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Starting and shutting down your ride's engine shouldn't take more than a turn of your ignition key. But if what you're experiencing is intermittent starts, then you need to check out your shutdown solenoid. There's a chance that it's damaged and is in dire need of replacing. And if you find out that this solenoid is the reason behind your engine issues, then you need to get your car a high-quality replacement solenoid. Now, the good news is that "high quality" doesn't have to mean "expensive". In fact, we know where you can get your shutdown solenoid at a discounted price. All you really have to do is click on through to our catalog here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Our online auto parts store gives you the highest-quality OE replacement components at the lowest prices possible. We're also VeriSign secured and McAfee approved, so you know that any transactions you have with us is safe and secured. So don't let yourself be cheated into spending your hard-earned cash on subpar components. Get the best parts and the best service when you buy your replacement shutdown solenoid from our site today! Check out our goods by clicking on through to our store's online catalog now!

Buying Guides

Date Published :

Getting a Shutdown Solenoid for Your Engine

There are a lot of parts that are exclusive to a diesel engine, and one of those would be the shutdown solenoid. Also known as the fuel shutoff solenoid, this can shaped device is responsible for managing the flow of fuel in a diesel engine. Once this particular component wears out, then your engine probably won't start, so you'd better have it replaced ASAP. This is a pretty standard part, and finding it online shouldn't be hard. Read through our short guide to make sure that you get all the right items when getting a shutdown solenoid for your ride.

How it works

The shutdown solenoid is actually a very simple device. When you turn it on, the plunger inside it will retract an allow fuel to pass through. Once you turn it off, the valve spring will push the poppet back down to cut off the flow of fuel. The shutdown solenoid can be manually activated, but most vehicles would have an automated engine management system that will handle it for you instead. The most common problem with a shutdown solenoid is a loose electrical connection. But once you rule that out, then you'll have to replace the entire device instead.

What to look for

We recommend that you get an OEM replacement that's made specifically for your vehicle. You'll also have an easier time installing a shutdown solenoid when you get a complete kit. Most of these kits should have all the necessary mounting brackets, screws, and electrical connectors. You could get a standalone shutdown solenoid on your own, but you have to make sure that it's compatible with the mount on your old shutdown solenoid and that you have the necessary bolts and screws to keep it in place. Unfortunately, the shutdown solenoid isn't an inexpensive part. Even a basic one could cost you about $100 to $250 at most.

Repair Guides

Date Published :

Replacing Your Shutdown Solenoid

Some cars and trucks rely on a shutdown solenoid to properly supply diesel fuel to their engines. These components work by simply closing the main fuel circuit in the carburetor whenever you switch off the engine. Should it fail, then you're effectively shutting off fuel supply from your engine. Replacing the shutdown solenoid differs from vehicle to vehicle, but it shouldn't be too hard to remove and replace once you've found it. All you will need would be a wrench and screwdriver and you'll be able to install your own shutdown solenoid like a pro.

Difficulty level: Moderate

What you'll need

  • Socket wrench set
  • Screwdriver
  • Shutdown solenoid


Removing the shutdown solenoid differs from vehicle to vehicle. For the purposes of our guide, we'll work on a Dodge Ram instead. Most vehicles will have the same basic procedure but we recommend that you check your car's manual for more information just to be sure.

Step 1: Pop open the hood and stand on the driver's side of the vehicle facing the engine. You should find your fuel-injection pump on the upper left side of the engine. It should be a rectangular part with six metal tubes connected to the top of it.

Step 2: You should locate the shutdown solenoid at the right side of the fuel-injection pump. For most people, it resembles a small spray can made of metal.

Step 3: Find the wiring connected at the top of the shutdown solenoid and carefully trace its connecting point by hand.

Step 4: Once you've found the connecting point, simply unplug it to disconnect the wiring from the shutdown solenoid.

Step 5: You should then loosen the bolts holding your old shutdown solenoid in place to remove it from its mount.

Step 6: Install a new shutdown solenoid by simply following the steps above in reverse.

Adjusting the shutdown solenoid

Step 1: You'll need to make sure that the shutdown solenoid is installed properly. Begin by turning your vehicle's key but do not bump the starter.

Step 2: Get back under the hood and pull up the shutdown solenoid by hand. It should stay up when you let it go.

Step 3: With a small ruler or measuring tape, measure the bottom of the solenoid mounting bracket to the top of the lever pin. It should measure about 2.64 inches, give or take.

Step 4: You'll be able to adjust it by loosening the lockout nut on the solenoid shaft and turn the adjustment nut to get the proper distance on your shutdown solenoid.

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