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GMB: A Global Manufacturing Brand

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Seeking to serve its customers with high quality products, GMB is a company that’s best known for its water pumps, hub assemblies, universal joints, and tensioner idler bearings. It manufactures various car parts for European, Asian, and domestic makers and their many models.

Merging two companies into one

In 1976 and 1977, two GMB Universal Joint companies were incorporated. One of them was in New Jersey while the other one was out west. They would become reunited in 1988 under the banner of GMB North America, Incorporated.

New products and locations

In 2001, GMB began manufacturing tension idlers and selling them. Five years later, the company relocated its headquarters from California to New Jersey. Meanwhile in 2008, it began creating and distributing wheel hub assemblies. Recently in 2010, it expanded to a new location in New Jersey while moving its headquarters to Japan.

International network

Apart from the New Jersey headquarters, GMB still has a California facility as well as several locations globally. It has factories and centers in China, Korea, Thailand, and Japan.

GMB U Joint

When it comes to maintaining the good balance of your vehicle's transmission, there is one part that demands a must of regular inspection, and that is the universal joint. The universal joint or widely known as U joint is the auto part that serves as connection of the drive shaft to the transmission output shaft and the differential pinion gear shaft. It is designed to be flexible in order to allow changes in the driving angle or road incline and the drive shaft. With that, it makes the torque power continuously passed on as the rear axle is moving up and down. There are also smaller versions of the U joints. They serve on the steering of the vehicle by way of routing the steering wheel's turning motion through the steering column just before the steering box. So, with these vital purposes of the U joints, it a must for any car owner to only use the finest offering in the market. One of the manufacturers that supply top quality U joints is the GMB. Its GMB U joints posses high class construction which makes it durable, reliable and boasts a long service life. You can purchase a GMB U joints from us. Our online ordering system is guaranteed secured, fast, and easy. Give a try now, your new GMB U joint is just a click away from you.

GMB Water Pump

Can't get enough from the stock water pump of your vehicle? Try the GMB Water Pump and your beloved automobile will be provided with better cooling system performance. The GMB water pump is produced with the use of the latest technology available so that it can be able to work well to the demands of your vehicle beating every pressure your engine gives. This water pump carries a function of eradicating heat in the engine and keeping its temperature in a controllable level. It works by being driven by a belt linked to the engine's crankshaft where it allows coolant to flow from the radiator coursed to the engine and returns it to the radiator. Basically, the water pump comes with a shaft that has a pulley and pump rotor on both opposite ends. The GMB model is a guaranteed fully functioning water pump. It has also a spring loaded seal that prevents water leakage to develop within the shaft construction. So, if you want to get this great product from GMB in the fastest possible time, you can try our offer. The online ordering system of ours is well secured and offers fast and easy process. You can also check our online catalog for the complete list of products we supply. All items in our stocks carry quality certification and they are offered in very reasonable prices. Order now and have the auto part you need be shipped immediately.

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