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Pagid Brake Pad Set
Basically, vehicles are completed with brake system for safe halt and one of its components is the brake pad. Nowadays vehicles are fortunate to have the Pagid Brake Pads. When your brake is defective due to worn out brake pads, this product is the best OEM brake pad for your vehicle because this is designed using the first class kind of ceramics. Aside from that, this is designed to endure even the extreme heat produced by braking, since the brake pads are used to grasp the rotating brake rotors to create friction. The pads aid to convert the friction into heat that stops the vehicle. Due to such functionality, the brake pads are subjected to thinning. Frequency of use is the main factor that affects its hasty thinning. However such thinning is gradually occurring, that is why regular and appropriate maintenance is vital. Proper monitoring of your brake pads will keep you on track of its service status. Most of the time when the brake pads aren't thick enough to handle the rotors, squealing sound will be heard and brake variation will be experienced. Hence, when it already obtained its minimum thickness, replacement should be made.