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Turbonetics Blow Off Valve

Your vehicle also needs a component that will facilitate the release of the excess pressure from the engine, or else, an explosion will be likely to occur. A blow off valve, as the name implies, is a pressure release system that is often present in turbocharged engines. This vital engine part aims to prevent compressor surge and to reduce wear on the engine. Turbonetics offers two types of Blow off Valves for your particular needs - the Raptor and the Godzilla. The "Raptor", comes with a new midsized bypass valve, a compact design that is fully polished. It offers a 1.5-inch valve, sealed valve stem, and adjustable preload. The Raptor's kit contains all the necessary hardware for mounting it along with flange and fittings. The Godzilla, another type of Turbonetics blow off valve, is effective for surge protection. This blow off valve has a unique design and construction that match that of aircraft quality. Our online store offers Turbonetics Blow Off Valves that are produced to provide the valves with the physical size and airflow capabilities that would easily fit into the gap. Keep on browsing through our parts catalog for your particular preferences. You can use our toll free lines whenever you need professional assistance.

Turbonetics Boost Controller

Your Turbonetics Boost Controller is intended to allow your turbo-charged vehicle to have a maximum potential in a repeatable, well- regulated manner. This controller has been designed to be one flexible electronic waste gate control solution against the dirt and drag race markets. Turbonetics boost controller can be used in many high performance applications requiring incremental boost control. Having a boost controller gives you a "slippery slope" nature of mode. Completing this may allow you to modify something else in the system. Your factory boost settings should be very conservative so there will be a lot of potential for improvement. The Turbonetics Boost Controller is a vital component that your engine must be equipped with. As the name implies, this will help your engine to manage its overall performance in order for you to attain your most desired boost. Our 24-hour online store has lots of boost controllers to offer. We have Turbonetics Boost Controllers in stock and they are available for different makes and models equipped with turbo-charged engines. Keep on browsing through our pages and discover our exclusive offers that you will surely enjoy. Our toll free lines are open for your needed details. We have friendly staffs that are very much willing to assist you any minute.

Turbonetics Intercooler

Designed by the experts in super performance turbocharger manufacturing, Turbonetics intercoolers are made by those who know the turbocharger cooling connection. They know you must have superior intercooler function to handle extreme boost pressures and only Turbonetics shapes its intercoolers for maximum cooling power. Turbonetics intercoolers are known for thicker walls and wider depth, yet custom-molded to exact fit for each make and model they serve. And Turbonetics serves an incredible variety of applications, including watercraft, off road, experimental aircraft, racing, motorcycles, rally cross, drifting and even tractor pulling. Our low price guarantee means that the best price for Turbonetics intercoolers and turbocharger systems is at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Turbonetics Intercooler

Your Turbonetics intercooler is known for their quality that was defined by the experts who know the turbocharger cooling connection. They are the ones who believe that your vehicle should be provided with superior intercooler function to handle extreme boost pressures. Turbonetics carefully manufacture their intercoolers for maximum cooling power. Turbonetics intercoolers are known for thicker walls and wider depth, but still custom-molded to fit exactly on any make and model. Our Turbonetics intercoolers in stock will surely provide your ride with additional power and torque without adverse impact on engine endurance. As a bolt on component in the turbo system, Turbonetics intercoolers can promptly provide more power and use less fuel at the same time. You can explore our user-friendly online catalog to search for your particular Turbonetics intercooler in stock. Just make sure that the unit you'll get will match the specifications of your vehicle to avoid installation problems and troubles. In case you run into some trouble while searching, our toll free lines are made available for your convenience. Your can ask our friendly customer service representatives any minute of the day. We assure you with the first rate service that you need.

Turbonetics Manifold

Turbonetics is the racing powerhouse known for turbocharger/intercooler systems on the front end, precision ultra-boosters in the middle and extreme manifolds on the back end. Their strength and durability is known on and off the track. And they serve an excellent array of applications for the auto power enthusiast market. Looking for an engineering manifold masterpiece to power up your custom road warrior or racing wonder? Turbonetics builds the perfect high endurance, extreme performance manifold for you. Cruise our collection of superior performance Turbonetic manifold products in handy Auto Parts Warehouse online catalog. Or call today. We have courteous and knowledgeable staff ready 24/7 to serve your manifold needs at 1-800-859-0923 toll-free.

Turbonetics Manifold

The intake manifold contains several passages that conduct fuel mixture from the carburetor to the engine's intake valves. Your manifold design must effectively contribute to the efficient operation of your engine. This is the reason why the Turbonetics Manifold is designed to provide a smooth and even operation for the fuel charging into each cylinder with the same strength and quality. This manifold is capable of distributing fuel evenly to the cylinders. Modern engine manifolds like the ones made by Turbonetics play a role in minimizing the amount of fuel condensing on the intake manifold walls. As a racing powerhouse known for turbocharger/intercooler systems in the front end, Turbonetics also assures precision ultra-boosters in the middle and extreme manifolds on the back end. Turbonetics always make sure to provide you products that are highly durable and long lasting. If you are looking for a highly dependable Turbonetics Manifold to power up your custom road warrior, our online store is here to serve you. You can check out our wide selection of manifolds for your satisfying search. For your particular Turbonetics Manifold queries, our toll free lines are open any time of the day for your convenience. Keep on surfing through our site to discover our great offers.

Turbonetics Turbo Kit

The Turbonetics Turbo Kit is specially designed for your vehicle. Whether you have a four cylinder sport compact or V-8 muscle car, the Turbonetics Kit has everything that you need ? from fuel and ignition to piping and fittings to achieve complete bolt-on turbo performance; just name it and we have it. Turbonetics provides you the complete turbo kits that you need ? from exhausting to air entry up to the catalyst. This Turbo Kit does not require any installation; at least you won't have to worry about its hassle because of its easy bolt-on installation. Using the Turbonetics Turbo Kit you won't have to worry about the almost 4-6 weeks of downtime in order to get a kit fabricated because it can easily be installed in just 8 ? 12 hours. And not that just that, with the Turbonetics Turbo kit you won't have to think about the possible after effects of experimenting with your car. This kit features a fuel and ignition management system that are already pre-programmed in order to maintain a free-flow and consistent air and fuel and timing control under all circumstances. Improve your car's power and performance with the Turbonetics Turbo Kit.

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