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Hard Working Rotella Trucks
Rotella ‐ The Engine Oil That Works As Hard As You Do

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Question: I service my own truck and don't keep all of the receipts from oil purchases; will I still qualify for the MMHOF program if I go 1 million miles?

    Answer: All applicants to the program must meet all of the published terms and conditions.

  • Question: My truck doesn't have the original engine in it from the manufacturer, would I still be eligible for the MMHOF.

    Answer: The program is designed to recognize those operators who have shown dedication to the consistent maintenance of the truck's original engine through the continued usage of Shell Rotella® heavy-duty engine oils for 1 million miles or more.

  • Question: I don't have 1 million miles on my engine, but I would like to buy one of the leather jackets, can I?

    Answer: The leather jacket is part of the membership package and is only available to those eligible members who have actually achieved that milestone.

  • Question: I have multiple trucks that qualify for the MMHOF, can I apply multiple times?

    Answer: Yes. If you have multiple vehicles that quality for the MMHOF, you can submit an application for each vehicle.

  • Question: My engine manufacturer offers a similar recognition program. Can I still apply to the Rotella MMHOF and my engine manufacturer's program?

    Answer: You qualify for the MMHOF if you meet all the terms and conditions of the program.

  • Question: Over the period of time that I accumulated 1 million miles on my engine, I had to use another brand of motor oil once because Shell Rotella® wasn't available at the installer I went to for service ‐ do I still qualify for the MMHOF program?

    Answer: Regardless of the brand of motor oil you use, you can enter the MMHOF program up to 250,000 miles. However, after that mileage on the qualifying engine, you must exclusively use Shell Rotella® engine oil (Triple Protection®, T5 or T6).

  • Question: I'm from Mexico, do I qualify for the MMHOF program?

    Answer: The MMHOF program is only available to operators living in the U.S. or Canada.

  • Question: My engine was recalled due to a manufacturer's defect, do I still qualify?

    Answer: In order to qualify for the program, any work done due to manufacturer's recalls must take place prior to the vehicle's engine achieving 250,000 miles or less. However, if the recall involves maintenance of any key components as mentioned in the MMHOF terms & conditions, then the vehicle will not be eligible for the MMHOF.

  • Question: My odometer broke on the truck but my log book supports that I've gone 1 million miles, do I still quality?

    Answer: Yes. If you have substantiation showing your vehicle's engine has achieved 1 million miles then you may qualify for the MMHOF program, if all other terms and conditions of the program have been met.