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Keeper Cargo Bar

Are you sick and tired of mourning over your damaged cargoes? Do you have constant troubles on cargo handling? Well, stop worrying because Keeper has the perfect cargo component for you! Invest your money on a highly durable and high tensile strength Keeper cargo bar. This product secures your items that will help do away with cargo shifts. Made of an adjustable bar that can stretch from 48 inches to 75 inches, you can be sure that your cargo stays in place. Not only that, every Keeper Cargo bar is made of silver vein baked on paint that makes it highly resistant to scratch and harsh weather conditions. What makes this product remarkable is that it can be adjusted in different positions because of its featured raised ridges. Just twist and tighten your cargo bar, and you are all set. Easy, isn't it? You can purchase that and more at our secure online store. For just a very affordable price, you will get the perfect Keeper cargo bar for your truck, minivan or SUV. Secure your orders by dialing our toll free hotline number or by filling out our online order form round the clock?twenty four hours a day, seven days a week!

Keeper Cargo Net

Improve your cargo handling with a high quality cargo control product from Keeper Corporation. For 26 years, Keeper has been providing its clients around the world with the highest quality products for the most demanding consumers. Among their vast choices of products is the Keeper cargo net. Made of a patented ZipHook system, this product gives you the power to keep your gears right in place and to completely stuff your hitch rack. You will definitely increase you cargo carrying capacity once you have invested on a Keeper cargo net. They are available in three sizes depending upon the size of your truck: mini, medium, or monster. Mini cargo nets can fit trucks with a bed that measures less than 54 inches wide. On trucks with 54-62 inches wide beds, a medium cargo net is suitable. Lastly, monster cargo nets are used on truck beds that measure more than 62 inches. And there's still more! Every Keeper cargo net is made with a highly durable nylon woven rope material that can stand up even the most bulky cargoes?without fraying or breaking! You can make a purchase at our reliable online store without hurting your pocket. Because you deserve the best, we will make sure that you order gets processed in no time at all! So come and shop with us?and make your cargo handling a lot easier!

Keeper Cargo Strap

The Keeper cargo strap is a high quality cargo accessory designed especially for securing your items during travel. Like other cargo accessories, the Keeper cargo straps make your gear and your vehicle safer while on the road. The Keeper cargo straps feature a premium made top quality constructed from long lasting rubber and with vinyl coated heavy-duty gauge steel hooks. These heavy duty steel hooks have a 70 lbs hook capacity that comes in 6 piece multi-pack 30 inch cord. The 6 piece Keeper cargo strap comes in specific lengths such as 24" cord, 2 18" cords, and two 10" cords. Keeper Cargo Straps are the right straps to suit you. With a range of both fully adjustable and tailored-length "Flat" straps to choose from, you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Keeper cargo straps are available in patented designs which are inherently superior in design and quality. This makes them safer, long lasting, stronger and easier to use than any other straps sold on the market. There will come a time that you will have to replace your existing cargo strap. By that time, purchase cargo straps only from Keeper. And if you're in the market for parts to make your cargo handling a lot easier, ask for the Keeper brand, and we guarantee that you will discover the best way to make transporting your cargos easier, safer and a lot more fun. Feel free to browse this page to find Keeper cargo straps and other Keeper accessories.

Keeper Tie Down

With Keeper Tie Down you need not worry about your cargo or equipments while traveling. The Keeper tie downs are webbings outfitted to work with other Keeper tie down hardware. The Keeper Tie Down makes the tie down straps to be attached unto the area that surrounds the cargo or equipment, loop over the cargo or equipment, or simply attached to the cargo or to the equipment. The Keeper tie down is actually another method of keeping tension in order to hold your valuable items and cargos in place. Keeper tie down comes in two types ? the Keeper tie down loop traps and two-piece straps. The Keeper ties down loop straps are single piece of webbings that are made to loop around the items to keep them protected with the two-endpoints brought together at the tie down fastener in order to have better fastening and to provide tension. These two-piece tie-down straps are specially constructed of separate pieces of webbings provided with their own hardware fastened together at one end to the area which surrounds the equipment in order to keep it protected and connected to each other, typically at the fasteners. With the Keeper tie down your cargo are secured to the vehicle's frame. It comes best with color coded headers for easier restocking. It also prevents the cam buckle teeth from destroying the webbing prematurely.

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