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Hays Clutch Cable

Your transmission system needs to be in perfect form to ensure that shifting gears will be done smoothly for your convenient driving and riding. Your clutch's throw-out fork is regulated by the system of levers and cables. The levers and cables effectively connect the clutch pedal and the throw-out fork. Once you engage your clutch pedal, the pressure is transmitted to the fork through the set up of the cable and lever. The Hays Clutch cable is one efficient device that you should consider for the ideal transmission process. A clutch cable lever system contains the cable adjusting mechanism. The clutch cable lever fulcrum mounting is capable of allowing more or less free travel when the cable operating lever is used. The Hays clutch cable is the adjusting mechanism employed with the coarse sleeve threaded into a cable adjusting cylinder, which abuts the end of a cable outer sleeve. Know the specifications of your transmission system to make sure that you are acquiring the right Hays Clutch cable for your vehicle. Our catalog of parts is well organized for your easy and convenient Hays Clutch cable searching. In case you run into some search problems, our toll free lines are open for your queries and clarifications.

Hays Clutch Disc

The clutch disc is one of the most important components in your transmission. It is fitted between the flywheel and clutch cover while facilitating your ride with the convenient and smooth driving. The friction plate transmits engine power smoothly as the damper mechanism absorbs noise and vibration. The basic responsibility of the clutch discs is to importantly ensure that you are having the comfortable driving. The Hays Clutch discs are well tested for their capability to facilitate your vehicle with the ideal comfort. They have gone to series of manufacturing tests under the state of the art techniques that guaranteed 100% reliability and durability. The Hays clutch disc are well crafted to carefully transfer the engine torque to the input shaft of your transmission by means of frictional contact. Power runs from the flywheel and the contact plate through the clutch facings. The cushion spring and the disc adaptor then utilize the distributed power. For the particular Hays Clutch Disc that matches the requirements of your transmission system , check out our exclusive list of performance and replacement products. Our toll free lines are open any time of the day for your convenient Hays Clutch Disc search. First rate service is just around, waiting for your call regarding your specific clutch disc in stock.

Hays Clutch Kit

Do not hesitate to look for an immediate replacement once your clutch is damaged. A Hays clutch kit is a well crafted product that you may consider for attaining perfect performance for your transmission. A highly reliable Hays clutch kit will assist you with the regulation of the component associating your engine and your transmission. Basically, the major elements in your clutch kit are the pressure plate, clutch disc, clutch cover, and flywheel. If you are uncertain with the selection for your Hays Clutch kit, consult your manual to make sure that you are getting the right replacement Hays Clutch kit that perfectly fits your system requirements. With the correct and quality Hays Clutch Kit on your transmission, engine torque is ideally delivered to the input shaft though a frictional contact. The power traveling from the flywheel and the contact plate will be sufficient enough to smoothly run through the clutch facings, so that the cushion spring and the disc adaptor will be effectively activated. Our catalog of premium performance and replacement parts always include the Hays Clutch Kit for most makes and models. Continue browsing through our site to get your most appropriate Hays Clutch kit in stock. Call us toll free for further details.

Hays Flywheel

The flywheel is one of the most important elements of your clutch. This component is a large wheel connected to the crankshaft, providing the necessary momentum that keeps the crankshaft turning between the piston firings. Once your flywheel fails to provide its basic responsibility, you should get the immediate replacement to ensure that your transmission process is kept in the right track. A quality Hays Flywheel is one of the dependable replacement transmission products that you should rely on. Flywheel stands as the base for your entire clutch attachment. The clutch attaches on the smooth side of the flywheel. Such smooth side surface of the flywheel is necessary for the generation of friction. The clutch plate is "sandwiched" between the clutch assembly and the flywheel. A "pilot bearing" is mounted in a hole at the center of the flywheel. The bearing is important for the support for the one end of the clutch shaft and as well as the transmission input shaft. Make sure that you are getting the appropriate Hays Flywheel as specified by the requirements of your transmission. Carry your quick and hassle free Hays Flywheel search through our easy to navigate site. Call us toll free in case you need more details about your search.

Hays Pressure Plate

Your transmission's pressure plate has the springs, clutch plate, clutch cover, and release fingers to facilitate your smooth and convenient driving. The clutch assembly is sitting next to the flywheel, having the clutch disc in between them. Between the two pressure plate types: spring-type and the diaphragm-type, the latter is the most frequently used one. Once your pressure plate loses its ability to do its task, you should consider an immediate replacement. A quality Hays Pressure Plate is well engineered to apply pressure to the clutch disc so that the transferring of the torque to the transmission is well managed. Whenever coupled with the clutch disc and flywheel, your pressure plate controls the flow of power from the engine to the transmission. Always make sure that you have checked the specifications of your transmission before you decide on which Hays Pressure plate should be acquired. The overall performance of your transmission is affected by the features of the elements assembled in the system. Here in our store, you can find an exclusive list of the highly dependable Hays Pressure Plates for most makes and models. Our toll free lines are open any time of the day for your necessary queries and clarifications concerning your needed Hays Pressure plate in stock.

Hays Release Bearing

The release bearing in your transmission is also referred to as the throw-out bearing. Your release bearing should be capable of reducing the friction between the pressure plate levers and the release fork. A well engineered Hays release bearing is a sealed unit that is packed with a lubricant for the proper mechanism of the clutch assembly. Your quality Hays release bearing will slide on a hub sleeve, extending out from the front of your manual transmission or transaxle. Once your release bearings fail to facilitate the smooth movement of the other elements, you should decide for an immediate replacement. The Hays Release bearing is one of the best replacement products to consider. Check out our easy to navigate site for your most appropriate replacement Hays Release Bearing. Find out the system requirements of your transmission to realize the right release bearing that you should get. We have a wide selection of release bearings in stock for your satisfying selection. Our catalog of quality performance and replacement parts is capable of facilitating your easy and convenient search. In case you have some queries and clarifications concerning your Hays Release bearing in stock, you can use our toll free lines any time of the day.

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