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Elegante Back-Up Light Lens
The back-up light is typically attached to the rear end of the vehicle and lights on when the transmission system is shifted into a reverse position to provide additional illumination for safety purposes. This additional lighting system is designed to warn other motorists that your vehicle is about to move backwards while keeping the glare off to other drivers. It is usually installed below the rear bumper, making its lens is vulnerable to damages that can be caused by flying rocks and other flying solid objects. In order to maintain its efficiency, replace your cracked, broken, or damaged back-up light lens with this high quality and durable Elegante back-up light lens. The Elegante back-up light lens is specifically designed using the latest CAD and CAM technology in order to provide the latest and most innovative design of lens in the industry today. It is made from the highest quality material that achieved or even exceeds the original factory standards. The Elegante back-up light lens features a direct fit to all stock back-up light assemblies with an OEM finish to blend to your stock lamp fixtures. Our Elegante back-up light lens are guaranteed to be in good condition and are always on stock, ready to be delivered right in front of your door.
Elegante Headlight Assembly
When it comes to replacement headlights, Elegante headlights are among the most cost effective and most dependable aftermarket replacements with which you can be sure of reliable service. It is designed to provide a direct fit headlight assembly to replace your old and stock headlight. You may also use the Elegante headlights as enhancement options if the stock headlights are not enough to increase your visibility when driving on dark places, especially at night. The Elegante headlight features a newly designed headlight reflector that dramatically increases the intensity of the bulb which provides more apparent, brighter and wider luminosity. The headlight lens is also made from highest quality of materials that offer a clearer and more durable covering that can withstand mild force brought by flying objects. The bulb in each Elegante headlight assembly utilizes a 50w to 70w of light intensity that radically enhances your visibility on the road. The Elegante headlight is sold in pairs and you can obtain it by using our secured and user-friendly online catalog. Our Elegante headlights are guaranteed to be always in good working condition and will be delivered right at your doorstep with proper handling and packaging. Start ordering now and enhance your visibility right on the first use.
Elegante Parking Light
Parking light is very important standard part of the vehicle's lighting system as it provides the needed illumination in order for other motorists that you are going to park on a nearby place. It is intended to be used to signal the parking, and is sometimes combined with other lighting devices for other functions. However, it is more common that the parking light is separated as to provide proper designation. One of the leading manufacturers of high quality parking lights in the industry today is the Elegante lights. The Elegante parking light is considered as an aftermarket replacement auto light that is capable of reaching or even surpassing many OEM standards. Each Elegante parking light is designed to provide the exact amount of illumination that is needed while reducing the possible glare effect to other motorists. The Elegante parking lights are sold in pairs, and are recommended to replace your stock parking light by set in order to have the same luminous effect when the device is used. Just take a minute to browse our online catalog, answer some information about your vehicle, and in matter of seconds you will be given a wide array of Elegante parking light options that will perfectly fit to your ride. Order now and make your parking safer.
Elegante Tail Light Assembly
The technology today is all about saving energy, saving gas, time, and money. In terms of vehicle device, the Elegante tail light is the most cost effective lighting system device that virtually uses an LED technology. The new innovation that the Elagante tail light has been utilized dramatically saves energy while providing less stress on your battery and alternator. The Elegnate tail light employs the best engineers and CAD artists to provide a new yet unique design that can make your vehicle look more sophisticated and elegant. It also uses the latest equipment and the highest quality of material found to offer the most durable and highly efficient tail light in the industry. Each Elegante tail light features a unique cup like design for the reflector that gives your vehicle a distinctive look. It also allows the light to be brighter without producing glare to the motorist behind you. The Elegante super bright LED meets the entire requirements to be 100 percent street legal. So, if you want to enhance the look and increase the safety feature of your vehicle, try to replace your stock tail light with this Elegante tail light. You can obtain this easily by browsing our easy to use online catalog.