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NGK: Manufacturing Automotive Ignition Parts Since 1966

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Known for its innovative technology, NGK has been an industry leader in providing spark plugs, ignition wires, and other related products. Aimed at developing ignition components that match the country’s needs, this company makes most of its spark plugs and oxygen sensors right here in the US. Through its philosophy that the part should be crafted where it is to be used, NGK has evolved to expand its product line and improve its manufacturing techniques.

An advocate of continuous research and development

NGK had successfully established a number of manufacturing plants in California, West Virginia, and Illinois. It had also built its sales headquarters and a Technical Center in Michigan. With these facilities, NGK’s products are created with groundbreaking manufacturing techniques such as the usage of Piezoelectronics, ceramic filters, and ceramic cutting tools.

Proud for some of the world’s firsts in the industry

With NGK’s commitment to expanding its product line, this company has introduced some of the world’s first in the industry. One of these innovations is the company’s introduction of the spark plug ideal for clean-burning and lower-emission engines, the “V-Groove” spark plug. Another first is the pioneering development of new ceramics and its application to integrated computer circuitry.

NGK Ignition Wire

Do you want the ignition system of your car to be more production that before? Replace it with the most advanced in ignition component, and that component is the ignition wires or also called as spark plug wires. Ignition wires especially the NGK ignition wire is a very crucial component of the ignition system of your car because it harnesses tens of thousands of voltage and delivers it to the spark plug of your car every time the engine is started. Because of the vital task involved, this NGK ignition wires are also made up of the most quality materials since they can resist the highest voltage that they handle. As time goes by, this ignition wires also gets damage and brittle because of the voltage. Bad or malfunctioning ignition wires can lead to many complication sin your car like engine misfiring and poor running ability. So if you want to acquire the highest quality NGK ignition wire there's no other place for you get it other than this site! Our catalog is always available for your perusal so you can just browse it in order to find the part that you need.

NGK Spark Plug

Spark plug is one of the most crucial components in your car because of its task. One kind of spark plug that you will find in the market today and is predominantly used on various cars is the NGK spark plug. This is an electric device that fits into the cylinder head of most cars and some of this spark plug is placed on the internal combustion engine of the car by means of an electric spark. Like most spark plugs, the NGK spark plug in your car has an insulated center electrode which is connected by a heavily insulated wire to an ignition coil circuit outside. This spark plug is commonly made of quality materials in order for it to last long in its service. Installing one of these spark plugs in your car is a very easy thing to handle since you can easily install one. But, be careful when installing or replacing the spark plug on your car since of the high voltage that can hurt you. You can easily avail of the NGK spark plug here in our site and all you have to do is fill up the order form provided.

NGK Spark Plug Wires

The NGK Spark Plug Wires are designed to harness enough electric power to be transported to the spark plug. Basically, the power carried by the wires is used by the spark plug to initiate the ignition. Whenever the wires fail, the current will be brought somewhere and the result will be misfiring. From the battery, the wires, with the use of its inner core, deliver the high voltage electric current. Hence, this product must be crafted from the first class materials. With such requirements, the NGK complied. Spark plug wires from NGK are made from durable materials to ensure that their products could withstand extreme condition. But wearing out of the product might occur quickly if poor maintenance routine is implemented with it. Poor performance of the product might also be caused by loose connection, low power source, and blown fuse. No matter what causes your vehicle's worn out spark plug wires, when looking for replacement always consider the quality. The bottom line is if you purchase this product from us we can assure you that you'll have the exceptional kind of OEM automotive products available.

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