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It's called a pulse plug - and here's why its technology should be in your engine.
The spark plug has been around for almost a hundred years yet there has been very little that has changed in its design. It's already outdated and you'll need to get a replacement that matches 21st century technology. The pulse plug is an eco-friendly device that is made with advanced tech and is designed to burn your fuel cleaner and better than ordinary spark plugs. Learn More

Compared to standard spark plugs, Pulstar® pulse plugs deliver up to 10% better fuel economy and up to 12% more horsepower and torque. Using a "fine-wire electrode", pulse plugs offers efficient fuel combustion resulting in cleaner exhaust, reduced CO2 emissions, better cold starts, and faster throttle response.

Coupled with Pulstar's 100,000 mile warranty, pulse plugs are the only plugs that you'll need for your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "pulse plug" and how is it different than a conventional spark plug?

Pulstar ® pulse plugs spent 15-years in extensive development and testing in order to create its patented internal capacitor. It stores and builds the huge energy discharge that ignites the fuel mixture in your car's engine once the spark gap is ionized. Under the spark plug specifications of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Pulstar ® pulse plugs have more capacitance compared to standard spark plugs.

With Pulstar ® pulse plugs, how much more power and miles per gallon will I get?

Certified testing shows that Pulstar ® pulse plugs deliver these consumer benefits:

  • Up to 9% increase in engine torque
  • Up to 7% increase in horsepower
  • Up to 10% enhanced fuel economy
  • Quicker throttle response
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Smoother operation and better driving experience
  • Easier starting
  • Improved towing capacity

hese improvements would still depend on a person's driving style, proper engine maintenance, and driving conditions. After installation, users will notice improved power and torque from their vehicle. Return to Top

Will Pulstar ® pulse plugs damage my engine?

Pulstar ® pulse plugs have been tested and designed to act as direct replacements for standard spark plugs.

For vehicle's that have an engine control unit (ECU or computer), it is highly recommended to remove your battery's negative cable during installation so that the ECU can reset and recognize your pulse plugs. Even if you don't reset your computer, it will adjust accordingly after a few hundred miles.

Make sure that you follow all instructions that are supplied with the product. Return to Top

How long will my Pulstar ® pulse plugs last?

Both the platinum electrode "p" and iridium electrode "I" models of the Pulstar ® pulse plugs have been designed and tested to last for 100,000 miles (161,000 km) under normal driving conditions. Price differences between these models are a result of costs in procuring electrode materials and difference in production volumes. Return to Top

What is the Pulstar ® pulse plug warranty?

In case you are not 100% satisfied with your Pulstar ® pulse plugs, you may return them to Pulstar ® for a full refund within 30 days of purchase, guaranteed.

Pulstar ® pulse plugs have a 1-year warranty from date of purchase for material and manufacturing defects. Furthermore, when installed in a properly maintained engine and operated under normal driving conditions, Pulstar ® pulse plugs life warranty is set at 100,000 miles.

Pulstar ® pulse plugs are the last set of plugs that you'll ever need for your car! Return to Top

Do I need to make any changes to my engine to use Pulstar ® pulse plugs?

Pulstar ® pulse plugs have been manufactured to be direct replacements for traditional spark plugs.

Although it would be advisable for you to reset your vehicle's engine control unit (ECU or computer) before installing your pulse plugs so it can make the proper adjustments. Even if you do not reset your car's computer, it should adjust itself after a few hundred miles. Return to Top

What is the difference between Platinum and Iridium?

The platinum electrode "p" series are made with a 0.90 mm / 0.035" diameter electrode tip and is ideal for most vehicle applications and will benefit from the full benefits of pulse plug technology.

The iridium electrode "I" series are designed with a 0.50 mm / 0.020" diameter electrode tip, which gives additional concentration or focus of the energy at the spark gap. It provides better performance for people who need additional horsepower and torque in their vehicles.Return to Top

What do Pulstar ® pulse plugs cost?

Priced in the range of other premium, iridium and platinum electrode spark plugs, Pulstar ® pulse plugs are sold at the manufacturers' suggested retail price and resellers can sell them at a price consistent with their retail model. Return to Top

Where are the Pulstar ® pulse plugs manufactured?

All Pulstar ® pulse plugs are manufactured, inspected, and packaged in Albuquerque, New Mexico. From there, they are shipped to resellers and customers all over the world. Return to Top

How old is your company?

Enerpulse, Inc. is based in Albuquerque, NM where it has developed technologies and solutions for internal combustion, spark ignited engines. After the oil embargo in 1973, Enerpulse set out to create products that will enable better fuel efficiency in automotive engines to reduce our country's dependence on foreign oil. Together with Sandia National Laboratories, we continue to study and improve on spark plug technology for the benefit of the automotive industry. Return to Top


Spark Plug

Pulstar Spark Plug

Pulstar Plugs are electrical components that resemble your vehicle's spark plug not only in appearance but also in function. The similarity in appearance allows them to fit in perfectly into the slots allotted in your car's engine and the similarity in function allows them to generate a spark of power that's used to ignite the air-fuel mix found in your combustion chamber. But what sets these Pulse Star Plugs apart from your regular spark plug is their ability to unleash more power and enhance the efficiency of your vehicle's engine. While one spark plug can generate 50 watts, one Pulstar Plug is able to generate a spark ten times more powerful. It is able to do this with the help of a pulse circuit, which stores the electrical energy from the ignition system prior to it being released for combustion. Also, while spark plugs tend to waste energy by heating up the ignition components first before starting the ignition process, Pulse Plugs utilizes and focuses all the gathered energy into starting the ignition process. They're able to capture wasted energy, allowing them to be re-used again.

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