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A Brief Look at PIAA

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Seeing what’s in front of a vehicle is an essential requirement of driving. That’s why lights and wipers are necessary automotive parts. They help drivers see better at night or during inclement weather. As such, they need to be designed with inspired engineering and made with quality components for superior performance. PIAA has been manufacturing various lighting and wiper system parts like bulbs and wiper arms to meet this need.

Beginning in Japan

In 1963, the PIAA Corporation was founded in Japan with the commitment to manufacture world-class products. This corporation has a technical design center there and it’s where they create their innovative automotive products.

Moving to America

In 1988, the corporation created an American subsidiary, PIAA Corporation, USA. This company has its headquarters in Portland, Oregon, where it also manufactures and distributes lighting systems and automotive accessories.

PIAA today

In 2011, PIAA-USA named Rodger Wagner as its executive vice president because the company has been looking to expand its sales base and overall share of the market. Wagner, a veteran US Marine, has a lot of automotive industry experience under his belt. This experience will be useful as he is leading a company with over 30 years of existence.

Today, PIAA continues to create its lights and wipers for various vehicles. It has also found success in various motorsports competitions like the Baja 1000 and Daytona among others.


Lighting specialists for over half a century, PIAA bulbs produce a natural light that lasts longer and uses less electricity than factory bulbs. Part of the great advantage of PIAA bulbs is their unusual durability, even in more aggressive auto applications. PIAA engineers have designed a welded focus ring that protects against vibration damage. And PIAA uses only premium quality glass, molded to their street and track tested specifications. PIAA works hard to provide an incredible plethora of bulb wattages, styles, sizes and housings ? so you can find exactly what you need when you need it. And Auto Parts Warehouse is your 1-stop bulb shop! Call 1-800-859-0923 to get yours shipped today.

PIAA Fog Lights

Fog can be deadly! So, making sure that other drivers can see you clearly is critical at all times and especially in the fog. Fog lights are not the place to be slack on repairs! An easy replacement could save your life. So, check out the premium brand PIAA fog light assemblies available in our Auto Parts Warehouse easy-access web catalog. We have the widest selection of PIAA fog lights around - available for every make and model ? from top trusted manufacturers and at guaranteed low prices. Auto Parts Warehouse has what you need to get your fog lights functioning perfectly again and we ship immediately.

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