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Hawk Performance, a History
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Date Published:

It all started in 1989. Ronald Weinberg, a venture capitalist who had relocated in Cleveland, and his business partner, Attorney Byron Krantz, decided to plunge into the world of manufacturing. Krantz recommended that they partner up with Norman Harbert, an industry expert who wanted to buy a company in Ohio but lacked the funds for it. They met up and all three of them hit it off immediately.

From Friction to Hawk Performance

The three of them decided to purchase Friction Products, a company that made a lot of different equipment that included brake pads and discs for airlines and motorcycles. They decided to change its name to Hawk, an acronym that based on the first letters of their surnames. It slowly grew into a group after they acquired two other companies during the 1990s.

Going public and Hawk Performance Products group today

In 1998, the company went public and they expanded tremendously. They encountered a lot of problems but they also acquired several companies and brands in the process.

Today, Hawk Performance is a part of the Carlisle Brake and Friction group of brands. This group spans several industries including mining, construction, and automotives.

Hawk Brake Pad Set
Have you had to stand on the brakes one too many times wondering if your car was going to stop or crash? Then you must have not had Hawk Brake Pads installed. Hawk Brake Pads provide the best safety for you, your family, and your valuable ride. Why invest thousands in your ride and not install Hawk Brake Pads, the best in the industry? Hawk Brake Pads' dedicated staff of designers and test engineers have now produced the best pads for your special ride's needs. You need the assurance that Hawk Brake Pads can give you, that you will stop when you need, every time.