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Febi: Manufacturing Top-quality Spare Parts Since 1844

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Focused on presenting the perfect product range in OE quality, Febi has been consistently developing and reinventing its components to match the consumers’ needs. To ensure satisfaction and to build client relationships, this company prioritizes product quality as well as customer service.

A wide range of parts for a wide range of vehicles

With over 20,000 different OE-quality spare parts, Febi shows its passenger-car and commercial-vehicle expertise in each of its products. This company serves as a “one-stop shop” for almost every part that a car owner needs. From ball joints to window switches, Febi provides exactly what the customer is looking for.

First-class products from innovative manufacturing technologies

Febi values product quality by expanding its in-house production and investing on the latest manufacturing technologies. In order to maintain the high quality of its products, this company monitors every step of the production process–from tool-making and machining to hardening and in-house quality assurance.

Febi Axle Nut

There are a number of nuts and bolts which are used in automotive applications, and these different parts have their own respective roles to play in the system. One missing set of nuts or bolts is all it takes for your vehicle to act a little different and perform poorly on the road. One of the more important automotive nuts that you can use in your auto is the Febi axle nut. This particular automotive nut is used primarily on the wheels, used to fasten them efficiently. The axle nuts could either be front wheel axle nuts or rear wheel axle nuts. For these nuts to last long in the wheels and for them to be reliable, it is a must that these parts be crafted from dependable and durable materials. It will also be an added bonus if these parts are corrosion-resistant and constructed to the highest standards possible.

Febi Ball Joint

If you want to have a reliable steering system, supply it with quality parts like the Febi ball joint. It is made of quality materials and able to stand the stress of maneuvering, potholes, and bumps. As long as it is partnered with a quality tie rod end, it will really perform beyond its expectation. The ball joint and the tie rod end work hand in hand in providing your vehicle excellent steering and handling. Without these two, it would be very hard for you to control the movement of your auto's front wheels, especially when changing directions. The motion of the front wheels must be controlled in any type of road condition. There must be a regular inspection of the ball joint so that you will be able to know if it already needs replacement. The steering mechanism must be in perfect condition in order to ensure a safe drive.

Febi Brake Pad Sensor

Your vehicle's braking system has one crucial thing to do, which is to stop your auto at the right time. However, to perform this role, the braking system needs the reliable performance of each of the components that makes it up. One of the indispensable parts that you can install in your vehicle is the Febi brake pad sensor. This particular performance device that you can use in conjunction with the other components of the braking system, especially the brake pads, will notify you if your auto's brake pads have already been thinning beyond what is acceptable. Because of its function, the Febi brake pad sensor can be also labeled as the brake wear indicator. This device will inform you if the brake pads already need immediate replacements. This will also have to be replaced the moment it already sends the information that you need to know about the brake pads already calling for replacements.

Febi Control Arm

A safe and comfortable ride is possible if your auto's suspension system is properly maintained. The suspension has various parts that work synergistically to give you a good ride quality. Your passengers will be satisfied when they do not feel sick as they step out of your auto. One of the parts that your vehicle should have is the Febi control arm. The role of this suspension part is to manage the motion of the wheels in relation to the vehicle's body. This is achieved by making the connection of the front wheels tight and aligned so that good steering control can be achieved. Every wheel in the front section of the vehicle has an assigned control arm for independent response to the road conditions. There is an upper and lower arm for every set of control arm. As a correct practice, both control arms must be replaced even if only one is damaged to attain better stability.

Febi Lug Bolt

The Febi lug bolt is an important component that you can use in your vehicle. This part is a bolt that is needed to fasten the tire to the hub. It is also known as the wheel lug bolt and is shaped like a hex-head, a threaded bolt that will make sure that the wheels are properly well taken cared of. The Febi lug bolt is an important fixture in the wheel assembly that without this part, the wheels will simply fall off, compromising your safety and the performance of your auto. When using the lug bolt, do remember that it should be installed and fitted correctly. Always check if the bolt is tightly fit to avoid any inconveniences and problems on the road. Make sure that the lug bolt that holds the wheels is all nice and snug. Meaning, when you use a wrench on the bolt, the bolt won't move.

Febi Sway Bar Link

Everytime you make a turn, especially in tight curves, you may feel that your vehicle will completely overturn. However, this does not happen at all because underneath your auto is a component that keeps it from overturning. If such an incident will happen, it will completely wreck your auto and you will be put to great danger. What prevents your vehicle from overturning is the sway bar link that connects both front wheel suspensions. If they will not be connected, they will act independently during turns. When connected together, there is a complimentary action in the front suspension which happens the moment your vehicle attempts to turn. To reduce the amount of body roll, the unloading action of the inside suspension confronts the loading action of the outside suspension, and this can also be done vice versa. You must have a reliable link in your auto suspension, and among those that you can trust is the Febi sway bar link.

Febi Tie Rod End

It has been a long time that your vehicle is faithfully serving you, giving you all the benefits offered by high quality autos. The time has come for you to inspect its parts that have been overused by too much driving. One part is the tie rod end which is a component of the steering system. Its location is between the steering rack and the steering knuckle, all found underneath your vehicle. The front wheels are the ones served by the tie rod end. The wheels at the front can be maneuvered because there is a tie rod end that transmits the force necessary to move them. This component takes a lot of punishment every mile that you drive, and it is among the first parts of the steering system to feel the stress of heavy road vibration and the harsh impact brought by bumps and potholes. If you need a replacement, among the most reliable is the Febi tie rod end.

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