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Freedom Design

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Freedom Design Spoiler
Freedom Design Spoiler is a high performance enhancer built by Freedom Design to fit over 200 models of cars. The spoiler is a performance enhancer by reducing the amount of lift generated by the shape of the car and increasing positive pressure downward on the vehicle. This helps your cars performance by increasing traction allowing better traction between the tire and road surface. Spoilers also increase aerodynamic drag. If your car is not resisting the air but using it for better traction and less drag, consider installing a Freedom Design Spoiler. They are made with lightweight materials such as blow-molded co-polymer materials and fiberglass. Freedom Design Spoilers come complete with hardware and are easy to install.
Freedom Design Strut Bar
The Freedom Design Strut Bar is a polished aluminum crossbar with red painted end mounts. It also comes with high recommendations by consumers. A Freedom Design Strut Bar is an added suspension accessory to provide extra strength and stability between strut towers. By improving chassis rigidity, it will save on tire wear and metal fatigue. The Freedom Design Strut Bar will help any car that shimmies when the speed is over 65 mph. It also will help smooth out the bumps and makes your car feel much more solid. Enjoy the solid and smooth ride that a Freedom Design Strut Bar can give you.