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Coolant Temperature Sensor for 2005 Volkswagen Beetle

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Beck Arnley OE replacement Coolant Temperature Sensor

Beck Arnley OE Replacement Coolant Temperature Sensor

Beck Arnley is a leading provider of quality automotive parts equivalent to OE structure, fit, and performance together with the hard-to-find merchandises for cars, light trucks, and SUVs. Beck Arnley's years of experience and proficiency in global sourcing provides vehicle owners the precise part for the right and most up-to-date vehicle applications

Help your vehicle's computer to adjust the engine's temperature to the ideal level for warming up and until it reaches operating temperature with an efficient and dependable Coolant Temperature Sensors from Beck Arnley. Also, these sensors support the vehicle's fuel and emission control functions.

Beck Arnley Coolant Temperature Sensor, Direct Fit, Sold Individually, 1-2 Business Days
$22.69 List Price $26.77 Save $4.08 Availability: In Stock
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  • SKU#: 158-0629
  • Warranty: 90-day or 4,000-mile Beck Arnley limited warranty
Fits the following 2005 Volkswagen Beetle submodels:
  • 4 Cyl 1.8L | GLS
  • 4 Cyl 2.0L | GL, GLS
  • 4 Cyl 1.9L | GLS TDI
Rating: (see review/s)

"I own a 2002 Audi 2.7T quattro and the Beck-Arnley coolant temp sensor failed in just 27 days. I started getting false low coolant warnings on a cold engine even though the coolant was completely topped-off. Shortly thereafter the coolant temp needle started creeping into the overheat zone despite showing cool engine temps otherwise. The false overheat condition led to improper rich fuel conditions and horrible mileage as a result. Furthermore the rich fuel running also led to numerous cylinder misfire codes at full throttle. Lastly the false overheat gauge reading compromised correct A/C function simply because the ECU thought the engine was running too hot and shut the compressor off until the coolant needle reached a certain point on the gauge. Audi is very particular about parts. They are designed to optimally run on OEM parts which far exceed what anybody else produces aftermarket. If the coolant temp sensor does not show a VW and four-rings symbols on the part....you can count on them failing almost randomly." posted by: Dilberto on August 27, 2012

"product performed as advertized. includes o-ring. OK" posted by: semi_professional_mechanic on October 2, 2010

Delphi OE replacement Coolant Temperature Sensor

Delphi OE Replacement Coolant Temperature Sensor is the right automotive replacement component if it's time to take care of your cooling system. It's similarly constructed to be just like the original coolant temperature sensor which initially came with your car or truck so youcould be confident of its general performance.

Delphi Coolant Temperature Sensor, Sold Individually, Same Day - 1 Business Day, 1-year Or 12,000-mile Delphi Limited Warranty
$20.63 List Price $24.34 Save $3.71 Availability: In Stock
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  • SKU#: DELTS10236
Fits the following 2005 Volkswagen Beetle submodels:
  • All Engines | All Submodels