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Toyota TUNDRA Bumper

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For a hardworking truck like the Toyota Tundra, keeping it in its tip-top shape will make it run with greater efficiency. Either for your hauling or towing needs, this rear-wheel drive pickup can be depended upon. It should not be taken for granted, especially its parts that often do the dirty work--the front and rear bumpers. If you frequently drive in dirt roads or grassy areas, these bumpers will be exposed to debris, dirt, and water that could affect their durability. So don't be surprised if they would be rusty or would fall off after a few years. And if this happens to your Tundra, the easiest and cheapest way to bring the bumpers back to business is by replacing them with high-quality replacement bumpers. Look for a direct-fit replacement that's cost effective and durable enough to restore your Tundra's functionality and style.

Frequently Asked Questions Ask APW

The front bumper of a two-year old Toyota Tundra truck already has little rust spots that aren't supposed to be there since the car is still new. What could possibly cause this? Answer: For a chrome-plated stock bumper of a Toyota Tundra, it is expected to be rust-free for up to five to ten years. However, there are certain factors that could lead to this part to wear off earlier than expected. Frequent exposure of the Tundra to rain or even to the exhaust gases of vehicles would cause it to rust. But since the Tundra is covered by a warranty, the dealer could replace the bumper if the owner wishes to, given that the car is relatively new and the damage could be caused by a problem with the chrome-plating process of the truck's bumper.

The steel rear bumper of the Toyota Tundra recently got hit. When buying an aftermarket rear bumper replacement, which is better: a direct fit or an OE replacement? Answer: An original equipment (or OE) replacement rear bumper could better restore the authentic look of the stock bumper compared to its direct fit counterpart. While this could be more expensive, it normally has a longer warranty period than others. It is made of high-quality materials, and it comes with the mounting hardware required during installation. It is advisable to buy an OE replacement especially if the owner wants to regain the authenticity of the parts--less the cost.

When buying an aftermarket front bumper for a Toyota Tundra, which type of finish is more durable and stylish: chrome-plated or primered? Answer: Aftermarket steel bumpers--either chrome-plated or primered--are durable replacement parts for a Toyota Tundra's stock bumper. A chrome-plated bumper leaves a shiny and stainless finish, while a primered one gives a simple but elegant look on the fascia. It depends on the owner's preference what type of finish and color he/she wants to match with the body of the pickup.

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