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WAAG Bumper Guard

Using the WAAG Bumper Guard you can now boost your truck or SUV's rear-end protection. The WAAG Bumper Guard is made from heavy-duty steel with molded vinyl pads for better collision absorption strength. With the WAAG Rear Bumper Guard you are provided with all the essential custom-made cover for your vehicle's back-end and you won't have to worry about blocking your trailer hitch. These bumper guards from WAAG were distinctively designed to follow the contour of your vehicle. You would just need more or less than 30 minutes in installing them. The WAAG Rear Bumper Guard is actually outfitted with molded vinyl-padded uprights in order to repel or somehow reduce the minor impacts of collision. The WAAG bumper guard comes in a powder coated that has undergone five stage of flat finish to effectively prevent rusting, chipping and nicks even after years of use. There is also other WAAG Rear Bumper Guard aside from black finish; it also comes in Charcoal, Silver and Grey finishes. These bumper guards are available for a limited number of models. The WAAG bumper guard is the best partnered with the WAAG front runner guard. It has three piece welded units ship UPS and will just require you addition 5 minutes in addition upon installation of the new assembly.

WAAG Grille Guard

Outfit your truck or SUV's appearance using a tough-looking slice off the steel block from WAAG. Introducing the WAAG Center Grille Guard! The WAAG grille guard is actually custom-made and designed to fit your trucks and SUV's. The WAAG Grille guard is crafted from heavy-duty steel that's expertly designed to complement the contour of your vehicle's specification. The curves of the grille guard were uniquely designed to accent contours of your vehicles for greater look. The best WAAG grille guard there is the five-stage powder-coated black finish. All WAAG Center Grille Guards passes all these five stage of flat finish to resist possible chips, nicks and rusting. It features a removable headlight grille that is easily removed. Installation of the WAAG grille guard will at least take you less half an hour and won't require you to do drilling or cutting. And in order to match the accent of your vehicle better, install a WAAG center guard on it either black, silver, gray or charcoal finish depending on the specification of your vehicle. Mounting your new WAAG Center Grille Guard will take you less than 30 minutes. WAAG has also included all the mounting hardware that you will need in order to bolt right onto the frame. Provide maximum protection and rigidity for your grille with the WAAG grille guard.

WAAG Nerf Bars

Getting in and out of your vehicle without a WAAG nerf bar is a very difficult thing to do. The best application of the WAAG nerf bar that you should use is the black powder coated type. This nerf bars were black powder finished inside and out in order to prevent rust. To give better strength and rigidity be sure to always check the frame mounted to achieve maximum support. The WAAG Kick Out nerf bars are best protecting the rear fender on dually applications of your vehicle. and with the rear step pad, this allows easy access with your truck or too box. See to it that there are no non skid pads positioned where you need them. Besides, it says in the instruction that also be "No drilling required". Climb into your payload with ease using the WAAG nerf bars. This features extra length and a bonus step pad which are not found on the standard size side tubes and nerf bars. The WAAG nerf bars are engineered to custom-made in order to follow the contours of your specific vehicle. These nerf bars from WAAG gives a sleek look and a sturdy stepping place on slip-free pads of your vehicle. So if you want to give a kick look and your vehicle be sure to have and service from us.

WAAG Push Bar

The WAAG push bar is actually an updated version of the ever popular Push Bar. Each one of the WAAG Push Bar applications were re-designed in style and even made tougher in mind, in order to enhance the look of the front of your truck or SUV. The all new WAAG push bar are welded 1-piece center sections that are contoured to fit your vehicle. The materials from which the WAAG push bars are constructed are polished 304 stainless steel. These steels are developed for strength and maximum rust protection. There are also light tabs are included with the WAAG push bars for easy installation of the driving Lights. You can also Add some optional brush guards for a look that's all depending on your own preference. The WAAG Push Bars can be installed individually or also can be combined with optional Brush Guards for added headlight protection. These push bar uprights were designed to follow the contour each vehicle's bumper depending on its particular specification or application for maximum strength . it comes with the mounting tabs for auxiliary lights and features an easy and secure bolt-together assembly. These WAAG push bars are guaranteed for long life and working service. With the WAAG Push bars it is now easy to maintan polished finish, and it also adds protection to the front-end portion of your vehicle.

WAAG Tail Light Guard

The WAAG Tail Light Guard is one of the best ways there is to protect your rear lights from damages. And not only that, with the WAAG tail light guard, you can instantly freshen up the look of your ride. WAAG tail light guards are available in various colors and finishes such as black, charcoal, silver and grey. Give your vehicle a new look and style. Provide your tail lights with excellent protection and with LTD look when you install WAAG tail light guard. It has hand crafted curves, mitered corners and polished welds in order to provide your vehicle a new look and protection that the tail light deserves. It is actually an ideal way to complete the off-road looks of your vehicle and elegant ride that you are looking for. Take the attention of by passers and other drivers and set a new trend with the WAAG Tail Light Guards. Besides, it perfectly matches your grille guards and bumper guards which make it approve more the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. These WAAG tail light guards were carefully crafted from steel that's expertly shaped to follow the contours of your truck or SUV. Also the WAAG Tail Light Guards offer smooth, detailed looks to your vehicle. Shop with us!

WAAG Truck Bed Rack

With the use of the WAAG Truck Bed rack you can transform your pickup into a mighty transporter. It has a load capacity of 1750lbs. The WAAG truck bed rack is capable of carrying all the ladders, lumber, drywall and rebar on your truck bed that you can pile on. The strength of the truck bed rack goes back to its heavy-duty frame and its solid base. The WAAG truck bed rack features side tresses and its overhead perimeter measuring around 2", to 125 gauge steel tubing, and the top rails with full 1" around. And also a 3/16" thick side rail that spins the entire length of your truck bed rail in order to provide it a solid foundation and distributes the load evenly. Have a stable flat form in your truck bed and equip it with the WAAG truck bed rack designed for carrying oversized gear. The WAAG truck bed rail is best for safely hauling lumber, ladders, piping, shovels and sheetrock besides it can hold a capacity of 1750lbs. In addition to that, it has a built in cantilever that stretches over the roof for even and greater storage capacity. Don't worry too much about its installation, because it will just take you around 30 minutes and also, it does not even require any drilling.

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