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Volkswagen Quantum Coolant/Antifreeze

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Pentosin PENTOFROST NF (with silicates) - 1.5 liters


ASTM D-3306 DIN, ASTM & DBL standards.
Color: Blue/Green
Concentrate: Full Strength - Recommended 50/50 mixture with distilled water
OEM Approval: N/A
Volume: 1.5 liters

Environmentally Friendly Nitrite-Free Antifreeze

Pentofrost NF is an environmentally friendly Antifreeze concentrate for multipurpose applications in water-cooled engines. It does not contain any nitrites, amines or phosphorous containing additives. Pentofrost NF protects all material used in cooling systems and is recommended for non ferrous metals and year-round use.

***OEM Recommended
  • Audi (up to 06/1996)
  • BMW (all years)
  • Dodge Sprinter (all years)
  • Jaguar (up to 1997)
  • Mercedes-Benz (all years)
  • Mini (all years)
  • Porsche 924, 928, 944, & 968 (all years)
  • Range Rover V8 & Diesel (1990-2005)
  • Saab (up to 2001)
  • Volkswagen (up to 06/1996)
  • Volvo (all years)
Pentosin Antifreeze is specifically adapted for use in alloy engines and formulated for year-round use, this line of modern engine coolants is nitrite and amine-free. Pentosin Antifreeze prevents lime formation, protects against corrosion and cavitation, and never foams. Guaranteed. All Pentosin Antifreeze fluids are manufactured to the exact specs of DIN, ASTM, and DBL.

Warranty Information: Using the appropriate Pentosin product shouldn't invalidate the vehicle's warranty.

  • SKU#: W0133-1635303
  • Brand: Pentosin
Fits the following Volkswagen Quantum Years:
  • 1982-1988 | All Engines | All Submodels
Rating: (see review/s)

"Although I am not a chemicals genius topping a toyota with pink antifreeze with this blue stuff is not the factory reccomendation. Blue/green antifreeze is VW part no G11 used in Audi/VW cooling systems prior to 1996. Purple is VW part G12 pink/violet is g12++. Neither of the twain should meet look at pink stuff to top your Toyota. This all of course could be mechanics superstition. Antifreeze is to prevent corosion and to raise the boiling point lower the freezing point. If a part fails it was probably gonna fail anyway." posted by: MaynardGK on January 3, 2013

"So every two years I drain my rad and resovoir and refill with a gallon of Toyota's Ultra Long Life Pink Stuff. I used to do it every year. The idea being to stay ahead of oxidation and corrosion so I do not ever need to flush it! $18 for a gallon is not bad. This year more coolant drained out then in the past so a gallon was not enough! I did not want to drive 60 miles one way to get another gallon. So while I was at my Local CarCraft Parts store I say this product. I looked at the label and the chemicals are identical for the first 3 of 4 ingredients. THe last ingredient on the Toyota product is Potassium Hydroxide and the Pentosin use's Sodium Hydroxide but both are functionally the same in the engines coolant system and will work in like fashion. The only thing to keep in mind is that the Pentosin is blue not pink!" posted by: Britannica John on April 16, 2010