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Unichip Performance Chip
The Unichip performance chip is the best way to increase the performance of your vehicle ? well that is if your car is foreign or maybe domestic. It can almost add up to almost ten percent of performance boost. All you have to do is to plug it into the port of your engine's computer. At least you won't need any large garage or grease rags when doing this upgrade. It is the best thing there is to make adjustments in your engine's computer that is in order to extract a little more performance from your vehicle's engine. Using the Unichip performance chip, it replaces the program of your vehicle's computer when you first bought it. The Unichip performance chip actually works by replacing the conservative engine specifications with ones that really defines performance. It adjusts spark timing and the air to fuel ratio in order to raise the RPM limit and also to extract higher amount of power to make use of the acceleration curve. The Unichip performance chip can be adjusted to suit the specification of the car with help of a technician from the Unichip team. This performance chip can be tailored to the specific modifications and performance needs that you need. Shop from us and browse our large assortment of other performance enhancing products for all vehicle types.