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How Metro Moulded Parts Shaped the World of Tire Manufacturing

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Metro Moulded Parts began as a rubber company based in Minnesota. Established in 1918 by John Hajicek, the business (formerly called the Hutchinson Rubber Company) was only one of the few rubber companies in the state.

High times during the war

The Hutchinson Rubber Company manufactured inner tubes for vintage automobiles—a venture that proved to be a money-spinning one as tires of the old vehicles often blew out. The inner tubes were the main product of the company until World War II when Hajicek was tapped to manufacture complex automotive parts for the military.

From small-time business to lucrative enterprise

When the war was over, Hajicek moved to Minneapolis to establish a new company that specializes in industrial parts. His son, Donald Hajicek, collaborated with him during the 1960s to manufacture vintage car parts. The elder Hajicek took another family member under his wings—grandson Douglas—and the trio teamed up in running the company that is now known as Metro Moulded Parts. Since then, the Hajiceks steered the company into becoming one of the leading weather-stripping companies in the United States.

Metro Moulded Accelerator Pedal

Your car won't budge from where it's parked if you don't press the accelerator pedal. This pedal prompts the engine to provide the power needed by the car to move. After prolonged use, the pedal will eventually end up corroded and you will need a replacement. Metro Moulded has high-quality accelerator pedal replacements for your car. Each Metro Moulded accelerator pedal is made with steel cores and studs for durability and perfect fit. The company makes sure every engineering detail is carefully integrated in the pedal's design. When you replace the pedal, it is also ideal to install a new accelerator pedal pad. With a new accelerator pedal, you can be assured of a reliable engine performance. The pedal pads differ in size, so you must carefully choose which one fits your car's specifications. (Please refer to the owner's manual before purchase.) You don't need to go far for an affordable Metro Moulded accelerator pedal because Auto Parts Warehouse has it in store for you. Buy it today and avail of great discounts!

Metro Moulded Body Bushing

Your vehicle is mostly made up of metals. When these metals rub together, friction is produced. Without proper linings, friction will cause premature wear among the contact parts. To prevent such premature wear, it's important to have a body bushing between contact parts. When it comes to your vehicle's body and frame, you need to have the high-quality Metro Moulded body bushing in place. This body frame bushing is a lining that decreases friction and motion among mechanical parts. For guaranteed performance, Metro Moulded develops body bushings from durable materials. The company's products have unsurpassed craftsmanship that delivers superior results. In particular, Metro Moulded produces body bushings that feature 1 ¾" outer diameter, 13/16" inner diameter, and 11/16" thickness. These bushings are sold individually. They can be stacked to achieve the desired thickness between the frame and body. If you need a Metro Moulded body bushing for your car, count on Auto Parts Warehouse to provide you with one. Our site provides body frame bushing and urethane body bushing for various vehicle makes and models.

Metro Moulded Brake Pedal Pad

Your car's brake pedal pad lets you press down on your brakes comfortably. Over time, however, pads wear out as it is constantly pressed down by your varied footwear. A Metro Moulded brake pedal pad is an excellent choice when replacing your worn out stock pedal pad. Metro Moulded's pads are slotted to provide a positive grip, making sure that your foot won't slip when pressing down on the pedal. The polished molds provide a high-luster finish that gives the pad an attractive appearance. Additionally, the Metro Moulded brake pedal pad offers durability and long-lasting service. This product is made of rubber that is resistant to sunlight and ozone, effectively minimizing cracking and shrinking. Metro Moulded pedal pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different types of vehicle brake pedals. If you're looking for this high-quality product, look no further. Auto Parts Warehouse has an extensive selection of Metro Moulded products that will surely serve as excellent replacement for your car's defective parts. Shop here and benefit from our affordable prices and huge discounts. Get your Metro Moulded brake pedal pad right away!

Metro Moulded Bumper Guard

Minor collisions and bumps on the road can't always be avoided. The least you can do is give your car's protection a boost. In this case, your best bet is to get a brand-new Metro Moulded bumper guard. By doing so, you can keep your bumper scratch-free for many years to come. A new Metro Moulded bumper guard reinforces your car's bumper and protects it from minor bumps and scratches while you drive. The product also comes in different colors to match the color of your car. This way, you don't have to worry about your car's appearance. Plus, it's made from tough and sturdy materials, giving your bumper a longer lease on life. And of course, this bumper guard carries the brand known for its meticulous attention to details. Metro Moulded has been producing quality automotive replacement and protection parts for almost 90 years. With the company's experience and innovations, you can be assured of its bumper guard's reliability. A brand-new Metro Moulded bumper guard isn't hard to obtain. All you need to do is check out Auto Parts Warehouse?s comprehensive catalog. Just choose and order a suitable bumper guard from Metro Moulded for your car and you'll soon find one on your doorstep. Grab one now and enjoy the best products at the most affordable prices.

Metro Moulded Door Seal

Fighting off the elements can be a difficult task for car owners. However, you can use certain products to ensure that your car can withstand rain, heat, and other harsh conditions. This helps you get more out of your car and enjoy its use for a long time. One such helpful product is a new Metro Moulded door seal. A brand-new Metro Moulded door seal is perfect for your car because, as the name implies, it effectively seals your door against wind, rain, and heat. It is made of tough and flexible materials that make it ideal for weatherproofing your car doors. This amazing product is easy to install on your car since it is soft and comes with the correct tools and clips to ensure a perfect fit. The product is backed by Metro Moulded's nine decades of producing high-quality molded car parts. For complete weatherproofing and protection against the elements, get a new Metro Moulded door seal from Auto Parts Warehouse now. We will take care of your car-related needs and you won't even have to break a sweat. Simply browse our comprehensive catalog and find the part you need right away. We make sure you get only the best products at the best possible prices.

Metro Moulded Hatch Seal

Unlike sedans and coupes, hatchbacks don't have trunks. Instead, what they have are, er, hatches. A hatch is an opening at the rear portion of hatchbacks—either a flip-up window or a top-hinged tailgate—that's located a little above the rear bumper. It can be opened upward. Just like the trunk in sedans, the hatch is also exposed to rainwater, dirt, and even small bugs. If your hatchback isn't installed with a Metro Moulded hatch seal, such harmful elements have a big chance of seeping through your car, consequently reaching the vehicle's interior. Which only means one thing: discomfort to all occupants. The all-tight hatch seal from Metro Moulded can prevent this. You can count on this product's quality since it's manufactured using top-of-the-line rubber. A steel core is also incorporated to make it more durable. Moreover, this rear hatch seal sports a carefully detailed surface, giving it a good appearance. Don't hesitate to install a new Metro Moulded hatch seal if you want to protect your hatchback's interior. Get one at an affordable price only from Auto Parts Warehouse. To find your perfect choice, simply browse through our online catalog now!

Metro Moulded Hood Seal

Sometimes, elements like rain can seep through the gaps between your car's hood and the surrounding part of the body it is latched onto. Rainwater can corrode vital auto parts underneath the hood, such as the engine and the battery. To protect these parts from rainwater and other harmful elements, we suggest you weatherproof the hood with a new Metro Moulded hood seal available here at Auto Parts Warehouse. A new Metro Moulded hood seal is made from high-quality materials that make it soft and flexible. The product's pliability makes it easy to install and ideal for filling any gap between your car's hood and body. Once installed, not a single drop of rainwater can breach your hood. The hood seal is also strengthened to withstand wear and corrosion. Its unrivaled craftsmanship and reliability is backed by Metro Moulded's 89 years of producing automotive parts for protection and weatherproofing. Get a new Metro Moulded hood seal now and protect those important components under your car's hood. With our easy-to-search comprehensive catalog, you can surely find anything you need right away. Here, we offer you only the best deals for genuine high-quality auto parts, along with speedy delivery right to your doorstep.

Metro Moulded Pedal Pad

Speeding up and coming to a stop is made possible by pressing down on your car's accelerator, clutch, and brake pedals. The pedals have pedal pads thick enough to prevent your foot from slipping when you step on them. If one of these pedals is already worn to the metal, then the Metro Moulded pedal pad should be on your options list. This pedal pad is a great replacement because it is molded from sunlight- and ozone-resistant rubber. The durable material prevents the pedal pad from shrinking and cracking prematurely. Another thing that makes this pedal pad an excellent replacement is its availability in different shapes and sizes to match diverse car pedal designs. Each pad's quality is ensured since the company uses state-of-the-art equipment during production, backed by nine decades of industry experience. So the next time you need to change your pedals' pads, remember Metro Moulded. You can get Metro Moulded pedal pad replacements from us here at Auto Parts Warehouse at very affordable prices. Place your orders now!

Metro Moulded T Top Seal

A T-top vehicle has the benefit of unique style while being safer than a convertible, thanks to the T-top's rollbar. However, elements like rainwater can seep through the gaps of your T top roof assembly. These elements can cause passenger inconvenience and can damage your car's interior. To prevent this situation, you can install a new Metro Moulded T top seal. The Metro Moulded T top seal is made from high-quality composite rubber that is flexible and built to last. The soft rubber seal is easy to install around your T-top panels, so you can be sure that those gaps are covered. The seal also helps keep air inside your car, which eases the load on your heating and air-conditioning system. With Metro Moulded's almost 90 years in the manufacturing industry, you can be sure that the seal can give your T top a longer lease on life. Get a new Metro Moulded T top seal now and keep your T-top weatherproof. Just check out our comprehensive catalog to quickly find the auto part you need. Here, shopping is just a few clicks away. You don't have to wait in long lines and you'll get great discounts for genuine high-quality car products.

Metro Moulded Trunk Seal

If you constantly find your car's trunk filled with water, there must be a gap between the lid and the body. Failure to locate this gap could cause you more headaches in the long run. Rather than spend precious money on repairs and replacements, get a brand new Metro Moulded trunk seal to eliminate any gaps in your trunk. The Metro Moulded trunk seal is made from soft, flexible rubber with steel molded at its core. Its flexibility makes it easy to install along your trunk and trunk lid's edges, while the steel core makes it tough and durable. The seal doesn't just keep water out of your trunk, but it also protects the truck and its cargo against other damaging elements. With Metro Moulded's 89-year experience in producing quality rubber parts, you really won't regret installing the T top seal. To keep your trunk watertight and weatherproof, get a new Metro Moulded trunk seal now. When it comes to getting any car product, Auto Parts Warehouse is the undisputed choice. Simply browse our comprehensive catalog and you will quickly find the part that you need. We guarantee products of the highest quality at the most affordable prices in the market.

Metro Moulded Window Channel

It's a fact: you'll never enjoy a relaxing drive if your car windows rattle incessantly. And driving along rugged terrains makes the scenario all the worse. The jangling sound of your windows can sometimes distract you from your driving; thus, it's a must to resolve the problem as soon as possible. A viable solution to it is the Metro Moulded window channel, which can serve as a great replacement to your car's loose window channel. Worn-out seal and felt in the window channel usually cause it to become loose, which then results in the clattering sound as the glass is no longer held tightly. The auto window channel from Metro Moulded will solve this problem! This Metro Moulded item, like all Metro Moulded products, is made of high-quality materials and crafted using advanced technologies. It boasts of a perfect fit, so it sure can provide that certain snugness called for. Plus, if you have a basic background in car repair, installing this automotive window channel would be a breeze for you. You can get the Metro Moulded window channel from Auto Parts Warehouse. Just browse our online catalog and place an order there.

Metro Moulded Window Seal

Your convertible car's windows need the Metro Moulded Window Seal to stay efficient. If you take a closer look at your windows, you'll notice that there are some gaps between the door frame and the glass. During a heavy downpour, rainwater can get in through these gaps and wet your car interiors. To prevent this, use only the high-quality window seal from the leading weatherstripping company, Metro Moulded. The company produces seals for your window's top, front, and rear edges. For your car's rear windows, you can get Metro Moulded's rear window seal that's designed to simply slide into the metal track. This means no hassles or difficulties in installation. Plus, the two 20-inch rubber strips included in the package don't have steel inserts for more flexibility. Whether you own a hardtop or a convertible, you can surely use the Metro Moulded window seal. Now don't go anywhere else to get this product. Place your order right here at Auto Parts Warehouse today.

Metro Moulded Window Weatherstrip

It's very annoying when raindrops get in through the windows even if they're closed. Instead of having a relaxed drive, you have to watch water trickling down your car door's inside panel, or worse, wipe off moisture from your arm or face every once in a while. Well, it doesn't have to be like that every time it rains—you can seal your car windows with a Metro Moulded Window Weatherstrip. This product is perfect for sealing your car windows. It's made using Metro Moulded's SUPERsoft non-absorbent rubber, making this window weatherstrip easier to install and more conforming to your window frames' contours. It also has better shape memory, so it always makes a snug fit and seal against your car window glass. And being the most advanced door and window weatherstrip manufacturer, Metro Moulded has the wing vent auxiliary weatherstrip for vent winged windows. It's sold in pairs of 30¼-inch long rubber strips. So if you need quality window weatherstrip, go for the Metro Moulded Window Weatherstrip. Shop for Metro Moulded products at Auto Parts Warehouse today!

Metro Moulded Windshield Seal

Rain usually pours down without warning. Good thing your car is equipped with weatherstripping that prevents wind and moisture from getting through. Weatherstripping includes the windshield seal that prevents moisture and rainwater from passing through. If you have a cracked seal or worn-out seal, replace it with a Metro Moulded windshield seal. Metro Moulded's seals are made of premium rubber, which is great at withstanding extreme weather conditions and guaranteed to last long no matter what rains may come. These 26-inch long seals are sold in pairs to provide complete coverage around your windshield. Additionally, installing the new windshield seal is easy, so you need not get the services of a mechanic. So, if you want to get a practical, high-quality Metro Moulded windshield seal at an affordable price, simply browse through our online catalog and find the one that suits your car's needs. Shop today and give your car durable and waterproof weatherstripping.

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