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Learning about Lemfoerder: A Brief History
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Date Published:

In 1947, Wilhelm Ulderup started a small company that manufactured anything it could in Diepholz, a small German town. Although he was the sole shareholder, it was actually his son, Dr. Jurgen, who ran the business from the outset. Three years later, Dr. Jurgen took over as the company CEO and sole shareholder. This was how the Lemfoerder brand started.

Growth and Expansion

For more than a decade, Dr. Ulderup proved to be an entrepreneur who took his social responsibility seriously. As his company grew, he continued to work for the social concerns of his employees as well as the success of his business.

In 1963, the Lemfoerder company became a joint stock company and Dr. Ulderup became the proprietor and sole director as well as its sole shareholder. In that same year, he also secured a licensing deal that allowed him to start expanding his company internationally.

Acquisition and Division

In 1984, the Zeppelin Foundation acquired a majority holding within the Lemfoerder company and its subsidiaries. In this way, the foundation was able to merge Lemfoerder with its other brands to form the ZF group. In 2003, ZF increased its shares from 51 percent to 75.6 percent.

Today, Lemfoerder is the chassis division within the Zeppelin Foundation. They produce automotive components and complete front and rear axle systems for various vehicles.