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Granatelli Engine Programmer

Do you want your engine to run at its prime? Do you want your engine to run with optimal performance and utilize other modifications you've made? The Granatelli Engine Programmer is just what you need. Your car will have extended speed limiters and have more horsepower with a Granatelli Engine Programmer. Granatelli is a name you can trust and all parts have been power tested and are guaranteed to add more horsepower to your engine. The Granatelli Engine Programmer allows you to use aftermarket chip/tuning, diagnostic scanning, and speedometer calibration. Help to maximize your performance and really use the other modifications you've already made with a Granatelli Engine Programmer.

Granatelli Mass Air Flow Sensor

An MAF is an acronym for a Mass Air Flow Sensor. The MAF measures the amount of air that is drawn through the engine's intake so the car's computer can compensate for any temperature and altitude change. A Granatelli MAF can give your engine the added fresh air it needs to make any new performance enhancers work at their peak. A factory MAF will choke the performance of big-valve cylinder heads and that new camshaft you installed. If you want to maximize your performance of any accessories, you have already added or plan to add. A Granatelli MAF is what your sport truck needs.

Granatelli Mass Air Flow Sensor

If you own a small sports truck and you want to add more power, the Granatelli Mass Air Sensor might be the answer. You have already added a bigger camshaft to improve low-end torque and you added the biggest headers you can find but your truck still doesn't have the power you want. The Granatelli Mass Air Sensor will allow the extra fresh air to flow to your engine and make these new performance parts work to their potential. The Granatelli Mass Air Sensor is a replacement for the stock sensor that is not big to give your new performance parts the air they need. The Granatelli Mass Air Sensor is quickly exchanged for the one that came with your truck in about 20 minutes. It will not void your warranty, so why not have the best and get a Granatelli Mass Air Sensor for your sport truck.

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