the delivery was free!

  • Rick from Yorktown Va

    The replacement part didn't look exactly like the original and at first I thought it was incorrect. But the difference was mostly just looks. The part arrived on time and was packaged well. The website was put together well and seemed well stocked. I saved the site and will use it again. The 1/4" rivets are a *itch. I used 1/4"-20 bolts 3/4"long. Knowing how to use tools is a real plus in this job.

  • spagbenders from New York

    When I received the product, I was amazed how the product was neatly wrapped and the ease of putting the part on my 2006 Envoy rear door was a breeze. It took less than 30 minutes. I will purchase my parts in the future from here.

  • EcoTroll from Long Island

    My first thought when my window stopped operating was just to replace the motor. However, the entire regulator assembly with motor was so reasonably priced, it seemed silly not to change it all. Considering the normal headaches usually associated with replacing these things (blindly from two small holes in the door panel) the whole thing was done in less than an hour. Note: I should have gotten replacement pins for holding the interior panel on. A handful of them broke removing the skin and I had to go searching for new ones locally to finish the job.

  • kt from Charlotte, NC

    Only thing that I don't like about this one is simply it made in China. Not that I have any thing again them, since all the thing happening with their product , Well I put it in any way, let see how it hold up. May be I was wrong.

  • Window Now Closes! from Colorado

    I debated whether to take to Dealership to replace or attempt to do myself. Dealership quoted price about three times the cost of the regulator. It took me about two hours to replace. The hardest part was pulling the door panel off and drilling out the rivets used to attach the window to the old regulator. Otherwise a pretty easy replacement.M

    It would have been nice if the regulator came with instructions. Thankfully a friend loaned me a repair manual that had a few helpful tips.

  • Termite from NW Arkansas

    I've had the unit installed for a few weeks and it seems to work fine. Quite a bit more plastic in it than in the OEM one that died after 10 years. Motor is mounted with two screws instead of 4 as in the OEM unit. Window goes up and down quicker than with the OEM unit and has an equal noise level. I would have prefered to spend a little more and get a made in USA product though!

  • saturn owner from southern CA

    Removal of the internal trim to get to two of the mounting screws is the hardest part of the repair. a set of allen wrenches is needed for the set screw that holds the remote mirror adjustment lever to the trim. The nuts on the 3 original mounting screws are 10mm, a 3/8 will not work.

  • Big D from DENVER

    Costs much less than DEALER! But seems built very close to factory specs and quality. install was easy since this is the 4th one ive removed and installed since i bought the 2000 Tahoe new in 2000. The last actuator from ANOTHER online vendor was wired backwards. unlock button actually locked it???? And that was a replacement one from THEM that just stopped working prior to that one. TOTALLY SATISFIED WITH THIS DORMAN ACTUATOR. Thanks sooooo much.Big D, in Denver!!!!

  • Prezact from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Tank is well constructed and fit as advertised. Fuel sump area seems to have eliminated some of the quantity indication errors.

  • CleanJim from Colfax, CA

    The part arrived quickly - packed well - went in with no trouble - working fine

  • hhbedmech from Hazel Green, AL

    I am very pleased with the product I bought. Wasn't too difficult to install. The car itself presented some challenges, but the product was great!

  • Diver from Gulf Coast

    I was originally skeptical that I could get an actual direct replacement tank delivered to my door for the price. Well, it's true. The tank was identical to the original equipment, great price, shipping was right on, and it was easy to replace.

  • Neil from East Texas

    The part arrived in 3 days and installed very easy. It has worked very smoothly for over 2 weeks.

  • chucker from escondido, ca

    the door lock actuators were great and not too difficult to install (I have big hands and found where Chevrolet put them was a little tough to get my hands)



Brings air from the Air Cleaner Box into the Throttle Body and then into the Engine Cylinders. Cracks or damage to the Air Intake Hose can cause improper air mixture, as well as allow debris and contaminants that damage the engine. Original Equipment Construction


Window Regulators

Largest coverage of window regulators in the aftermarket. Coverage includes most domestic and import applications, MANUAL and POWER regulators Regulators include all of the components necessary to do the job right the first time Engineered to match original equipment quality, PLUS includes additional value-added components to help with installation not offered with OE regulator.


Oil Pans

Steel pans coated for superior corrosion resistance. It merely functions as a storage space for oil necessary for lubrication. Every vehicle component will eventually meet its demise and therefore will need to be replaced with quality component like the Doorman oil pan.


Fuel Lines

The fuel lines that connect all the units of the fuel system are typically made of either rolled steel or of drawn copper. Steel supply lines corrode and break when loosening a connection. The Dorman fuel lines are an effective solution to worn out fuel lines of your vehicle. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they will work efficiently.


Dorman Exhaust Manifold

First, it routes the exhaust gases, leaving the cylinder head to the exhaust system. Second, it serves as the connection point for the exhaust pipe. Basically, there may be two exhaust pipe connections in your vehicle, depending of course on the engine configuration and the number of exhaust manifolds.


Harmonic Balancers

If you do not want to absorb the torsional vibration created by the engine of your vehicle, install a Dorman harmonic balancer in the front end of your engine's crankshaft. However, the installation of the Dorman harmonic balancer will reduce torsional vibration to an insignificant level, as well as reduce damage in your vehicle arising from this kind of vibration.


Fuel Tanks

The fuel tank is obviously part of the engine system in which the fuel is stored. Fuel tanks do range in sizes and complexity. Tanks are constructed from galvanized steel and painted for an extra layer of corrosion protection. Dorman Fuel Tank program complements your existing sending unit sales


Dorman Lock

Many automobiles are equipped with devices that safeguard them against unwanted entry of people. This is a way of protecting the important parts which are inside the vehicle. Typical Failures- 83% of Power Door Locks Fail Due to the Actuator. Not the Switch, Fuse, or Wiring. For performance reliability, the Dorman door lock is among the best locking devices available for autos.


Dorman Mirror

Whether it's a rear view mirror or side mirrors, it should be at its best shape, clear and clean. When damaged, get the best aftermarket replacement from us like the Dorman mirror. Direct Fit, OE Replacement Out of the Box, Onto the Vehicle.


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