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Stabilus: A World Leader in Hydropneumatic Devices

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In 1934, this company was founded in Koblenz, Germany, with its name taken from its first product, the Stabilisator. From then on, Stabilus coursed through decades manufacturing products that improved the road handling of vehicles, then its scope expanded to two other applications: swivel chair and industrial. Now, the company is known for its top-quality gas springs, dampers, and power tailgate systems.

The only strength

Stabilus considers only one characteristic for its undying strength: worldwide quality. By designing its own machines in all production facilities, it is able to ensure that its products receive the proper shaping and hammering needed to come out the best ones among their kind. From 1962 when it created the first-ever gas spring series, it has now become a manufacturer of more than 140 million units every year.

Environmental responsibility

Stabilus also ensures that its manufacturing processes save energy and resources. Aside from this, the company strives to reduce its CO2 emissions on a yearly basis, leading to the production of hydropneumatic products that are friendly to the environment.

Stabilus Conv.Top Cover Shock

When driving under all weather and all seasons, you need to be backed up by a functional convertible top shock to ensure smooth and failure-proof top retraction mechanisms. The common cause of shock failure is due to leaks, rust, or wearing which comes with age. With an obviously bad shock, find immediate replacement to effective get back the smoothness of top cover mechanisms. Prolonging its use is a risk to more serious engine problems so Stabilus have made available precision fitting convertible top cover lift shock as practical solutions to maintenance. Designed to be durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily abuse, the part guarantees longer lasting and dependable service in enabling you to keep the exclusive features of your posh and stylish ride. With Stabilus' careful attention to details, premium Stabilus convertible top cover shock features a doubled heat and pressure tolerances to reward your vehicle with better shock functionality which will surely hasten the accessibility of top control and mechanisms.

Stabilus Engine Shock

The working state of your engine assembly mounts and supports needs to be kept in near perfect conditions so as to address all potential damages brought by spring actions and vibrations which come inevitable as your vehicle adjusts to road irregularities. As the part responsible in resisting spring action and oscillations, periodically checking your engine shock is essential to the overall performance of your vehicle. Once leaks, tears, or wear are noticed, find heavy duty engine shock replacement so as not to play greater risks to more serious damages due to failure. Good thing precision fitting and heavy duty Stabilus engine shock are conveniently available to your vehicle's specific year, model, and make of applications. Taking careful attention to details, the product requires minimum fuss on fitment for it is custom designed to readily work in precision with existing engine supports. Go on and feel powerful acceleration and better engine responses by having your ride equipped with top quality Stabilus engine shock.

Stabilus Hatch Strut

The Stabilus hatch strut is one perfect part that you can use to support the weight of the hatch in your vehicle. This strut will support the hatch and hold it in place at the same time, allowing you to perform important tasks at the rear end of your auto. This part is just one of the many struts that can be used in your vehicle, and it has its own respective functions to perform once installed. If your auto has a stock hatch strut, always see to it that this strut is always working in optimum level. To check if the strut is still in good condition, try opening the rear hatch of your vehicle. If the hatch slowly returns back down, then something is wrong with the stock hatch strut and it calls for an immediate replacement. Aside from being a functional part, the Stabilus hatch strut can also be used as a styling part in your vehicle.

Stabilus Hood Lift

There are a number of things that may happen on the road, and some of these may require the inspection of some of the parts installed and located under your vehicle hood. In doing this, is it not easier if there will be a certain mechanism to hold the hood everytime you will check some of the parts under it? One integral part that you can use to hold the hood in an open position is the Stabilus hood lift. This lift can be fitted on both sides of the hood and will effectively hold it in an open position when needed. It will also effectively support the weight of the hood while you are doing an under-the-hood check. It is for this reason that the hood lift should be durable and crafted from reliable materials, to easily hold and support the weight of your vehicle hood. The installation of the said part in your auto may require no drilling.

Stabilus Hood Strut

The hood in your vehicle is considered to be an important part of its body as it is tasked to give protection to some of the performance parts which are installed and fitted under it. The hood is a protective covering on top of the engine compartment and should be durable and well fitted to the body of your auto. Now, the hood needs to be opened from time to time for a number of purposes, like inspection and repair of some parts. If you find it tricky to maintain your auto hood in an open position while checking the engine compartment, then it is necessary that you use and install a mechanism that will hold the hood in place. One product that you can use in your vehicle is the Stabilus hood strut. The hood strut is used to keep the front hood of your auto up and properly supported.

Stabilus Liftgate Glass Strut

Making sure that the liftgate glass strut of your vehicle will perform well is easy. What you can do is to simply keep the strut rod clean and free from nicks. Another way to do this is to clean the polished surface periodically with a dry and soft cloth. With this type of maintenance, you can be sure that the lifespan of your auto's stock liftgate glass strut will be improved. However, if these are not followed and the stock strut fails, there is no other course of action but to replace the said part. This is where the Stabilus liftgate glass strut comes in handy. This strut is an OEM direct fit, and this only means that you should not worry about the fit of this product in the liftgate of your auto. This particular strut can effectively assist you in raising and holding the glass hatch in a steady position.

Stabilus Steering Damper

Stabilus is one of the better known brands when it comes to dampers. Take the case of the Stabilus steering damper. This performance part is actually similar in function with the shock absorber and is often attached to the steering linkage so as to absorb road shock and steering kickback. Typically, the steering damper for automotive applications is that hydraulic damping element with a pressure tube featuring a connection fitting, a piston rod with the piston system, and a piston rod connection fitting. The piston rod that is installed in the assembly of the damper is usually mounted in a special seal-guide system in the pressure tube. There will also be a piston rod in the pressure tube that will feature a damping piston and the related valve system. The movement that is produced by the piston will displace the oil, which is pressed through the valve system to produce the necessary damping force.

Stabilus Tailgate Strut

It is expected of your auto's tailgate strut to weaken as your vehicle ages. That is why it is imperative that you check this strut from time to time. And when your auto's stock tailgate strut fails, you have no other course of action but to replace the part. One of the more reliable replacements that you can have is the Stabilus tailgate strut. This particular part is the strut used to hold and support the tailgate. This will be helpful to drivers and vehicle owners who do a lot of things at the back of their auto. Loading and unloading of cargoes will be a lot easier if you will fit a Stabilus tailgate strut. This will support the weight of the tailgate and maintain the gate in the open position at the same time as you need. This strut is easy to install, so you need not worry.

Stabilus Trunk Strut

Opening the trunk of your vehicle and keeping it that way can be a tiring process, especially if you need to check some parts in the trunk area. Now, if you want to have some help in your auto to effectively lift the trunk and maintain it in that position, it's about time that you use and install the Stabilus trunk strut. The strut is typically a sealed, gas-filled support that will effectively exert an outward force on the road to effectively lift and open the trunk of your vehicle. This particular part will make the closing and the opening of the trunk easy and comfortable. That is why if you find it hard to check some parts in the trunk of your auto, this strut will make the checking easier and more convenient. The Stabilus trunk strut will safely hold the trunk of your vehicle. Usually, this part is sold in the market individually.

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