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Timken Opens New Office in Jakarta
CANTON, Ohio: Aug. 26, 2010. Consistent with its strategy to serve growth throughout Asia, The Timken Company (NYSE:TKR) has opened a new office in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Affiliated with the Timken Singapore Pte, Ltd. subsidiary, the Jakarta office will serve growing demand in the region, particularly from customers in the metals, mining, cement, rail, energy and power generation industries.
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The Timken Company To Invest $50 Million In Its Ohio Steel Operations
CANTON, Ohio: August 12, 2010. The Timken Company (NYSE: TKR) announced that it will invest approximately $50 million in its steel operations in Canton, Ohio. Slated to begin this year, the investment is for the installation of a new intermediate finishing line at the Gambrinus Steel Plant and expansion of the steel lay-down yard at the Harrison Steel Plant's small-bar mill. Read More
Timken Chairman Appointed to Serve on U.S. Commerce Department's Manufacturing Council
CANTON, Ohio: Aug. 5, 2010. Following an announcement by the U.S. Department of Commerce, The Timken Company (NYSE: TKR) confirmed that Chairman Ward J. "Tim" Timken, Jr., has been appointed to serve on the U.S. Manufacturing Council. The Council advises the Secretary of Commerce on matters relating to sector, competitiveness and government policies and programs that affect U.S. manufacturers. Read More
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About Us

Wherever there is motion, you'll find Timken at work. Timken is one of the world's leading producers of highly engineered antifriction bearings and related products and services and alloy steel and components. We help create, transfer and control power, putting our friction management and power transmission technologies to work across a broad industry spectrum.
Timken has operations in 26 countries on six continents, and our team of 25,000 employees is dedicated to improving our customers' performance in a variety of applications.


History of The Timken Company
For more than 100 years, Timken has focused on value creation for diverse industries and market segments. We deliver a variety of friction management and power transmission solutions for applications ranging from aircraft and automobiles to mining equipment and medical instruments. We've grown considerably since our founding in 1899, but solving customer problems is still at the core of our business, just like it was when founder Henry Timken patented a tapered roller bearing design that made life easier for freight wagon operators and their mules.

Technology That Moves You

Developing more efficient ways to create, transfer and control power can have endless societal impacts, from improved energy efficiency that saves businesses and consumers money to reduced emissions that help sustain our environment.
Here are a few examples of how Timken technology is making a powerful difference.

Creating Power
High temperatures, pressures and frictional forces in heavy diesel engines create unique challenges for equipment designers and end consumers. Cylinder liners are used in these engines to help withstand these harsh conditions while maximizing horsepower and torque through sliding motion. Timken customers are discovering that steel gives them a better option over traditional cast iron designs. Thinner Timken steel liners are more durable, increase energy efficiency and reduce the amount of machining necessary to make the liners. Steel cylinder liners also reduce engine maintenance for end users and comply with future emissions regulations while retrofitting into existing engine block designs.

Transferring Power
Planetary gear systems are used to transfer power in a variety of industries, from automotive and agriculture to aerospace and defense. Conventional systems have evolved to the point where further refinements can only result in modest performance and capacity gains. Through extensive application analysis and technology developments, Timken has increased the power density of planetary gearsets with the Timken Flex Drive. This design features a bearing assembly and annular sleeve that supports the gear and provides significant torque reduction. Studies show that the flex drive can create 50 percent more power than traditional designs ? providing greater horsepower capacity within the same space.

Controlling Power
Speed, position, direction and torque are vital pieces of information for a variety of control systems. In transmissions, it enables more efficient shifting based on torque and speed. In wheel ends and drive shafts, it provides dynamic data and power control. Timken magnetic encoders help control power by providing more accurate speed and position data for antilock braking systems and are designed to withstand harsh environments. Ultimately, this technology increases transmission efficiency in a variety of vehicles.

Timken Technical Capabilities

Each day, Timken engineers analyze customer application problems and develop new ways to solve them. We have nearly a century of experience in materials science and steelmaking, and an even longer history in friction management. We use technical know-how to move customers toward improved performance. Our capabilities include:

Advanced Material Technology
Timken invests in technology development that results in cleaner, stronger materials. Our engineers drive technology in many markets, producing new and better products that demonstrate superior performance in high stress conditions. Whether we need to develop new material specifications, or help solve a customer processing problem, our advanced material engineers are among the most knowledgeable in the industry.

Advanced Press Technology
Our expertise in advanced material conversion, finishing, gaging and assembly ensures high quality production of every Timken-made product. With resources dedicated to studying, developing and implementing next generation manufacturing processes and technologies, we?re able to support new product growth and performance value for our customers.

Tribology Technology
Tribology is the science of interacting surfaces in relative motion. At Timken, our experts in engineered surfaces, advanced sealing technology, advanced lubrication, friction and wear analysis and contact mechanics work together to develop a wide range of motion solutions. We create new product and market opportunities through tribological innovations that enhance existing products and contribute to the development of new ones.

Design & Analysis Technology
Our design and analysis technologists specialize in using advanced engineering tools to design Timken products and analyze their performance. They also work directly with customers to analyze their applications and develop customized solutions that overcome special challenges.

Magnetics & Electronics
Emerging technologies developed and used by our magnetics and electronics specialists help machines work smarter and more efficiently. Information technology is incorporated into products for a variety of purposes, including motion control, condition monitoring and system prognostics.

Timken Tech Series

The Timken Tech Series program is an interactive, multimedia tool that helps you learn about and get the most out of Timken's automotive and heavy duty products. This resource provides thorough explanations that are detailed and easy to follow.

Two Ways To Learn

  • Select I'll Take the Wheel and you're in the driver's seat. Cruise at your convenience through all the information.
  • Choose I'll Ride Along and you will automatically be taken down all the byways of instruction.

As you move through each section, take a Driver's Exam to test your knowledge. You'll earn certification, recognition and other rewards!

Core Chapters

Timken Tech Series includes information on tapered, cylindrical, needle and ball bearings as well as hubs, seals and lubricants. Each product section is divided into information-packed chapters for ease of navigation. Chapters include:

  • Removal and Installation
  • Glossary
  • Troubleshooting
  • Product Features and Benefits
  • Videos
  • Literature

Earn certification three ways!

  • Online Welcome to Timken Tech Series, take the test and get your results instantly!
  • E-mail Complete the test version and e-mail it.
  • Hard copy Print a copy of the test, complete it, and fax or mail it.

Take the test as often as needed to achieve the 80 percent passing rate. After successfully completing a test, you will receive:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Timken Tech Series patch (after first test)
  • Chevron patch (for each section completed)
Timken Wheel Bearing

Timken Wheel Bearing
One of the most critical systems on your car or truck is the wheel bearing. Your wheel bearings allow the wheels to turn on the spindle. Without them, your vehicle would just be an expensive piece of sculpture. Wheel bearing will eventually fail, and because they are so important, you should always replace them with high quality bearings, such as a Timken Wheel Bearing. Timken Wheel Bearings are designed to handle the extreme stress of performance driving.

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