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Your Jeep Wrangler fender serves to keep dirt, dust, and other substances from the road away from the wheel, the braking system, and the rest of the car. Besides serving this primary function, it also protects you and your passengers in the event of a low-speed crash. A "fender-bender" is a familiar term that describes a minor accident in which a vehicle's fenders are damaged during a collision. Because of this very common occurrence, a Jeep Wrangler fender replacement is designed so that it's quickly and easily installed. Your fenders can also add to the aesthetic value of your car.

Frequently Asked Questions Ask APW

Black Jeep Wrangler fenders are delicate and prone to fading and chipping. What can be done to avoid these? Answer: Keep the Jeep Wrangler parked inside the garage when not in use to protect the fenders from damaging elements. As much as possible, the fenders should be washed with sponge and water not coming from a high-pressure hose. They need to be waxed, and a clear-coat wax protectant needs to be applied to their painted surface.

Can the original appearance of the fender be restored? Answer: Although Jeep Wrangler fender replacement is encouraged, it can be painted again to restore some of its original charm. The process requires thoroughly cleaning with soap and water, sanding to remove scratches, and then painting using spray paint. Finally, the fenders are wet-sanded with sandpaper.

The Jeep Wrangler fender seems like a pretty simple car component. Is it easy to detach and replace? Answer: Although the removal and installation of fenders on a Jeep Wrangler is a bit easier than on a full-size Jeep--the latter has longer fenders and will have more bolts--detaching other components is still required. The battery, air intake system, and wiring harnesses are among the parts that need to be removed to be able to get to the snaps and screws holding the fender in place. The right set of tools--this includes ratchets, sockets, and screwdrivers--is needed to tackle the task.

What additional functions does a Jeep Wrangler fender perform? Answer: Some manufacturers have created Jeep Wrangler fenders that are meant to make a car more aerodynamic. This means that at high speeds, the fenders can take resistance better and therefore put less pressure on the whole car, making it go faster. Sleek fenders with additional features such as grooves or grillwork are made especially to provide this added function.

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