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PBR: The Garage that Grew into a Leader in the Aftermarket Industry

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With over 75 years in the business, PBR has established itself as a dependable brake parts provider. This company focuses on crafting braking systems for OEMs in different parts of the globe. With a number of facilities used as manufacturing bases, PBR builds its positive reputation through technological innovations, intellectual property, and manufacturing excellence.

Weight reduction plus improved performance

The winning recipe for success used by PBR consists of a unique approach to product design. This company’s innovative brake products undergo several quality tests to ensure that each component delivers maximum performance. In fact, PBR designs, develops, test, and manufactures brake systems tailored to its consumers’ needs.

"The garage that grew"

In 2002, PBR celebrated its 75 years of service, coining the phrases “The garage that grew”. This phrase was used in publications presenting the company’s achievements. Today, PBR boasts its wide range of brake products and a well-deserved, solid reputation among its consumers.

PBR Brake Caliper

Regular maintenance is needed to keep your vehicle's brake in best shape. But you should keep in mind that having one of the exceptional calipers like the PBR Brake Caliper will provide your vehicle excellent braking ability. The brake caliper is the component where the brake pads must rest. It is the main component responsible for clasping the brake rotor with the brake pads. In short this product is intended to handle the rotors to put your vehicle into halt. In the long run, due to the extreme heat and some corrosive elements, the brake caliper can also wear out. When such time comes that you need new brake caliper, you can find this OEM automotive product from this site. The product is guaranteed to have the toughest quality that an automotive component deserves. Take note, continually using worn out caliper can worsen your brake system's condition and might lead to complete malfunction of the system. Hence, having this product on your vehicle will certainly restore and will utter extensive braking performance. If you order this item from this online dealer, we assure you the fast delivery and excellent customer service.

PBR Brake Disc

PBR Brake Disc Rotors are designed to withstand even the most extreme heat produced by the braking operation. These products also possess the toughest quality of iron and are carefully produced to comply with the vehicles required braking capacity. Aside from that, brake disc rotors from PBR are the kind of rotors that could certainly give-off extensive life service. Since these are made from the tough iron material, thinning of the product will definitely occur gradually. But at the same time, these are exceptionally made to endure that tremendous high temperature. Wearing out is basically affected by the worn out period of both the brake caliper and brake pads. Whenever the brake pads are replaced with new set, the rotor is required to undergo machine cut for the pads to contact with machined surface. Likewise when the brake pad is not yet replaced, the caliper tends to get direct contact with the rotor, thus both components are affected. The rotor is inclined to warp or create cracks around. And eventually will totally lead to corrosion. Don't wait for this situation to happen, slight variation on your brakes must be attended instantly.

PBR Brake Hose

When it comes to brake hose, the PBR Brake hose is one of the trusted brands. If you have this product on your vehicle, you will certainly have the security that your vehicle's brake system is provided with the lubricant it needs like the hydraulic brake fluid. The hydraulic brake fluid is the most essential fluid to fill up the caliper or the drum brake and the brake hose is the component comprising the brake system responsible for delivering the fluid content. The fluid is being delivered from the firmly bedded brake pipes. On the other hand, this allows the brake/tire combination to be more flexible throughout the range of the operation. Since the process is typically accompanied by pressure, the product is completed with both high and low temperature resistance. It as well features low moisture transmission and low expansion rates. Thus, the hose tends to maintain the brake fluid?s high transmission boiling point while the low/ high resistances allow cloaking extensive operating service. However, when the hose starts to flaw definitely the distribution of fluid will be affected and likewise the whole system's performance. Replacing faulty hose is the best thing to do to restore your vehicle's performance.

PBR Brake Pad Set

Grasping the rotors on your vehicle's disk brake is the main process being implemented to halt the automobile. And the main component responsible for having the contact is the brake pad. Since brake pads are the heat initiator as it gets in touch with the rotor, the PBR Brake Pads are made sturdily. This is because the main goal of the PBR is to give optimum performance for your vehicle. Mounting this product on your vehicle will certainly provide you the toughest brake you've ever experience. Hence, this can as well give off the quality of brake you require for your driving style. Since every thing has its end, this could likewise wear out which will depend on the frequency of use. To restore your vehicle's braking ability with the use of this product, replacing it with the same brand is the perfect way. To secure the product's authenticity, you can simply order from us. We offer a wide selection of PBR products on our online catalog.

PBR Wheel Cylinder

In order for the hydraulic fluid to be converted to mechanical force, the fluids should pass through the wheel cylinder or also known as slave cylinder. Hence, keeping this component on its peak lets it precisely perform its task. But likewise having the best out of its kind like the PBR Wheel Cylinder can give your vehicle further than it's expected. This product can perfectly alter the fluid into energy. Functionally, as the brake pedal is pushed on, the piston creates the movement within the master cylinder and force the hydraulic to pass through the brake lines and finally into the cylinders of each wheel. Basically, the vigor generated by the cylinder is used by the caliper to handle the rotor when braking. Once the cylinder starts to malfunction, the tendency is to weaken the power being utilized by the caliper. Eventually if there is not enough energy, the caliper won't be able to handle the rotor properly or could not even grip it all. Therefore quick and immediate replacement is required whenever the wheel cylinder is defective. And when looking for replacement, have the superior quality product, have the PBR Wheel Cylinder.

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