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Spectre: Speeding its Way Through History

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A business that is rooted in deep passion is a business that is built to succeed. It's almost similar to having a job that you love doing. That is what Speed by Spectre is all about. Spectre's founding father was and has always been a car enthusiast. And his knowledge and enthusiasm for performance enhancing auto parts helped him understand his customers better and provide them with the parts they need.

Amir Rosenbaum, the Car Enthusiast

Out of his pure love for his 1967 Camaro Convertible, Spectre founder Amir Rosenbaum started his venture into the automotive industry as a means of raising enough money to buy replacement parts. So in 1983 Rosenbaum decided to sell NylaBraid™, a slip-on nylon covering for hoses, out of his own parent's garage. After years of expansion and a few tweaks in his original product line, the Spectre brand continues to provide the same kind of service and quality it started with. As one of the most trusted names in innovative cold air intakes for muscle cars, its ProFab™ Muscle Car line promises to give any muscle car from the 50s to the 80s improved engine power. From being a small-scale NylaBraid reseller to a major distributor of performance auto parts, the Spectre brand and its founder have come a long way from their humble, self-made beginnings.

Small Innovations, Big Successes

Still a relatively small company, Spectre is located in Ontario, California with 25 employees that keep operations. Although this number looks small, it benefits the company's operations as the smaller group allows for better quality management. But whatever the company lacks in number, it makes up for in its state-of-the-art facility. The Spectre plant features top of the line Super-Flow bench with airflow, pressure, and velocity measuring capabilities, expensive scientific laboratory-type equipment, and a chassis dynamometer with diagnostic and emissions testing. All of this equipment ensures each and every product that comes out of their factory is made with high caliber and is expected to perform well.

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