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Intrax Coil Over Shock Absorber

If you want to experience a high performing suspension system, then employ the services of the Intrax Coil-Over Shocks. Attaching these innovative shocks can make your ride smooth where it makes your vehicle stable under the most demanding driving condition. The makers of these stuffs use the latest standard in design to propel its performance in reaching the optimum. Intrax Coil-Over Shocks comes in a monotube high pressure design. It comes also with large thread format that provides you easy ride height adjustment. Aside from that, they are force adjustable in both rebound and compression by means of 15-21 position setting; and with their large diameter design, you can expect also an increased volume by up to 150 percent compared to stock designs. Durability and long service life are guaranteed since they are produced in aluminum alloy body where they are heat-treated and hard anodized to exceed expectations. Give a try with these innovative shocks by purchasing them from us. Our online ordering system is always open for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are guaranteed a fast and secured process. Plus, our online catalog will help you also with other auto parts. We provide you a compressive list of products, and all you have to do is click the item you want and it's yours for a very reasonable price.

Intrax Coil Springs

When it comes to the stability of an automobile, no other system is more responsible than the suspension system. The suspension system has different components that try to hold the vehicle steady wherever the vehicle goes. Performing a very crucial job, the springs are developed to support the vehicle's weight to stabilize it even in the most demanding driving conditions. They carry the ability to expand when the vehicle hit road dips and compress when meeting bumps. They can also keep the trunk of the vehicle off the ground and determine the height of the ride which is very vital to the steering and suspension. Even though the springs are pre-assembled with shock absorbers, they still function differently from their brothers. Shocks absorb works by reducing noise, vibrations and bumps; the springs do the job by stretching and compressing to provide safety as you drive. There are many kinds and types of fine coil spring that are being offered today. One of the best coil springs the market can offer today are the Intrax coil springs. These springs are made with exacting standard of excellence to ensure every customer fine quality, long lasting service and reliability. You can purchase Intrax coil springs from us through our online ordering system. Place your order and feel the smooth ride you can get with the help of Intrax coil springs.

Intrax Sway Bar

Do you want to get in control of your car? Install an all-new Intrax sway bar in your suspension system. Intrax sway bar is known to carry very good quality features that can help you to stabilize and be in control of your vehicle. This sway bar is designed to increase the roll stiffness of the suspension as it resists roll in turns and goes independent in vertical direction of its spring rate. The improved bar rate that give flatter cornering and better balance results are due to its engineering. Intrax makers produce their products through the use of the technology in design and manufacturing man can offer right now. It brings forth the innovation need to bring better results. They are crafted with electro-statistically Intraz purple powder coating to guarantee durability and long service life. Aside from that, its installation gives no fuss at all. With the OE mounting points provided, you can easily attach it, while it will not require you brackets or adapters any longer. Furthermore, it comes with bushings that help for more quiet operation. You can purchase this product from us. Our online ordering system is promised to be user-friendly as well as fast and secured. Place your order for Intrax sway bar kit and we assure you of quick delivery. Experience superb driving performance with high quality Intrax sway bar.

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