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PBR Brake Disc

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PBR Brake Disc, Rear, Plain Surface, Sold Individually
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PBR Brake Disc

The PBR brake disc is an OE-Quality replacement that is manufactured to the highest quality standards. The PBR brake disc features a special anti-coning design and unique ventilation (see more)

  • SKU#: W0133-1618025
  • Brand: PBR
  • Recommended Use:   OE Replacement
  • Anticipated Ship Out Time:   Same day - 1 business day
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PBR Brake Disc Review
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Overall Rating 4.3

When you press your brake pedal, your brake pads bite a disc-shaped metal in order to slow down or fully stop your vehicle. Also called a brake disc, this metallic component is a part of your disc brake system that spins with the wheel and contacts with each surface of the brake rotor when the vehicle is stopped or slowed down. Over time, your brake disc can get warped and rusted, among other problems, and these signs are what you need in order to replace it. A good brake disc ensures an optimum tandem with the brake pads in order for you to have an easier braking experience. Before you replace your worn brake discs, let us see first if one from PBR is worth to slide into that part of your wheel.


  • Direct-fit
  • Original equipment replacement
  • With high carbon content
  • With special anti-coning design
  • With improved thermal efficiency
  • Resistant to noise and vibration
  • Comes with a 12-month or 12,000-mile limited warranty

We tested this component on a Mitsubishi Lancer and a Porsche Boxster, and here is what we have to say:

Thumbs up

  • The diameter of the brake discs were the same with the specifications of the old ones. Thus, we were able to install the components without any problem. The entire procedure needed only forty minutes to perform for each vehicle.
  • The brake discs were really solid, so it seemed that they would be dependable for more than fifty thousand miles. The finish of the discs was very smooth, and no small cracks were present that would cause premature failing.
  • We drove each vehicle for thirty minutes in order to test the heat dissipation quality of the brake discs. Generally, we had good braking power even though we did not replace the brake pads. The pads looked the same after the ride--they were not cooked by the heat generated during pad-disc contact. The slits along the diameter of the discs provided good ventilation.
  • Good price and warranty.

Thumbs down

  • We experienced some kind of pedal pulsation during our ride with the Boxster. We really tried to convince ourselves that it was caused by something else, but we eventually concluded that it was due to the newly installed brake discs. Perhaps, the thickness of the components was a little thinner than OE specs.

The verdict

PBR brake discs were able to improve the braking power of the two vehicles we used. Without that pulsation, the discs could have been a very good product to match OE ones. Given that brake discs are very important components of your braking system, you should choose only the best ones. If the price and warranty justify their value to you, then you just have to try them out.