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RBI Doorman Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold is an integral part of the exhaust system. Its goal is to make it easier for the engine to push the exhaust gases out of the cylinders. The main function is to amass the exhaust gases from the engine's cylinder so it can be released to several holes until it converge into one pipe. From the manifold the exhaust gases goes to the catalytic converter and the muffler. An exhaust manifold in good condition is able to do the task of collecting these gases and give an unobstructed path towards the exhaust pipes. But, an exhaust manifold is not invulnerable to damage. It can crack due to high heat that may result to leaks. It can also suffer warping when mounting studs break. When your engine begins to sound noisy, it may be possible that your exhaust manifold is getting worn out. Get it checked by a qualified mechanic and if in need of replacement get yourself a high performance RBI Doorman Exhaust Manifold. This manifold will ensure that the exhaust gases are freely flowing to your exhaust pipe without any leak or clogging. Don't miss the chance of getting a premium quality exhaust manifold from our dependable auto parts store.

RBI Doorman P/S Pump Pulley

Known for its dependable and high class products, RBI Doorman leads the industry for heavy duty and efficient P/S pump pulley. Incorporated with cutting edge technology, RBI Doorman P/S pump pulley offers reliable service that lasts. A pump pulley basically functions in giving your vehicle excellent handling capability in extreme road conditions. Driven by a belt and a pulley, the pump draws hydraulic fluid from the return line at a low pressure and pushes it at a high pressure. With a high performance pump pulley in your vehicle, you get to achieve better steering. Made of metal and a serpentine belt type, the RBI P/S pump pulley installs easily in your car without damaging the internal components. Precision engineering has been used in the production of the part to allow it to offer efficient service. Proper maintenance of the part though is vital to guarantee you of its full potential as well as long life. Also, it will prevent you from costly repairs or replacements. If you want to get the bust pump pulley for your vehicle, trust only on RBI Doorman P/S pump pulley. Visit our online store to find the RBI Doorman pulley that you need. We carry genuine and top of the line RBI Doorman products that will ensure excellent performance for your car.

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