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Before your Jeep Wrangler begins to conquer the pavement, you'd better check the side mirrors on your pickup if they are in good condition. It's important to do this because the side mirrors show passing cars that must be seen clearly, so you can steer accordingly. A broken mirror can give you a world of trouble because it will be difficult to see the highway and the cars around you. You don't want to risk your safety with this minor problem that could easily be solved, right? If you're already having a hard time driving, then find a replacement side mirror immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions Ask APW

After driving from the rain, water is always present inside the Jeep Wrangler's side mirror. Is there a better way of draining the water to prevent it from constantly accumulating? Answer: A good way to solve this problem is by drilling a hole underneath the side mirror's housing. This is done by locating the foam that comes to a V at the bottom of the housing, and by creating a little notch on the foam. When that's done, a drill can work its way up the notch to create a hole. That hole will help the water inside the side mirror's housing to escape faster, rather than slowly dripping on the door of the vehicle.

If the front door of the Jeep Wrangler would be removed, what type of side mirror would fit well and where is the right place to mount it? Answer: The side of the windshield is a good position for the side mirror because it's easy to install on that part and the mirror will look good there as well. The vibration is also lesser from that area compared to the fender. A side mirror with a long stem has the tendency to shake and vibrate, and frequent tightening may also be needed. A good alternative is a side mirror that has a base that measures just right and comes with a relocation bracket. Although other car owners prefer to use motorcycle mirrors, make sure that the size of the mirror is the recommended size for cars because it is mandated by federal law.

What's an effective and affordable way of removing water spots off the Jeep Wrangler's side mirror? Answer: A mixture of white vinegar and water is a good solution that will remove the streaks and spots on the side mirror. Just rub it using a sponge or a clean rag. To finish it off, a small amount of car remover can give a nice, polished look.

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