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MBRP: Cultivating the Passion for All Things Performance

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Focused on providing the most in power, product quality, and customer service, MBRP has been manufacturing exhaust system components for over fifteen years. It started with the B&B Eliminator, which became the best-selling performance snowmobile silencer of all time. MBRP’s product line includes exhaust pipes, exhaust systems, mufflers, and exhaust tips.

Unmatched performance delivered

MBRP believes in the variation of the definition of performance, allowing it to design exhaust system components that match exactly what the consumer needs. With over ten years of manufacturing and marketing expertise, this company has achieved the forefront of performance exhaust technology. Its dedicated team has developed performance diesel exhaust products that offer superior power and torque.

Consistent growth through innovation

Established as an authority in exhaust system parts, MBRP continuously exerts efforts to research and development. It aims to redesign its products to ensure that all its components deliver high performance using the latest exhaust technology.

MBRP Down Pipe

The MBRP down pipe is one of the best aftermarket replacement down pipes ever. It is made from high, aircraft quality stainless steel. It is guaranteed to last you good long years. The MBRP down pipe can replace the stock down pipe that you have in your vehicle and it will eliminate the restrictive design of your stock down pipe. When you install the MBRP down pipe in your auto, you will notice better engine performance since this aftermarket part lets the exhaust flow better. It will be able to provide your vehicle with added horsepower and added torque. It can also help the engine of your auto to last longer. If you want a distinctive exhaust sound, the MBRP down pipe can also provide you with that. It is made for quick and easy installation; you just have to bolt it on. You can definitely do the replacement and installation job yourself. If you want to get the MBRP down pipe at a reasonably low price, try browsing our online catalog and you will surely find the right one for you and for your vehicle.

MBRP Exhaust Pipe

With the aim to unleash every engine's hidden potential, various performance auto parts are developed and introduced and among these is the MBRP exhaust pipe. This is built with the single-minded purpose of enhancing the already exceptional performance of your vehicle's engine, allowing it to produce the best possible horsepower, torque and tone. Also, the MBRP exhaust pipe contributes a lot in increasing the vehicle's fuel mileage, making it as an ideal equipment to add on your rig. This features its classic looks and original straight-cut shaping plus its smooth finish that resists corrosion for maximum durability. Made from tough stainless steel, surely you can benefit from its long-term dependable service and efficiency. This will fit your exhaust system with bold looks to match your powerful engine growl. With its bolt-on mounting, it can easily be set-up on your vehicle. There is no need for that bulky clamps or tricky and strenuous welding as the MBRP exhaust pipe can easily be installed. Bold is the word for all MBRP's exhaust parts so adding the MBRP exhaust pipe is the smartest addition you can equip your vehicle. This will surely give you that maximum driving power at all conditions.

MBRP Exhaust System

For over 15 years, MBRP Inc. has successfully produced high performance exhaust systems that unlock every vehicle's power giving them more horsepower, torque, attractive tone and increased fuel economy. The MBRP exhaust system is the leading proof that truly boosts the stock power of every vehicle's engine. It is designed to give every performance enthusiasts utmost road power that will satisfy their needs. When installed, the MBRP exhaust system will make your vehicle create an enhanced exhaust sound, improve your undercarriage appearance, increased performance especially during extreme driving conditions like climbing steep slopes, rocky terrains and the like. It also provides an extended life for the exhaust, reduces exhaust gas temperatures, and provide better fuel economy. The MBPR exhaust system is made from 100% heavy gauge aluminized or stainless steel that is guaranteed to stand up the harshest road conditions. This is meticulously built to provide the cost conscious consumer with the highest quality design and craftsmanship. It comes in a variety of configurations to match the specific needs and applications. This can easily be installed as it comes complete with mounting hardware and a comprehensive installation manual. Installing the MBPR exhaust system is the best way of unleashing your engine's hidden potential.

MBRP Exhaust Tip

Tough and bold is the word for every MBRP exhaust parts. Among these exceptional and well-crafted exhaust parts is the MBRP exhaust tip. Built for a throaty rumble and huge acceleration performance, the MBRP exhaust tip is the best addition to install in your vehicle. This is designed to provide noticeable gains in power as well as overall vehicle performance. Specifically, the MBRP exhaust tip is made to be mounted at the back of the vehicle and is engineered with the purpose of carrying exhaust gases away from the vehicle. It greatly helps in venting out all waste gases out of the engine for an improved performance and engine output. It prevents the occurrence of backpressure as it allows an unrestricted exhaust flow out of the vehicle. The MBRP exhaust tip is typically constructed from 100% T-304 stainless steel that is known for longevity and high corrosion resistance. It fits any exit pipe with a 4" diameter and comes in various configurations such as the angled rolled exhaust tip, rolled exhaust tip, angle cut exhaust tip, dual wall angle cut exhaust tip, turndown exhaust tip, dual wall straight exhaust tip, and all other designs.

MBRP Muffler

Whether you want a unique, smooth, aggressive or throaty exhaust sound, the MBRP exhaust muffler will surely provide your specific needs. This is basically the metal container with holes, baffles and chambers that reduces the amount of noise emitted by the internal combustion engine. It also serves as a silencer that suppresses tremendous exhaust noise. Typically, the MBPR muffler is installed along the exhaust pipe. As part of the exhaust system, it helps in venting away restrictive exhaust gases from the engine. Its sound-reducing action is accomplished with a resonating chamber that is specifically tuned to cause a destructive interference, where opposing sound waves cancel each other out. Another benefit from the MBPR muffler is that it reduces the occurrence of backpressure. This results to an engine that operates at its peak without any impediments. The smoother the engine operates, the more productive it gets and thus, creating more horsepower, torque and increases the vehicle's fuel mileage. The MBPR muffler is made from aluminized steel case and it comes in varying designs that will fit specific applications. Installing this in your vehicle will give you incremental benefits such as increased engine efficiency, performance, power output, decreased wear and tear on engine working components as well as exhaust sound levels that will comply with certain laws and jurisdictions.

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