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Hypertech Performance Chip
The Hypertech performance chip is an advanced computer-based driving enhancement, specifically engineered to add consistency and precision to your throttle control, giving you superior engine efficiency. And this, of course, reduces your long-term engine wear and extends effective engine life dramatically. Upgrading to a new Hypertech power performance chip will have major impact on power and torque, throttle control and gas efficiency - giving you the extra power you need for passing, hauling, and quick maneuvering. Hypertech power performance chips are also excellent in specialized applications, like mountain driving, towing, or racing. So, call today toll-free at 1-800-859-0923 and improve your performance today!
Hypertech Power Programmer
The Power Programmer from Hypertech is more than a diagnostic chip. It's an engine-maximizing tool that can't be beat. The Hypertech Power Programmer reads your vehicle's identification number (VIN) and then utilizes tuning specifications that are precisely tailored to your car or truck. But if you're ready to move beyond stock settings, Hypertech's Power Programmer also allows tuning customization to accommodate a variety of aftermarket changes. Best of all, the Power Programmer does all the work. Plug it in, answer a few questions, and let it go! It couldn't be any easier. We carry a fully stocked inventory and can ship quickly. Call 1-800-859-0923 today.
Hypertech Thermostat
When you reduce your engine heat with a Hypertech thermostat, you significantly reduce engine wear and tear ? which extends the life of your engine and its parts. Reducing excess engine heat also reduces excess detonation, which means greater fuel efficiency and precision. That, naturally, means less gas wasted in badly timed or unneeded piston firing ? and less money out of your pocketbook! So, there are many reasons to upgrade your vehicle with Hypertech's low-temp Thermostat. Call toll-free at 1-800-859-0923, for expert advice and friendly service anytime 24/7. If you order your Hypertech thermostat now, we will ship UPS ground anywhere in the continental US FREE for all orders over $50.