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Jeep Wrangler Seat Belt

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The seat belt in your Jeep Wrangler is designed to secure you and your passengers in your seats in the event of a collision. Its safety measures work in many ways. It stops the vehicle occupants from hitting hard against interior elements, and against each other; it keeps the passengers positioned correctly when the airbag deploys; and it prevents people from being ejected from the vehicle. There are several types of seat belts, but cars employ the three-point arrangement--for the front seat--where passengers fasten the lap and sash belts as one unit. For the back seat, a combination of the three-point belt and the sash belt is typically the norm.

Frequently Asked Questions Ask APW

Can children use the same Jeep Wrangler seat belt as adults? Answer: That depends on how old the children are. If they are tall enough to have the three-point belt rest securely across their shoulder, torso, and lap; then, yes. However, if the passengers are too young to sit on their own; child restraints are strongly advised.

How are ratings for the Jeep Wrangler seat belt obtained? Answer: Prior the release of every Jeep Wrangler, all its parts and components are tested by the US Department of Transportation--specifically the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A vehicle will not be authorized in the market if one or more of its components do not meet the minimum safety standards stipulated by the government.

How will the Jeep Wrangler seat belt protect the passenger from injuries if it is flexible? Answer: Retractors lock the mechanism when it senses an abrupt deceleration. However, it should still be flexible enough to allow minimal movement while the belt distributes the force to the chest, pelvis and shoulders. This is also the reason why when the safety belt pulls back, the vehicle occupant won't feel any pain.

Is a Jeep Wrangler seat belt enough to keep passengers safe? Answer: Stand alone? No, it cannot. Where safety matters are concerned, more is indeed better. Safety belts and airbags should always go together; because there are instances--like side crashes--wherein the protection provided by the seat belt proves to be inadequate.

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