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Ford F-150 Power Programmer

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Features and Benefits
  • Includes a scan tool to read and clear any engine diagnostic trouble codes
  • Designed for the driver who wants to change engine tuning without changing transmission shifting, shift points or speed/rev limiters
  • Features Tri-Power tuning which programs for either regular, midgrade or premium fuel
  • Gives premium performance with lower cost regular octane fuel or program for better performance using midgrade or premium fuel
  • Upgradeable to the full Performance Programmer version
  • No custom programming available
  • With Jet Performance limited warranty

Notes: 50-state legal

  • SKU#: J2016043
  • Brand: Jet Performance
  • Warranty: Jet Chips limited warranty
Fits the following Ford F-150 Years:
  • 2004-2009 | All Engines | All Submodels
  • 2008 | All Engines | FX2, FX4, Harley-Davidson Edition, King Ranch, Lariat, Limited, STX, XL, XLT

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Ford F-150 Power Programmer, Jet Performance E-Z Tune, Sold Individually, 2-3 business days

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Loaded with targeted technology focused on getting the absolute best gas mileage out of your gas-powered or flex-fuel vehicle, the Max Energy E-CON from Hypertech boosts fuel economy up to 6 MPG and is tailored to those looking for an affordable way to get better mileage without paying for expensive features they don’t need. Hypertech, an automotive technology leader in tuning computer-controlled vehicles, is backed by a dedicated team of proven racers, hot rodders and hard core enthusiasts who are passionate about performance.

  • Increase gas mileage by as much as 6 mpg
  • Designed for gas-powered or flex-fuel vehicles
  • Designed to first and foremost dramatically increase gas mileage
  • 50-state street legal
  • Upgradable to tune speed/rev limiters, tire size (up to 54”), gears, shift points and more
  • Internet updateable via USB cable (included)
  • Reads/clears DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes)
  • Smaller than a cell phone
  • SKU#: H5843501
  • Brand: Hypertech
  • Cooling Fan Temperature Adjustability: No
  • Rev Limiter Adjustability: No
  • Shift Firmness Adjustability: No
  • Shift Point Adjustability: No
  • Speedometer Calibration Tire Size: No
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Fits the following Ford F-150 Years:
  • 2014 | 8 Cyl 6.2L | XLT
  • 2013-2014 | 6 Cyl 3.5L | Limited
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$349.00 List Price $411.82 Save $62.82 Availability: In Stock
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Superchips’ Flashpaq programmer is a plug-and-play powerhouse and has become the world’s best-selling handheld tuner. Just plug it in and the Flashpaq tunes your ride for improved throttle response, shifting and/or fuel consumption under a variety of driving conditions. Superchips was one of the first companies to specialize in tuning computer-controlled, fuel-injection vehicles and leads the industry today in tuning technology for late model vehicles.

  • Dramatically improves fuel economy, horsepower, torque and throttle response
  • Best-selling handheld tuner in the world
  • Reads diagnostic trouble codes
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Designed to work with all vehicles
  • Update via internet
  • Shows engine data and parameter IDs
  • Optimizes speed/rev limiter, shift points  and air/fuel ratio for better performance
  • Tunes for towing, performance, stock/factory, fuel economy and transmission only
  • Compatible with aftermarket air filters, exhausts, cold-air intakes, throttle body spacers

See product for application and installation details.

  • SKU#: S541842
  • Brand: Superchips
  • Anticipated Ship Out Time: 2-3 business days
  • Cooling Fan Temperature Adjustability: See application detail
  • EO Number: Gas D-330-11
  • Notes: California Edition
  • Rev Limiter Adjustability: See application detail
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Fits the following Ford F-150 Years:
  • 2014 | 8 Cyl 6.2L | XLT
  • 2013-2014 | 8 Cyl 6.2L | FX2, FX4
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$369.00 List Price $461.25 Save $92.25 Availability: In Stock
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Edge’s EvoHT power programmer is a multi-function handheld tuning powerhouse, allowing diesel truck and gas-powered vehicle owners to choose between several program levels and the ability monitor crucial engine parameters for optimal performance. Edge was one of the first companies to specialize in performance electronics in the diesel truck space, and now leads the industry not only in diesel truck tuning, but gas-powered vehicles as well.

  • Power programming levels from aggressive performance to stock
  • Expandable to work with aftermarket parts like air filters, exhaust, cold air intake, etc.
  • Tunes engine drivetrain for dramatically improved towing, drivability and/or fuel economy
  • Superior tuning of shift points and speed/rev limiters for example
  • Designed for diesel trucks and/or gas-powered vehicles
  • Recalibrates speedo for different tire sizes and axle gears
  • Monitors engine and transmission data
  • Can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Internet updatable
  • SKU#: E4416030
  • Brand: Edge Products
  • Fit Note: E.O.# D-330-11
  • Anticipated Ship Out Time: 1-2 Business Days
  • Cooling Fan Temperature Adjustability: See application detail
  • EO Number: D-330-11
  • Notes: EO # covers gas through 2012. 2013-2014 Pending
  • Rev Limiter Adjustability: See application detail
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Fits the following Ford F-150 Years:
  • 2014 | 8 Cyl 6.2L | XLT
  • 2013-2014 | 6 Cyl 3.5L | Limited
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$420.24 List Price $495.88 Save $75.64 Availability: In Stock
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SLP Performance Parts power programmer comes armed with an ultra-hot custom tune developed specifically for any vehicle application. Through extensive testing and in-house dynamometer. Made to determine the precise levels of spark and fuel required to achieve optimal horsepower and torque at each rpm increment.

  • Portable and easy to use unit allows to fine tune a wide range of computer controlled powertrain functions for maximum power and drivability
  • Manipulation of shift points and rev limiters for correct speedometer of non-stock gear ratios and tire sizes boost transmission line pressure

Remove the factory top speed governor for firmer and more precise shifts.

  • SKU#: SLPF27001T
  • Brand: SLP Performance Parts
  • Fit Note: Does not fit Heritage Models, Truck, Does Not Fit Heritage Models
  • Trouble Code Read Out: Yes
Fits the following Ford F-150 Years:
  • 2006 | All Engines | Harley-Davidson Edition
  • 2005-2006 | All Engines | King Ranch
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$379.00 List Price $538.80 Save $159.80 Availability: In Stock
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The Scorcher line of power programmers by aFe are designed to make your vehicle’s aftermarket accessories and your engine play nicely together for consistent drivability, regardless of whether you program it for increased performance, towing power or mileage for example. Started in 1999, aFe Power is known for its innovative design and manufacturing standards with regard to filters and cold air intakes for most road-going vehicles.

  • Designed specifically to work with aftermarket mods including manifolds, intakes and exhaust
  • Completely safe – won’t mess up your engine
  • Easy to use handheld device
  • Programs to choose from include fuel economy, towing and performance for example
  • Maintains day-to-day drivability
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Simple plug-n-play performance
  • Maximizes power from the low end to the high end of the RPM range
  • SKU#: A157743003
  • Brand: AFE
  • Fit Note: DTC/Multi Tune Adjustable/Internet Updateable, HP Increase +54 hp, Torque Increase +68 lbs./ft.
Fits the following Ford F-150 Years:
  • 2011-2012 | 6 Cyl 3.5L | FX2, FX4, King Ranch, Lariat, Platinum, XL, XLT
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It takes great knowledge and a set of expensive equipment to manually boost your Ford F-150's engine performance. However, with a power programmer, all you need is to plug it under the dashboard, answer a few yes or no questions, and relax because the rest of the optimization is up to the detachable device. Unlike mounting a cold air intake system or using a forced induction system, the installation of a power programmer is a cheap and easy way to raise your Ford F-150's power production and efficiency. So, save yourself from expensive engine upgrades, and find a cheap and trouble-free power programmer for your Ford F-150.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Aside from boosting gas mileage, what other benefits do Ford-150 owners get from power programmers?
    Answer: Aside from delivering the car with better gas mileage, the power programmer also provides increased peak horsepower and torque and a larger total area under the torque curve. Additionally, the programmer boosts turbo spool, fuel economy, and also towing ability for the Ford F-150. Also, by adjusting the rev limiter and removing the speed limiter, it allows the correct speedometer and RPM settings for increasing top speeds. Moreover, with the programmer's ignition timing and air or fuel ratio optimization, the Ford F-150's engine produces the most power out of each combustion stroke.
  • Do power programmers help provide better gas mileage to the Ford F-150?
    Answer: Power programmers are good alternatives to the more expensive cold air intake and forced induction system because they are cheaper. Yet, cheaper does not necessarily mean of lower quality because these power programmers allow efficient engine operation through adjusting the Ford F-150's air or fuel ratio and ignition timing. This means that the car's motor creates more power with less fuel to optimize energy output. Additionally, Ford F-150's engine does not need to stress itself to produce power during combustion because of the better gas mileage that the power programmer provides.
  • Is a Ford F-150 power programmer different from a control module?
    Answer: Unlike the control module, the Ford F-150 power programmer is not a permanent attachment to the automobile. While a control module is wired directly to the vehicle's onboard computer inside the engine compartment, the power programmer is only plugged under the OBDII port located under the dashboard. It may be plugged when needed and unplugged once the optimization is done. Furthermore, a power programmer allows human input, which is different to the control module's system that disregards the driver's input. As you can see, the programmer allows the users to adjust the settings to fit their driving habits.