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A Numerical History of Westar

Date Published:

As a relatively new brand in the auto parts industry, Westar has grown impressively through the years. From its small 2,000 sq foot warehouse to its now bigger and better distribution centers, it has proven that hard work and perseverance knows no timeline. This is all thanks to the people, and the numbers, that has catapulted Westar to what it is today.

  • 1986: Birth of Westar. Founded by Hardeep Singh Chadha in , Westar started as an importer of engine mount lines for local warehouses and distributors.
  • 200,000: Area of Westar's Warehouse. Located in Columbia, Maryland, the extremely small warehouse of Westar has carried different auto parts from manufacturers in India. Its product line started with engine mount lines and moved on to supply drive shaft center supports and strut mounts a few years after.
  • 2000: Year of Growth for Westar. Westar hired Peter Ferber as its first national sales manager. Since then, he has successfully propelled the brand to new levels of demand and competitive pricing.
  • 4: Product Lines of Westar. After the addition of strut mounts and drive shafts, Westar also started distributing air suspension product, expanding its product list to four.

Westar Engine Mount

The main use of an engine mount is to help your engine execute quick shifts while expressing hard acceleration. Hence, the engine will be prevented from suffering too much vibration as you drive around no matter what kind of road surface you're on. But no ordinary engine mount can compare to what the Westar Engine Mount can do. With this product from Westar, your vehicle is secured with durable engine mount. It is mainly made from fist class materials in order to extensively utter its optimum performance. So if you're the kind of owner whose concerned with every part that your vehicle has, make sure to have this product for your engine. For you not to have a hard time looking for this product, you don't have to go elsewhere because you could purchase this product from our site. Viewing all kinds of engine mounts from Westar is a privilege for you. We got the wide range of selection. All you need to consider is the type and model of your vehicle's engine. Like the other automotive parts, compatibility of this product is essential for your engine to have optimum performance.

Westar Suspension Mount

To keep your suspension on its perfect geometry, you have to make sure that its mounting is always at its peak level of performance. Once the mounting is worn out, it could likewise affect your suspension's utmost performance. Thus if your suspension's mounting is already damaged, you have to replace it immediately. But don't simply acquire ordinary mounts. For secured sturdiness, have the Westar Suspension Mount for your vehicle. This product is custom made for specific vehicle type, model and make. However, suspension device type must also be mulled over. Take note that the exceptional performance of this product differ greatly with its precision. So having the devices and mount match up is an essential quality for your vehicle. Isn't it disappointing if your suspension system is not working properly only because of unmatched mountings? So what are you waiting for? If you have faulty or unmatched suspension mounts, take this chance to have this product from us. We can certainly offer and provide you the kind of mountings from Westar that your vehicle needs.

Westar Transmission Mount

When it comes to your vehicle's speed and acceleration, your vehicle's transmission system is one of the vital components to attend to. Even if such system is completed with high grade materials in its construction but possess poor kind of mountings, still performance level is affected. Bear in mind that poorly working transmission will put your safety at risk. Hence having both of the finest transmission mounts and the transmission devices itself is an asset for your vehicle. This product is the Westar Transmission Mount. With this mounting, your ride is definitely in good mounts. Comfy ride is the product's result of being durable and rigid. Aside from that, even if you go off-roading, your transmission is certainly in one piece. Nevertheless complying with the products longer service life span is affected with the sufficient corrosion resistance it possesses. Opting to have this product? Then don't browse or surf elsewhere. From this site you have the privilege to view all the kinds and types. Simply search for it by category. Just specify the make, model and type of both the vehicle and transmission device.

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